FIFA 20 – NEW THINGS ADDED, New Partner Clubs + Other News

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FIFA 20 – NEW THINGS ADDED, New Partner Clubs + Other News

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🔵Rounding up the latest FIFA news this week we see new things added to FIFA 20 including new boots. There is a new direct EA twitter account for FIFA 20 news, EA Andy Leaves and EA and City Group form a partnership.

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66 thoughts on “FIFA 20 – NEW THINGS ADDED, New Partner Clubs + Other News”

  1. If I already have grealish on fut then will his face automatically update as not sure whether to buy him now or after update comes on Xbox one

  2. When is the update for the consoles coming out…we’ve been waiting for like a week already and we still don’t have it yet…anyone know when its coning out?

  3. one football app is far from bein the best football app out there. if you follow for example sheffield utd you willget news about anything beside the news regarding the club. also there is only 15lesuges that you can follow meaning you woun’t see any new news for example a club in iceland

  4. Meh 😴. I don’t care about none of these so called “community manager” That dude banned me for complaining about the Career Mode and then not fixing it. A bunch of 🗑

  5. Hey i love your video about news for fifa. Can i suggest some idea you for your video content? I think you should make a point and explain rather than you read the whole news. Thats my suggestion for you. Hope it will help. Best of luck. Love you vid man. Keep it up

  6. Vapex, how do i contact you? Twitter? I’d like to know if you’ll be doing another Fifa 20 things that shouldn’t be happening video because I have proof that my goalkeeper scored in a sim game

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