FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #62 | ON THE VERGE OF A CUP FINAL!!

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FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #62 | ON THE VERGE OF A CUP FINAL!!

Our ‘Beta Save’ came to end with the dreaded 0 star skill move bug, but fear not… WE ARE BACK WITH A NEW MY PLAYER CAREER MODE! Our journey began with Bolton Wanderers, where we fought in the playoffs of league one and lost to Ipswich. We then joined Norwich, leading them back to the premier league from the championship. We then earned a big time move over to Spain with Atletico Madrid, reaching a champions league final. After a mixed time with Atletico, we’ve now returned to the prem with none other than Manchester United.. Will we prove to be worth the big price tag? Join me and find out!

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34 thoughts on “FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #62 | ON THE VERGE OF A CUP FINAL!!”

  1. Don’t leave United the team is young and will improve if you want to win trophies in England stay at united but in 3/4 season leave as the team will be older

  2. It’s so amazing I already can’t wait for the next one 😍 Please post it ASAP. This is your best series.

  3. Youtube:0 views
    Me:what there’s 66 odd likes

    djwood I love your channel your seires are so good also entertaining and your a brilliant player

  4. Just found your channel not too long ago. Great content, if only more people were interested in career mode you’d have tons more subs

  5. I received a notification on my player career saying I was called up for the World Cup games at the end of May 2022 but none of my games show up on the Calendar and I can do nothing but train. Has anyone else gone through similar issues and found solutions?

  6. Nice video, i’m starting a player career on my channel too, trying to get some support so check it out if you fancy. otherwise, enjoy your day πŸ‘

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