FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | MAGIC TROUSERS! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 28)

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FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | MAGIC TROUSERS! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 28)

In this FIFA 20 Career Mode we’ll be taking AFC Wimbledon on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!



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80 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | MAGIC TROUSERS! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 28)”

  1. I feel like Melville got forgotten in season’s 2 and 3 with the Boris hype, but he’s more undroppable in my opinion. We can’t forget how good he was in that first season.

  2. Scenario: One of your top players with pace develops tendinitis in one of their knees

    – 10 Sprint Speed Pace
    + Second Wind trait from physical therapy sessions

  3. appeal for desabato to start. we need his skill runs every game… he could become a real legend with his 5 star skillmoves

  4. if Rennar can get some kind of service he would be a great player but it all falls to bandarchuck who has the finishing ability of a dead rat.

  5. maybe try Melville/Okonkwo and Stijepovic as the strikers and have Mix Stanko and Callum O’Flannery on the wings. no joke Mix Stanko has probably been one of the best players on the entire team this season, or maybe just do as you said and throw Mix Stanko up top

  6. Seriously the players seserve higher overall rating I mean next year ur goin to be in the championship with 53 rated amolo and 58 rated bekic and 58 rated bardy???i mean I know u want it to be challenging but at the same time the lads don’t deserve that low overall

  7. The young Puerto Rican phenom showed his class today but it was in a loss.. Very happy with that and the win for WFC. With how lethal Coventry was, not sure how theyre not top 5 in the table..

  8. How can anyone want Okonkwo dropped? He is Boris’ Heskey to his Owen.

    Also, petition for a chant about Okonkwos Magic Trousers to the tune of Baggy Trousers.

  9. Yes we did it Bois, we got okonkwo the track bottoms

    Kinda sad the comment did it make it in but who cares when we got what we wanted

  10. I dont really wanna nit pick (idk how to spell that) but the player “von Dost” is dutch but if u put “Von” in his name that is german.. the dutch way would be “van Dost” idk i know you like to keep things realistic with naming and stuff so thought id point it out

  11. i played semi pro with Brian Ndlovu and his brother Peter payed for Coventry City and Zimbabwe in late 90’s onward… and it is pronounced Undluv

    • @kgosimonametsi
      yes it is… i grew up watching Peter and i played semi pro with his brother Brian… and it has always been pronounced Undluv… i know this because my son also use to call Brian exactly how Cutzy was pronouncing it…… how would you say it was pronounced?

    • @Kgosi Monametsi it really is not… i could actually arrange a video call with curtis with both Peter and Brian just to prove you wrong…. @Cutzy… can we do this? i hate being told i am wrong…. especially when i know i am right !!!!

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