FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | DAY THE FUN DIED! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 94)

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FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | DAY THE FUN DIED! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 94)

In this FIFA 20 Career Mode we’ll be taking AFC Wimbledon on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!



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104 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | DAY THE FUN DIED! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 94)”

  1. Ginger Jesus had a shocker. Hope he rises in the next episode.
    P.S. Every episode is enjoyable Cutzy! Don’t let the game break you.

  2. Every problem you have at the defence is because of Bekic, you keep trying to shuffle things around at the back, but you always keep him on the team sheet, just try a backline without him and things will be better

  3. I don’t really watch because of the gameplay, of course it helps, but FIFA is one of the worst games to be entertaining while playing because of how shitty and badly done it’s. I watch because of you, because of the storylines, and the effort you put in to the episode. Don’t be disheartened because the game cheated you by being FIFA, you did and always do an amazing job.

  4. Now… I know Cutzy has fiddled with and has custom sliders and he’s playing on the PC. But watching this reminds me and justifies why I haven’t bought FIFA this year. Got Pro Evo 20 for a bargain £20 in December last year and haven’t looked back. It’s still got its flaws and the licensing isn’t amazing, but it’s been much more fun to play and as a suggestion to Cutzy, maybe trial it on the second channel for the next game and give it a go as on PC/PS you can mod it and have the licensing back in. I’d watch it. I think there’s definitely a crowd for it.

  5. This game has broken me so much that all I can do is Laugh at the absurdity of this episode. Keep up the good work Cutzy.

  6. That is some seriously ridiculous scripting. Hate it when this happens, I find that if I’m coming off a great season, the opposition will start out insanely good at the beginning of the next season.

    • Ive had seasons where in Jan I’m 4/5th and then the game goes NOPE and I finish near just clear of relegation

  7. It’s the curse of Lee Pendry. Him and max Jackson have done some voodoo magic to stop Wimbledon winning anything .that’s what the incident is

  8. Preaching to the choir. There is a game or a string of games that skew the physics to the computer that makes your margin of error minuscule while allowing the comp to get away with everything.

  9. Poor lad…sorry you had to go through this man. It really kinda hurt watching all that carnage unfold. Chin up man, you got this. No matter what, we’ll be there for AFC Wimbledon, we’ll be there for you Cutzy!

  10. Idk about y’all, but what makes me play career mode is the feeling of satisfaction when I win a match when the game when it’s trying to beat me. I guess that feeling is what brings me back every time, but a game really shouldn’t be like that.

  11. Remember how in old fifas, small teams would suddenly become super hard to play against and would always score against you once you went 3-0 up?

    It’s that but with the whole league

  12. FIFA is broken; suddenly it seems that if you’re far into a big cup run, you can’t win the league and vise versa.

  13. I love your channel and it’s a relief during these times, Curtis. This episode shows perfectly why I don’t enjoy playing FIFA anymore. It is not football! It doesn’t respect the law of physics! Ball going through players, opposition kicking while with their backs to the goal and hitting top corner… It’s a joke!

  14. It’s a massive shame about the current state of the game and how far it has deteriorated to a point where it’s just a miserable experience at times. I felt for you, at some points I couldn’t do much but laugh at the absurdity but as always, I really appreciate the content you bring us. The adversity of playing a game that throws so much nonsense at you is surely relatable for many.

  15. I know the feeling Curtis… I’ve had the same problems for a while. Knowing EA their excuse will be “Get better at the game” my answers to that “Fix your game mechanics”

  16. I’ve been playing Fifa 18 and this video has made it so I’m uninstalling Fifa 20 because this proves how batshit crazy Fifa 20 is atm

  17. I know that the walkley save has been all planned out but i think i speak for everyone when i say I’d much rather watch you playing a game that you enjoy. it would be great to see an FM save or some more pokemon content

  18. When FIFA doesn’t want you to win, you ain’t winning. Income here for you and your commentary and the community. Don’t let a game drag you down!

  19. Maybe 5 days ago I was playing a UCL Semis against Barca.

    First game went okay. But Ter-Stegen literally stood in his head. Stopped almost everything. I should have won 5-2. Instead I lost 3-2.

    Okay. Next game at home……………..0-0. Maddening. I set down FIFA and haven’t played it since. Maybe I’ll return to the save. But for now I’m just stepping away from FIFA to save myself mentally and emotionally. The game’s negative qualities seeped into me. The game filled every nook and cranny in my body filling it with EA AIDS. It’s remarkable how such a rich and successful company can produce such a infuriating, loathsome, and diabolical game that makes me wanna remake Office Space’s famous printer scene but with FIFA. If EA went out of business overnight, I’d cheer in ecstasy. EA proves that greed has no bounds or constraints.

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