FIFA 22 27 x Guaranteed New Base Icon Upgrade Packs!

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FIFA 22 27 x Guaranteed New Base Icon Upgrade Packs!


Opening 27 New Base Icon Upgrade Packs in FIFA 22! Are Mid Icons back in Base Icon Upgrade Packs?

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FIFA 22 Base Icon Upgrade Packs

FIFA 22 Base Icon Packs

FIFA 22 Base Icon Upgrade SBC

Guaranteed Base Icon Pack

FIFA 22 New Icon Upgrade Pack


FIFA 22 Base Icon SBC

27 Base Icon Upgrade Packs

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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91 thoughts on “FIFA 22 27 x Guaranteed New Base Icon Upgrade Packs!”

  1. I love watching your pack opening videos because unfortunately I can’t afford to do sbc’s that are not good value because I have very little fodder/coins

  2. The SBC is massively over-priced surprised folk are doing an SBC that costs 600k there’s only 27 worth packing I just couldn’t see the reason to justify it but each to own if honest.

  3. I can gladly say I haven’t done the icon sbc both times not because I don’t have the coins of fodder but it’s just not worth it have a million coins and just grinding league sbcs and I’m loving it

  4. I got Eusebio last time and there is no way I’m doing this pack I know I’ve used up all my luck for like the next 5 years of Fifa

  5. Man just imagine after 10 years if we get Cristiano or Messi’s icon pack the difference between prime, mid and base would be 2ovr each 😂😂

  6. Never normally do these but content has been slow this year so gambled. Got Rush. Cost me everything apart from my starting 11 too!

  7. I got banned yesterday..I put alot real money in this game and i got banned for buying 14 players from my son’s account..crazy i buy players for the price they make possible and then i get banned.i send them a email and they say case is closed! Damn this is crazy

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