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If you need FREE FIFA 20 COINS make sure to watch this series showing you how to go from 0, to 1 million coins in FIFA 20!

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MAKE 25K EVERY HOUR BY DOING THIS DURING TOTY! | FIFA 20 Trading to 1 Million Coins #1
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49 thoughts on “FIFA 20 TRADING TO 1 MILLION COINS EPISODE 1!! (TOTY Edition)”

  1. I just had 100k and bought a 100k pack and got kimmich so those fifa points would help a lot and I’m serious I was saving for so long pleaseee

    edit:Btw love the content keep it up

  2. 1 Messi
    2 Mane
    3 Mbappe
    4 De jong
    5 Kante
    6 De bruyne
    7 Robertson
    8 De ligt
    9 Van dijk
    10 Trend alexander-arnold

    Last number of view count is who you will get in you next pack!!
    Comment who you will got!
    Btw i would love those fifa points! Your my favorite youtuber, your tips are amazing!

  3. I think you should split up the points, so more ppl win.

    Else there is only 1 guy who gets them all and will be happy instead of ~10 who get happy.

    And I have been in sooo many giveaways but have never won, and won’t win this either, but everyone gets a bigger chance of winning if you split it up.

    1 happy guy < 10 happy guys- My opinion

  4. I’ve come back, used to sub to you at Fifa 18 then dipped in Fifa 19 but now I’m back help me get them coins bro, them points look tasty too 👀

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