Fifa 20 – Nintendo Switch – Ultimate Team #49 – MOST INTENSE GAME!

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Fifa 20 – Nintendo Switch – Ultimate Team #49 – MOST INTENSE GAME!

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32 thoughts on “Fifa 20 – Nintendo Switch – Ultimate Team #49 – MOST INTENSE GAME!”

  1. it’s always good to look for the extra pass instead of shooting right away. for example if you have 2 forwards in front of goal just pass it to the second one for a tap in

  2. Ben finess shots in right angle 99% a goal but you have to LEARN from where at the pitch and angles you can shot from. Or just longshots at right angels 99% a goal even from 25.30.35 yards OUT if you shot whit a decent player

    My icon Striker Hugo Sanchez almost scores from half the pitch in right angels. Crazy screamers for goals

    Also learn witch players are right/left footed in your squad and try shot whit their best foot.

    Use futbin to check players stats etc you get a bettre felling than

    Also try a few games on friendly or champions shield no div… so you dont fell “pressure” to win and just try out all Types of shots! And ye practise…

    • That’s so helpful! Thank you so much for this comment! This is exactly the sort of comments and feedback I need! Thank you so much! Okay yeah ill try that! You won’t see much improvement for a while as I’ve recorded about 20 videos ahead currently! Trying to keep busy during the lockdown! But seriously thank you so much for this comment! I really will try this!

  3. When you shoot press R at the same time and then it aims into one of the 4 corners. Also if you want a good midfielder get 82 Madison he’s like 3k.

    • I always do this! I press R1 or whatever it’s called on switch. I really do do that! Okay thank you so much for suggesting a player! I’ll look out for that! Just so you know I have recorded about 20 episodes ahead due to lockdown, so you won’t see some of these players for a while, but i will take a look out for it all! Thank you so much for the comment. Many thanks and stay well!

  4. If you want a good goal keeper I recommend Alex McCarthy because he is 98 foot tall. He isn’t very hight rated be he was amazing when I used him!

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