FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode EP1 – SAVING THIS CLUB!!!😤

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FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode EP1 – SAVING THIS CLUB!!!😤


Tradition continues, it’s time for the FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode!

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479 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode EP1 – SAVING THIS CLUB!!!😤”

  1. PCQ: play aguero because you can’t make a big st signing and if your struggling to get goals you need to play him. he has 93 finishing and insane attacking stats

  2. The Messi Regan/ score a 3 goals with ansu fati in your next game forfit do not play ansu fati for the next 3 games

  3. Try to buy some cb with pace because the thing that barca really lacks is pace…And tru to switch busquests he is too old to do any thing now😅

  4. Sign Phil Foden ik it’s unrealistic but sign him for back up and he’ll even compete for both midfield and attacking positions

  5. Btw I think you being a little hard on Coutinho ik he’s not in form for the past 2 seasons but I think he just needs more support and more confidence

  6. This will be interesting just don’t edit the sliders to make CPU easy and win games… Also swap Umtit and pay 50m for De Ligt

  7. Season goal The Spanish Connection score 30goals/assists with Spanish players
    Forfeit : randomly sell a Spanish player ( use SIRI)

  8. Objective: The barca wall— try to get 15 clean sheets in la liga with ter stegan.(forefit change ter stegan to 2nd choice gk for next season)

  9. Sign Renisch from Ajax he has good potential and you could probably get him under 50 million and u might have money to sign someone else aswell I think it’s a really good signing

  10. my first ever barca career mode ! im also a barca fan and i wanted to see this ever since i became ur fan ( since the lille career mode )

  11. pcq: sid you can press L1 to ask a player to take a run. for example if fdj has the ball and you press L1 while looking at ousmane dembele, dembele will make a run

  12. PSQ:Jordi Alba is aging and the pace Will go down massilvlie you should get a young Left back and Alphonso Davies is perfect

  13. Try securing Ruben Dias’s services.
    Or Try Signing Koulibaly he should be way less due to his age or Ramos/Bonucci/Chiellini.
    They should help for the season.

  14. To me u really need someone higher rated than Dest as a rb for now, so I’d buy someone like Bellerin who’s not too old and pretty well rated

  15. Objective : 25Assists with Frenkie, if not completed you should release him at the end of the season with no profit made from him.

  16. PCQ: when you shoot with aguero make sure its a finesse shot even if its from 5 yards because its the most OP way to score with a slow striker like aguero

  17. PCQ: Manipulate the transfer rule that you can buy players from Barca B to make it realistic with young players being called up

  18. pcq: what does s2g stand for, or does it mean anything? I’ve been watching your videos for like a year now and i still don’t know this lol

    edit: also you can either convert depay to a striker because he is losing some overall because he is a LW or CF. another option is you can switch the formation to 4-3-3 (5) because it’s the exact same as what you have right now but instead the striker is now a CF so then depay get get that overall boost

  19. Send the youth scout too Argentina (next messi), Brazil (Ronaldinho or Neymar) and Spain too rebuild the defence and the next Xavi/Iniesta.

  20. The hate Memphis gets from barca fans is so hurtfull. I know he tries to do too much sometimes. But u can see that he actually loves the club. But damn..let’s give him a break

  21. POC: why don’t you try and buy joe matip he is a world class defender for liverpool in real life and also from what I know he is worth between 40 to 50 mill

  22. Hey s2g your my hero but anyway PCQ: you may like Sergio aguero but I did a Barcelona career mode and in 5 months aguero dropped to 80 overall

  23. Try and pairing Araújo with Eric Garcia….Garcia is good with the ball and Araújo is a beast defensively…they complete each other….it is a more realistic approach….

  24. Objective : “THE LA MASIA WAY ” get 15 or more goal contributions from players who came through la masia ( or cleansheets for mingueza and araujo)

  25. I don’t understand what you want from Ter Stagen, he’s making clutch saves, you’re just bad at defending and then you blame everything on him

  26. pcq : don’t you want to want to give pedri the no. 8 jersey, the new Iniesta , also try and get pedri to 15 assists, if he doesn’t he can’t get the legendary no. 8

  27. Buy De ligt on a swap deal with mtiti or continho couse your defence is weak bro even in real life Barcelona want to sign him or buy luataro martinez since you sell Braithwaite

  28. Pcq: sign Dumfries from inter Milan he is tall strong and can play cb if needed, dest can then be a backup left back or right back.

  29. PCQ: You can go for
    Joško Gvardiol (75 OVR – 87 POT)
    Team: Red Bull Leipzig
    Age: 19
    Wage: £22,500
    Value: £11 million
    Best Attributes: 87 Sprint Speed, 84 Strength, 83 Jumping

    He’s young, cheap and fast. And as a Barca fan we desperately need a fast CB who can keep up with strikers like Isak, Mbappe, Jesus and the rest.

    Btw love the content 🔥❤️🔥

  30. Sign dybala as he and messi play for the same national team and are both left footed, he can also play as a cam and a striker and multiple attacking positions

  31. Pcq: if ur intending on signing a cb buy Aymeric Laporte as he is 4th choice cb at city atm and is someone who they have been linked with

  32. Play de jong as cdm in busquets’ role then replace fdj by puig as a starter since de jong was amazing at ajax at the cdm role

  33. PCQ: You should play a 4-3-3 (5) with a CF so that Depay can play in his proper role as a CF, and so that Ansu Fati and Ousmane Dembele can cut inside and score like Liverpool do.

  34. Season Goal:Fixing the Money problem.Make atleast 80 mil profit this season. Forfeit.Transfer budgest reduced by 20 mil next season

  35. PCQ: Sid, you should do a challenge where you must accumulate a total of 1 billion dollars, by player sales. Seems realistic to what Barca is facing this season. You can only sign players once the debt is settled. However, you are allowed to make free transfers though, similar to what Barca did this season. Limited to just 5 free transfers.

  36. pcq : are you the younger brother of ronald koeman cause the first game you have been demolished :0

  37. Centre backs : Pau torres or jules kounde are great shouts plus they play in la liga and they have been linked with Barca in the past

  38. Pcq:in the next transfer window sign CR7 he is I think in this FIFA less than 50 m yes I know it would be unrealistic but a striker like Ronaldo under 50 million is a great offer

  39. PCQ: why don’t u try playing 352 as that will allow u to use almost most of ur players like aguero and depay up top wth dembele and fati at the sides. And it’s also a new formation for u to try

  40. King of El Clasico : Win both games against Real Madrid (forfeit : randomly sell one of the starting xi to Real Madrid)

  41. Pcq: you’ve gotta use your one signing on a centerback as no way pique should be alongside araujo I suggest pau torres or lisandro martinez

  42. My signings for season 1 (January as i have summer transfers disabled):

    – Jesus Corona
    – Axel Witsel

    Hyper aware of Barcelona’s financial situation, signings covered by sale of Umtiti, Wague and Braithwaite

  43. New to the channel but watched your fixing series but you should do fixing sporting fc video keep up the good work💯❤


  45. if youre looking to sign a good CB you could go with pau torres. He is still young for a CB and has a good potential

  46. He was online she was online no one texted ego wins and barca loses badly against athletico madrid🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    How do you feel?

  47. What will u do with the sponsors in the create a club carrer mode series ? Will it be like how u did it with new castle ?

  48. Sign Dani Olmo and sell Coutinho. Cause Olmo is linked with Barca. He will probably cost less than 50 million in game. It would be realistic.

  49. Make fati play on the right he is insane over there when the play opens during counter attacks I have tried it in my career mode and it’s insane try it pleaseeeee !!!

  50. PCQ: what do you expect from Ansu Fati donning the no.10?
    Future Stars:Score/Assist 40 goals with Ansu Fati and O.Dembele

  51. Objective: ,,Kings of El clasico” win all games against Real Madrid, if you fail – next season if the offer comes for your player from Real Madrid you have to accept it ( without delegating)

  52. PCQ: maybe try and bring in jules kounde from Seville he could add some real depth to the side of barça and he is a Centre Back or kimpembe maybe even joe Gomez or saliba from arsenal or ethan ampadu

    P.S I find it amazing how you don’t rage when you lost 4-0 congrats on being a nice sport

  53. I’m doing a barca career mode I’m just doing a fun one with no financial bonus and I’ve signed osimhem, joao Felix, upapemcano and zakaria an di o my sold around 4 players, none in starting xi

  54. I recently did a Barca rebuild career mode jst like u S2G….n tbh dont sell Coutinho n Lenglet…unlike irl if u use them wisely they play very good…evn lenglet becomes a beast…n coutinho is jst the main piece in my team(a proper number 10)… For CB sign Pau Torres as he is Spanish n he is a good pick up…or if u want youth players to progress…Todibo jst is a beast evn if his rating is low!!🔥🔥

  55. the first thing I did with Barca was terminate
    Luuk de Jong sell dembele coutinho agueroo got a profit and many more got haaland and messi back to barca

  56. You should literally have a €0 transfer budget first season (unless u sell someone then u can get like 10% off the sale for transfers), and then have like whatever fifa gives u minus 100 million as your transfer fee for the next seasons

  57. Pcq: Change the formation to false 9 as depay is originally a centre forward and false 9 is very heroic in barca history.

  58. Sid: Defends poorly and tries to play it out from the back…..
    Sid: Blames Ter Stegen and calls him a fraud yet he doesn’t know how to defend in fifa

  59. Season objective: the heart of la masia
    objective: have 50 goal conributions from home grown players
    forfeit: randomly sell a home grown player
    Note: this is players such as fati, nico gonzalez, eric garcia,mingueza, gavi etc

  60. Pcq:sign pau torres as hes a good ball playing cb who would massivly help to improve your back line and is left footed

  61. Plz sign (Dan axel zagadou) he plays for Dortmund and he is so strong he has incredible defending and he is young and has like 90 potential

  62. PCQ: Phoenix out of the ashes: Start 10 Games and Score 15 goals with Martin Braithwaite
    *edit Never Mind i wrote that at the start then you sold him

  63. PCQ: You should sign Pau Torres. He’s linked with a move away in real life and he fits Barca perfectly, he’s young, has high potential and is Spanish.

  64. PCQ: u should buy koningsdorfer, he plays for dynamo Dresden is very young has potential and if u transform him to a striker he can go to 80 rated in a few seasons easily plus he’s only like 2m

  65. Sign Anthony Martial or Werner as I think they both are on a bad form at their clubs and their clubs also want to sell them.

  66. PCQ: Sign Kimpemebe for CB, Psg have lot of good defenders and it look very realistic to sell one. And play midfield like De Jong,Pedri and Puig..Every Barca fan is very angry when see old Busqets in starting eleven

  67. PCQ: You should sign Lucas klosterman. He is linked with a move away from Leipzig and would be a realistic signing. He is also very good in game with his pace and defending.

  68. pcq: objective- save at terms of 100 million in terms of finances in the 1st season to save the club. forfeit: sell your highest rated player.

  69. Sid should just cash in on Aguero cause he’s already dipping in his overall and by the end of the season he won’t get a lot of money from his sale

  70. PCQ : Why don’t you use 4-2-3-1 attack with the centre forward, then you can use depay as a CF and aguero as ST also play de jong and pedri as CM cause busquets getting old and he is slow.

  71. PCQ: Sign Matinez from the West Ham Series because he was good in the West ham series and save you from big goals and also replace pique he is getting old.

  72. I had issues with my YouTube and couldn’t watch s2g for 3 months I nearly ran mad happy to be back tho really really missed you

  73. I think you give Stegen too much hate lad, made some decent saves and you cant only blame the goalie after you concede…

  74. I think coutinho should be given a chance because he hasn’t really kicked off his career at Barca so maybe a chance would be nice

  75. 10:40 I love you ❤💙 for saying i am not ronald koeman. I think riqui puig needs more time to tell what he can do✌

  76. Sign Dominik Szoboszlai from RB Leipzig, and concert him into cf and play him in false 9 position, or make him your starting cam. He is a young talent, not too expensive.

  77. Sign Pau Torres, he is young, Spanish and had good chemistry with Eric Garcia. His overall must be 82 with an potential of 89…

  78. Pcq: why don’t u convert demir into right winger, his overall will be increased by 2 and replace dembele with him.

  79. Objective sweeper keeper:Score one goal this season with a goalkeeper. Whether it’s a penalty or a corner, just score one goal.

  80. Sid instead of limiting 1 signing do something related to profit if you generate more profit then you can buy more players

  81. Ter Stegen is still top 3 player at the club. I think he is best player in Barca. Do not disrespect him because, we play terribly and defensive partnership cannot be formed when we don’t consistently use the same formation and rotating the backline

  82. I started a Barcelona career today and lost the opening game against Real Sociedad 2-4 and Alexander Isak scored three goals and assisted one. It was such a bad start for me, so I could relate to you after your opening game

  83. play ageuro as striker and depay as cf so that instead of 2 cms and 1 cdm u have just 2 cms that gives you more possesion during the game which is barcelonas style of play

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