FIFA 22 but it’s on Xbox 360

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FIFA 22 but it’s on Xbox 360


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The Genius Behind The Xbox 360 Mod:
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FIFA 22 but it’s on Xbox 360
FIFA 22 but it’s on Xbox 360
FIFA 22 but it’s on Xbox 360

51 thoughts on “FIFA 22 but it’s on Xbox 360”

  1. It’s either FIFA 17, 18 or 19. They had the new corner system, the same old free kick system and dabbing.

    Edit: It’s FIFA 19. The creator said that it’s based on FIFA 19 in the comment section of the video.

  2. I think they are in Portuguese/Spanish because next gen consoles are extremely expensive compared to incomes in Brazil and many people can’t get one

  3. vizeh it is almost like ryzen 3 2200u vega3 graphic bcos my laptop is this kind of engine hahaha that is hiw you look at the graphic

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