FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #73 | You Can Change Tactics….

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FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #73 | You Can Change Tactics….

Our ‘Beta Save’ came to end with the dreaded 0 star skill move bug, but fear not… WE ARE BACK WITH A NEW MY PLAYER CAREER MODE! Our journey began with Bolton Wanderers, where we fought in the playoffs of league one and lost to Ipswich. We then joined Norwich, leading them back to the premier league from the championship. We earned a big time move over to Spain with Atletico Madrid, reaching a champions league final. Then, we returned to the premier league with Manchester United. We won our first trophy, came close to the league title twice and bottled an an FA cup final before now moving to Barcelona.. Will we prove to be worth the big price tag? Join me and find out!

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39 thoughts on “FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode | #73 | You Can Change Tactics….”

  1. Your videos are amazing and have been watching ur videos since day 1,not tryna hate but try and change the content not just fifa/pes.but still do fifa.pls reply

  2. In episode 30 I wrote a comment to tell you about the tactics. You must not of seen it. Oh well you know now. Love happy accidents

  3. The tactics don’t work for me whenever i switch them to defensive or attacking … my team feels the same

  4. Love this series but I hate it when you play real because I play for them in my career mode save so I have to support them instead of you

  5. Don’t know if you knew already but pressing up and down on the d-pad bring extra attack and defensive tactics up. Just didn’t see you use them in game is all.

  6. Also with tactics in myplayer career I use ultra attacking to get the first goal then attacking for the rest of the game until the 80th minute I switch to defensive to hold the lead and shut up shop

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