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If you’re thinking of starting a new FIFA20 Career Mode, but need some inspiration on what team to use?
You’re welcome.
3 Excellent Career Mode Options.

45 thoughts on “FIFA 20: TOP TEAMS 3”

  1. Not planning to use any of the 3 mentioned teams, but excellent video nonetheless, lots of inspiration regarding players and what to considder when scouting and recruiting new players. Personally i enjoy AJ Auxerre very much atm. History in Ligue 1 (players like Mexes, Boumsong, Djibril Cissé), amazing kits, some nice talents with Begraoui, Sakhi and Laiton in goal and some older players that play very well ingame (Souprayen, Merdji).
    I brought in Bassi from Nancy, Cheick Doucoure and Gillet from Lens and other than that im doing a lot of youth academy stuff (France, Morocco, Algeria)

  2. For my Sheffield Utd career, I always transfer Henderson to Manchester back to Sheffield so I don’t have to spend any money on him, it might be cheating but it’s good

  3. I wanna start a road to glory with a team that is not in England, Spain, Germany or France. Any suggestions?? Or should I wait until Copa libradedores is launched to start it? Any suggestions for that??

    • I can’t take the Copa Libertadores addition too seriously considering the current champions won’t be officially licensed and have fake player names.

    • A RTG really should be starting in a lower league and getting promoted. So you are limited to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and England.

  4. I want to start a career with a second division team from either: France,England,Germany.
    With the goal of reaching playoffs
    Can someone help me choose one team

  5. Started the club Brugge career bought Jonathan David, Maksimovic, Lucumi and also Gravenbach as a sub. All I can say is Dennis+Openda is mental

  6. Yo Matt! What do you think are some good team suggestions for FIFA 20? I’m thinking if starting a RTG Career Mode, so if any of you have suggestions, please let me know!! (PS: Great video too Matt! Keep it up! :D)

  7. Hi I watched your last career teams and I dont know whether to go for Aston villa or rb Leipzig could you help me out
    (Also thanks for listening to my idea)

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