FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #71 | Save Of The Series?!

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FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #71 | Save Of The Series?!

Our ‘Beta Save’ came to end with the dreaded 0 star skill move bug, but fear not… WE ARE BACK WITH A NEW MY PLAYER CAREER MODE! Our journey began with Bolton Wanderers, where we fought in the playoffs of league one and lost to Ipswich. We then joined Norwich, leading them back to the premier league from the championship. We earned a big time move over to Spain with Atletico Madrid, reaching a champions league final. Then, we returned to the premier league with Manchester United. We won our first trophy, came close to the league title twice and bottled an an FA cup final before now moving to Barcelona.. Will we prove to be worth the big price tag? Join me and find out!

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22 thoughts on “FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #71 | Save Of The Series?!”

  1. Hope you are all doing well, thanks for tuning into another video of mine 🙂 I’ll see you again tomorrow for another video, stay safe peeps..

  2. can you plz say hi to me your next forest green road to glory series or the next episode of this my player

  3. I had a player career and started at palace, stayed there for 3 years then left for Barcelona and flopped 🤦‍♂️

  4. Dj u know me as always its Nicholas and I wont get tired of saying this. This is quality stuff and I hope you get more subscribers in the new future mate . keep grinding. TOUGH LOVE

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