FIFA 22 | BARCELONA vs REAL MADRID | UEFA Europa Conference League | – PS4

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FIFA 22 | BARCELONA vs REAL MADRID | UEFA Europa Conference League | – PS4


FIFA 22 | BARCELONA vs REAL MADRID | UEFA Europa Conference League | – PS4

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    • Doubt i tas tha tcontrqact ended on Fifa 20 as 21 doesn’ thave the FA cup graphics. I think they on;ly had the ghraphics reall yfor the journey given one of Alex Hunter’s earl ytargets was to win the FA cup

    • @MAD GAM3R bro really appreciate that ❤ really want to see what EA bring into the broadcast live camera, i wish we can feel like in the next gen Broadcast Camera, i surprise that the gameplay on PC not too bad, thats quite good enough than Fifa 21 was robotic, now feel smooth, and ball fluid so good now, wish i can get it later…

  1. Why only 1 team in anthem jacket?? And is this pitch colour in career mode too? I remember in FIFA 21 career mode the pitch was awful.
    Btw, thanks a lot for showing us some old gen footage. Really appreciate

    • I guess bcs real madrid is one of the partner for fifa22, and EA will give authentic anthem jacket for official club partnership in fifa (such as psg, madrid, etc)

    • @Adrian Aminur Nopes.. In all matches I’ve seen, only one team wore the anthem jacket.. for e.g in a match between PSG vs Barcelona, only Barcelona players wore anthem jacket and in another gameplay from same youtuber PSG vs Chelsea, only PSG players wore jacket

    • No he isn’t his last Fifa was Fifa 20 they’ve gone with Derek Rae now. I thought he was a decent addition to add something different when playing the European competitionsand in patnership wit hLee Dixon he wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure I like him s much as a full time commentator though. Thankfull ythough if you have the olfder Fifa’s you can dstill hear the ol dcommentary on them. TBH that’s why I stil lp[la ythe lode rgameseven after newe rones cfome out so I can stil lenjoy the way the older games play. In fact just started a new season of a career mode I have on th ego on Fifa 18 where I’m playing as Ajax atm.

  2. And I wonder how it’s going to be. always has been a UEL and CL winners in Super cup. Now there’s the Conference League. Does anyone know what’s going to happen to the winners?

  3. Why the hell fifa is not changing benzema’s beard he has full fledged beard but still going with the 2013 or so look even with depay

  4. А в чём логика?
    Реал без тренировочной
    Барселона в тренировочной экипировке.

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