FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | HUNT DOWN PISCOPO! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 97)

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FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | HUNT DOWN PISCOPO! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 97)

In this FIFA 20 Career Mode we’ll be taking AFC Wimbledon on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!



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99 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | HUNT DOWN PISCOPO! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 97)”

  1. It is OBBIVIOUS that he is the best finisher in ysl history

    I’ll show myself out

    Also Forest Green FIFA 21

  2. Top Ten Ysl Players Of all time (My Opinion And You Can Leave Urs)
    1. Harvey Hall
    2. Alexander Rosenberg
    3. Dominico Piscopo
    4 . Karcemaskars
    5. Adam Pond
    6. Matthias Molders
    7. Maximus Durante
    8. Pennington!
    9. Obbi Jackers
    10. Tom Evans

    • if you dont put karcemarskasis your top 5 you have not seen the lithuanian legend play. He would be the goat if he was in wimbledon or macclesfield.

    • Valor Gaming Are you gatekeeping YSL players? Lmao, let people have their opinions chief. They’re virtual players.

    • Knicksboncho nah mate, i just think some people are more biased to bewer players. At the end of the day you’re right, its just an opinion. i might like Karcemarskas a bit too much tho

    • I agree, some people haven’t watched older series and only base their opinions off of mostly Lincoln and newer. If you are new watch chesterfield, Burton, Paderborn, York, Yeovil and Barcelona as a start

  3. Ive been wondering what would the best strike partnership in ysl history be if you could pick any 2 strikers from any ysl

  4. Well, Obbi has to be in the top 3 players in YSL history. Imagine a front three of this

    Jackers. Hall. Piscopo.

    Absoulute legends

  5. Just thought I’d like to let you knew Curtis, me and my girlfriend have bought a Corgi and a Husky and named them Enzo & Bardy👍

  6. Saw someone on Ultimate Team with the team name of Okonkwo FC. I’m like yep, thid guy definitely watches ysl

  7. I think it could be really cool to have Boris Stijepovic as a manager in some future series. If not for just plain bad luck on his end, he would’ve been the guy for Wimbledon, so it could be cool to see him star at another team.

  8. Obbi is the true King of finishing however being the Belgian Lewandowski doesn’t make u the GOAT, Hall could Shoot(Mostly from long shots) Assist, and abuse with his skill moves

    • The board tends to fire you after giving a 94 rated youth squad player even a quarter of what they would earn in real life.

  9. I watched this with headphones for the first time and regret that I didn’t did this sooner. The atmosphere is amazing in the background

  10. Obbi Jackers is definitely reaching the 300 goal mark by the end of this ysl career mode in my opinion. Edit: I think obbi will have close to 320 by the end of the save.

  11. I know that in the near future Enzo Bardy and Obbi Jackers will have their own hall of fame. They really deserve it

  12. Players who’ve been f*cked over at the end of this series:
    Django Swinkels
    Melville (a bit)

    Players who’ll be remembered after the seires:
    Obbi Jackers
    Bright Chatto
    Enzo Bardy
    Callum O’Flannery

  13. Unreal what a player Callum O’Flannery is. The height, the agility, the danger in front of goal. Unique. Dont think we will ever see a player like him ever again, especially not as fast as him lol. Defo makes the all time XI for me.

  14. Bardy might just need an upgraded contract… The game seems to have a glitch where players get unhappy with their contract, and then even though you’re playing them each game they complain that they need game time and want to leave.

  15. Don’t listen to the notification I sent, boss. Lyn Pendry stole my phone and sent that one. I’m fine at the club.

  16. Obbi Jackers makes history. Even Harvey Hall couldn’t crack Piscopo’s record – it makes you wonder how special a player would have to be to beat Obbi’s record after the series ends.

  17. I mean, if Jackers scores in the up-coming champions leagues legs(including the final) the he SHOULD be in the conversation of Best YSL player of all time, it’s weird because Enzo Bardy is clearly more essential to the team since he’s always had to make up for the many mistakes in the defense, and on the other hand Obbi has alot of great attacking support providing him with alot of great chances(thats why he doesn’t have many screamers) but STILL 278 goals in less than 5 seasons, Piscopo (to many top 4 YSL players of all time) needed 8 . Not only that but he’s had the most goals in a single season of any YSL history.

  18. Years from now we’ll be talking about the story of Obbi Jackers with his unreal scoring record and I’m so glad I got to see it unfold as it’s happened

  19. No one ever thought, can Obbi Jackers, get to 300? Can he get to 300 goals before the end of this series? That would be next level stuff right there. (As if he hasn’t been supreme level already) Also, how old is Obbi? Because on the run he is on at the end of his career, he can get towards Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas goal talley of 514 goals if he is young enough. I know he was in lower league football, but this is still amazing.

  20. Congrats to Obbi on the new record!

    I still don’t think he’s anywhere near as good as Piscopo though. A clinical finisher, true, but Piscopo was the complete package.

  21. Obi has been my favourite player since he broke into the scene and I am super happy that he has accomplished such a high goal tally

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