FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Road To The Final | PS4

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Road To The Final | PS4

The UEFA Champions League Road to the Final has begun. Follow the journey to Istanbul in FUT 20 with live dynamic Player Items that upgrade based on their teams’ progress through the world’s most prestigious club competition. Get involved now!

Start building your dream squad in the most popular mode in FIFA!

FIFA 20 is out now!

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33 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Road To The Final | PS4”

  1. This so weird that PlayStation 4 they keep policing new games every week I think because until they reveal the PlayStation 5 trailer and new games

  2. Dislike because these sports games are garbage. The sports game community ruins gaming. Allow me to explain why. I’m not a fanboy of any particular company, console, or PC. I like anything with passion on it. These sports games are all broken glitch filled trash, and full of Micro Transactions and loot boxes, and they exploit their fans. These games have no passion. Please stop buying sports games. Instead buy games that have passion and took years to make, like Red Dead 2, Death Stranding (Before any Fortnite or sports fanboy calls Death Stranding a WaLkInG SiMuLaToR, there are no micro transactions, it took years to make, has combat, stealth, exploration, and story, it has something for all of us) and Halo. Please buy those games, instead of this no passion trash. Oh and don’t forget Hitman 2. That game has passion.

    • well by how you said “Fortnite Fanboys” seems like you hate the game for no reason and the people who play it
      which is a free game and does not force you to buy microtransactions at all and all of my friends i know, play Fortnite with me a lot and are enjoying Death Stranding as well so yeah, don’t judge the whole Fortnite community by just some toxic idiots who are not the majority and don’t judge the game just because you don’t like it or play it, its a fun game (i am not comparing Fortnite (a online game) to a single player game like Read dead because thats stupid and idiotic, Online games should only be compared with online games and not same goes for single player games) overall i agree with you on sports games mate where the core gameplay is to buy microtransactions basically

    • GhostFZ 62 I don’t hate it. Enough with assuming people hate it! I play it with my brother. I just dislike fanboys. People who are obsessed with that game, buy everything, and go around saying it’s the best game ever and every game should be a Battle Royal. I’m playing Death Stranding right now and it is nice to play a game that isn’t 24/7 action, but has some action as you get ambushed by an enemy faction called MULES.

  3. Got too much money weighing you down? Well, you’re in luck! Spend thousands on this pointless money grab from those lovely guys at EA!!

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