FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | SET-PIECE SPECIALIST! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 93)

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FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | SET-PIECE SPECIALIST! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 93)

In this FIFA 20 Career Mode we’ll be taking AFC Wimbledon on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!



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72 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | SET-PIECE SPECIALIST! | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 93)”

  1. First quick think of something. make way for obbi (obbi) the king is here to stay make way for obbi (obbi) scores everytime he plays!

  2. The first cutzy video I ever watched was the Bankrupt Bournemouth series. Someone commented ‘great video mate’ and Curtis replies ‘glad I uploaded this and not my mega gimp porn by mistake’, I stuck around after that. Quality.

  3. Petition to have Cutzy play the FIFA killer we all ignored for so long:

    *Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer 64*

  4. That Southampton game was the biggest load of scripting I’ve ever seen. Don’t get frustrated mate, we’re all right there with you.

  5. Goal tally;

    Jackers: 8
    Swinkels: 1
    Cooke: 1
    Okonkwo: 2
    Nicholls: 1

    Good performance from the lads, especially Jackers and O’Flannery, despite the fact that FIFA was having one of its routine “banter days”

  6. i thought marvelous billiat was the best generated name, but i recently got a player named knwoledge billiat, what a lad

  7. hey what about a rule for walkley wanderers: at the end of the series you are only allowed to have 3 90+ players. makes it more interesting i think, to whom youre gonna give it.

  8. Unpopular opinion: Eric Melville is better than Callum O’Flannery.

    Don’t get me wrong, Callum is great, but Eric Melville is one of my favorites, because he’s been fantastic from the get go, comes up with huge goals, and always does it for the team.

  9. A haiku about Callum O’Flannery: run run run run run / Run run run run run run run / Run run run run run

  10. Danilo Navacchio is my wonderkid <3 He used to be at Barnsley I think, but seeing him in the Prem and scoring vs Enzo Bardy still is delightful.

    • He even had his own chant when he played for me: “Daaanilo Na-vaaa-chi-o, your mohawk is fan-taaas-ti-co!” – those were the days. FIFA 19 legend.

  11. Anyone else notice that since Curtis has gotten himself a lady the chants have been back? All he needed was a little sugar and now that hes got the girl he can sing like Snow White once more😌

  12. I’ve heard that Obbi Jackers is actually a grand master chess player. He competes in Paris and Monaco during breaks and has even bought himself a country club exclusively for chess!

  13. Is it weird that I genuinely thought Wimbledon could make it unbeaten this season in the league?

  14. The amount of speeding tickets Callum O’Flannery must have gained by running around the block during quarantine has to be mental.

  15. Cutzy keeps trying to pass it out from the back when hes got okonkwo up front to outmuscle the defense hmmm

  16. I just wanted to say I have a GK who is called African English can you please like this so he can see it

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