FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | WHERE ARE THEY NOW? | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 91)

FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | WHERE ARE THEY NOW? | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 91)

In this FIFA 20 Career Mode we’ll be taking AFC Wimbledon on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!


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108 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Youth Academy Career Mode | WHERE ARE THEY NOW? | AFC Wimbledon (Ep 91)”

  1. This is deep. I think this is the most thoughtful episode of Youth Squad Legends to date. Not the normal in-depth insight on players i was expecting but sod it it can wait for another vídeo or it can stay like this. I think this has done not only you but your audience well! Great vídeo mate!

  2. Mate. Don’t act like this series is mediocre. This is probably one of my favorite YSLs ever. The players are absolutely amazing, both talent and attitude. The editing on this series has improved so much compared to recent ysls like Crewe. I do wish the YSL twitter would have the impact it did with Macc, but that is on us and not you. Hold your head up high. The work you put into this save will always be admired by us.

  3. The Incident is going to be that Durante said Jackson would be a mediocre manager, and looking at his MK Dons squad and his inability to get them to the Premier League, Durante was bloody right!

    • Close but I think it was a bet where Durante said he would win the Champions League before MK Dons got promoted to the Prem.. Thats a shot in itself, and if I were Jackson, I would have taken it personal AF…

  4. I just wanna say this. I didn’t click the like button on this video.

    But that’s only because if I did, my liked videos playlist would be 600 videos long and 95% of it would be Cutzy vids.

    Only been here since Lincoln City but am loving YSL and all your content.

  5. King Obbi is reigning supreme, even though he might not be tall, but his still several classes better, than some guy called Harvey Hall..

  6. Thanks so much for this Curtis. It was really great to have some insight as to the troubles you’ve had with this series, I really love that you’re spending some more time for yourself now like your garden day. Hope your bad luck is coming to an end now, I’ve really enjoyed YSL since I started watching Lincoln weekly and since went back and watched every YSL series. It’s been my favourite best content on YT for years now and just take as long as you need to produce episodes that you’re happy don’t suffer on the quality front. Really glad you made this episode more personal, big love 🙂

  7. Cutzy you’re an absolute icon! Been watching your videos for a relatively short time (Lincoln City to be exact) but I’ve been hooked to YSL ever since. It sucks to hear that you’ve had such a hard year but I’m so glad you’ve made it through and been making the quality content that you have! For as long as you’re making videos you have a fan in me!

    P.s. big up Shnegg

  8. This series has been amazing, I first discovered your channel with it, from the very beginning of this YSL. I never watched any other fifa career mode videos, and this was the first time that I’d even ventured into the topic; we not only followed the players’ progression, but yours, and I can say that this was, without question, one of the best series I’ve seen, I was hooked from the start. It’s sad to see it coming to an end, but I feel a natural conclusion in the nature that it’s finishing, both your journey, and the journey of the team, it feels fitting that it should end as such, issues have arisen, been addressed, and overcome.

    It was spectacular, and every episode felt fresh, like something new and exciting, and it was; it was a step away from what I might usually watch, and that made it all worth it. I subscribed, evidently, and I’m glad to say that I haven’t been let down, and that this series has been anything but disappointing. So I suppose I’ll say thank you, thank you for YSL, for the sacrifices you’ve made, and here’s to everything that may come in the future.

  9. idk if it takes a long time to do so *or* if its even possible, but would it be possible to have the managers of the non playable teams in the next series be previous players of this series?

  10. Easy content alert cutzy- do your top team of players the ultimate ysl team from all of them like obbi and Harvey up top

  11. I think it’s crazy how Curtis feels the need to apologise for ‘certain aspects of the series not meeting expectations’. He regularly puts out incredibly entertaining content of a very high standard, free of charge. It shouldn’t be him apologising to us, it should be us thanking him. On the off chance you read this Curtis: Thank you. Thank you for consistently bringing entertainment to thousands of people, and letting a channel 60,000 strong still have the community aspect and feel of a channel with just a handful of subscribers. Thank you for bringing us all entertainment in times of such uncertainty, as well as giving us the sincere honesty that is unfortunately far too uncommon on this platform. I don’t normally comment on videos, but someone as committed and dedicated as you are deserves recognition and high praise. We all appreciate your constant desire for improvement, but I think it’s sometimes worthwhile to sit back and think: ‘You know what, I did a bloody good job on that.’. Because you have done Curtis, you’ve done a very good job indeed, and personally I hope things go really well with you and your girlfriend because someone who works as hard and as long as you do deserves some happiness and overall tranquillity. It’s easy to say, but this is easily my favourite series on YouTube. It’s the only series that genuinely excites me when it pops up in my sub box. And with good reason. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and make me laugh during tough times. Thank you for your content, your humour, your humility and your honesty. Never change, Curtis, for you are (beyond being a great YouTuber and entertainer) a good person, and you deserve good fortune. Thank you for reading if you did, Sir.


  12. *Sees MK Dons with several players between 81 and 85 overall*
    Me: “How has this team NOT got promoted to the Premier League?”

    *Sees that Lyn Pendry is MK Dons’ goalkeeper*
    Me: “Ah right, that explains it!”

  13. Just want to say that it’s an honor to be a part of this community. We have our ups and downs, but we’ve been a consistently close community, which is really a rarity on YouTube. UP THE WOMBLES

  14. Curtis, you are the only independent content creator I watch on YouTube. As an entertainer, you’re incredibly funny and the content you make is brilliant. Happy to always call myself a fan of the work you make and I wish you all the best with your work as you move on with the YSL project. When I’m able, I will financially support the channel in anyway I can. Luv u x

  15. Mate this is my first YSLs series and i watched this series from the beginning, although i couldn’t help financially which bothers me a bit, i’m the fan of the series. you made fifa fun again. this was the fifa i knew before ultimate stuff. keep your spirits up mate this series might bright on subscribers angle but it’s fun and never ever sell yourself short!

  16. The only criticism I could have of YSL these days is that having the ability to mod the save takes something away from the regular experience. I know there’s a lot of positives to it, which I enjoy, but I’d prefer slightly more ‘vanilla’ save for the next series. It’s not a big issue though, been watching since Burton mate, keep it up laddy!!!

  17. Really loving this series! Though would it be possible to have a look at how the patreon wonderkids are doing?

  18. Much love Curtis, the joy you bring to our lives should never come at the expense of yours, it angers me sometimes it does.
    We love and appreciate what you do, thanks for all the great moments, what a spectacular series this has been, truly one of the finest YSLs!

  19. YSL is the most down to earth and easiest series to digest every single year, it feels so genuine and really feel part of a community where we don’t usually don’t experience with other people’s series’, Cutzy, we thank you so much for the content you make for us and your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed, keep up the fantastic job you absolute legend! 🖤

  20. This guy deserves a bigger following he’s so consistent despite everything he goes through and his quality is one of the best out there ❤️

  21. I honestly appreciate this series so much. Great bit of entertainment that I always looked forward to, helped keep me out of my own head with all that’s going on.

  22. Lol thanks for featuring my comment. Let’s just say that that comment was from 3 months ago and my opinions on Callum have changed a lot since then

  23. Cutzy, you are amazing. Coming all the way from Puerto Rico, you’ve provided me with an escape. I love disconnecting from the daily disasters and traveling through plough lane watching Flannery sprint through that field with that complimentary “RUN!!!”. Thank you for being an amazing youtuber.

  24. This is my first YSL series and I’ve been hooked from the beginning ever since stumbling across it on my YT feed. Will probably go back and watch the early ones as well. This content is amazing and so worth every second! Shame on the people behind some of these comments, shun the non believers!

  25. Rose’s are red,
    6ft under is where my granny lays,
    Play koki Fuji in the champions league final,
    Or ur gay

  26. Cutzy you are seriously one of my favorite youtubers! Keep your head up we will be here with you through these tough times.

  27. All about this series is great : the intro is brilliant, the commentary’s genuinely fun, the (improvised?) story is wonderful, the characters are to be remembered, the dedication is absolutely stunning, and you (cutzy) are in fact really cool and fun to watch.
    I discovered your channel and this concept of videos with this particular YSL series, and I enjoy your content a lot.
    All I can say is that you seem like a really nice person and I hope you can get through anything bad you come across, anf if this channel and your fans can help you in any way, I think they’ll happily and willingly do so.

    Thanks for you dedication and funny videos, from a rematively new french subscriber.

  28. Mate, you know you are entertaining when you post almost a hundred episodes of a series and we’re still here. Don’t ever undermine yourself like that EVER again. We love your content and since you started you have gained almost 10k subs. That should tell you that you are doing something right.

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