FIFA 20- XBOX ONE- Unboxing And POV Gameplay Test

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FIFA 20- XBOX ONE- Unboxing And POV Gameplay Test


If you watched my previous videos you’d know that recently I’ve purchased the Xbox One which also came with 3 free games (FIFA 20, GTA 5 and Farming Simulator 19)
And for this episode we’ll test FIFA 20. What i liked more about FIFA 20, was that it had slightly slower gameplay pace than FIFA 21’s which in my opinion results in a more realistic game, as opposed to the more arcade feel in some of the the other FIFA titles. Of course, this comes down to personal preference but FIFA 21 has definitely received some complaints for being much faster and more fast paced than FIFA 20.
One the Xbox One you enjoy FIFA 20 at 60 FPS so if you cant afford the latest FIFA games FIFA 20 is also a decent option for the football fans out there.
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  1. Hello brother I like to see you but do face reveal I want to see your face btw from your voice I thought you are a great dude❤️❤️

  2. i would like to be able to have a ps4 or an xbox one i still play in the old generation on xbox 360 and as ea no longer gives priority to fifa for xbox 360 i can only play fifa 17

    BRAZIL ❤🇧🇷

  3. Bro can’t wait for avengers for Xbox one please do the game play okay bro I m ur huge fan ever since watching ur videos from the ps3

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