FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 92)

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FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 92)

In this FIFA 20 Career Mode we’ll be taking AFC Wimbledon on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!



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72 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 92)”

  1. In light of your video before this, I want to comment again thank you for all your amazing content over the past 3 years I have been subscribed. I have not been disappointed when watching a single one of your video and I think I have watched every single one all the way through as they are so enjoyable (except sometimes I don’t watch all of the occasional ~2 hour season reviews, have to break it into chunks *i know you don’t do them anymore but you did them in Lincoln*). I have loved this series and really hope that you do feel it has been an immense success because it has. I can’t wait for walkely wanderers and I hope i find you in good health if this message reaches you. You are by far and away my favourite content creator on YouTube and in my humble opinion the best on the platform by a mile. Thank you again for all your hard work and the countless hours of entertainment (probably more like weeks over more than 3 years). You are a gem Curtis thank you ❤️

    P.S I hope you don’t mind me using your real name.

    • @Ruben Cooke yes but you don’t need the skills because he scores bangers in the championship with a one star skill move

    • It’s not just that. Harvey hall would carry the team, obbi isn’t the only person on the scoreboard and his flashy goals are very rare

  2. Don’t worry about any cups Cutzy it can always be worse you could be still in the Championship with Lyn Pendry in the net

  3. This episode shows how underrated Eric Melville. He is one of 5 players to be here from the start ( the others being Ellis, Bekic, Cooke and O’ Flannery). And he is the only one that very rarely has a bad game/been demote to backup.
    Edit: change from three to 4 then to 5.

  4. Since your last video I realised I’ve been subscribed since about halfway through Lincoln. Which is actually a long time? Massive progress. Wimbledon is the best yet!!

  5. Thoughts on Schnegg, Bardy or Okonkwo being managers next season? I hope its Ruben Cook or Nutter Nicoles

  6. I have said it before but here we go again: Name a better duo than Melville defending while Bright Chato is trying to be a striker!

    • He scored 4 goals in this episode today… The disrespect
      Would you replace him with Pululu or someone like Goh Yu?

  7. Make way for Obbi sorta makes me sad. It feels like its targeted to Boris, as if he has to make way for Obbi Jackers and become a rotation player

  8. It’s a bit mental how much I genuinely celebrate goals when they go in. I’ll continue to do so, just wanted to share…

  9. Hey Cutzy when this series ends it would be awesome to see you make a video on your YSL best XI featuring players from every series! I’m interested to see your opinion on who your best players have been. Keep up the great work.

  10. Hello Cutzy, all the way from Canada saying hey. And could you please at least for once use the sound effect of a Microsoft computer turning on the next time Obii spins a player to next week😂💀💀 Thanks and keep up the great work!!

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