FIFA 22 17 x Guaranteed 85+ Upgrade Packs!

Guide to FUT Millionaire Trading
FIFA 22 17 x Guaranteed 85+ Upgrade Packs!


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FIFA 22 Black Friday is Here! Signature Signings 85+ Player Packs!

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FIFA 22 Black Friday Pack Opening

FIFA 22 Signature Signings

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FIFA 22 85+ Player Packs

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FIFA 22 Black Friday

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FIFA 22 85+ Player Pack

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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313 thoughts on “FIFA 22 17 x Guaranteed 85+ Upgrade Packs!”

  1. i got carvajal in my pack R.I.P me 🙁 And i submided untradeable andrew robertson but guess hes a liverpool player im a united fan so ehh

  2. It is my birthday today and I opened a 100k pack and got an 84 totw, and then I did the flash sbc rare electrum pack and got 95 rated pele. seriously

  3. I have to say fifa 22 is so good. The gameplay, the content everything is so much better compared to fifa 19-21. I’m a Rank 1 Fut Champs player and from 6 times Rank 1 the best player I’ve got was Bruno Fernandes… Yesterday i finally had luck with a s*it 25k pack and packed if Mbappe and today in 85+ Ben Yedder. I’m so happy I’ve finally got what I deserved. Hope you guys pack something similar in the next few days.🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Sorry for my English I’m German

    • @creaminthebank I was going to a similar situation so frustrating when you grind so hard, put so much effort but in the end it’s the Same shit Everytime.

    • As an elite player, my best tradable pack has been rulebreaker diaby and for undtradable its Gold kante. My best red Pick is lozano

    • Well you might not believe me but i have packed these so far and I don’t play much fifa or spend money on fifa points :

      Neymar (twice)
      Kimpembe (twice)
      Di maria
      Son (twice)
      Alisson (from a preview pack and after i bought the pack with 7500 i opened the next preview and got laporte, same moment)
      My list of walkouts will keep extending and i’m not making this up, this is personally my best fifa!

  4. After seeing your video, I was very inspired.
    I wish I could submit a picture on this comment. Decided to trade in old fodder. Added Luke Shaw and Christian Eriksen on the market 2550 coins…only went on to pick up…TOTW Luis Suarez!!! Couldn’t be happier.

  5. I loved this Black Friday! I got three TOTW packs and one 85+ OVR. The 85+ OVR, I got Thiago, the three TOTW I got Mings (so lame), Upamecano (VERY SOLID), and THE best pull I could’ve gotten M B A P P E (yes even better than TOTW Messi in game). That Mbappe card made my bad pick mojo feel so much better

  6. Started trading made 100k in one day, spent it all on my team insted of investing again and trail and error made me broke with a shity team so now im back to trading imma start of with like 60k couse i sold like 2 players and ill be back in 1 week to tell you guys about my progress

  7. I got trolled and got a walkout Belgian signature signings and it turned out to be 87 Witsel, still a dub for me though.

  8. I got son totw from the 85+, and im so happy cuz’ its the first walkout that I packed in the last century

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