61 thoughts on “FIFA 22 CAREER MODE SQUAD UPDATE (04/11/21)”

    • I’ve seen him play irl twice, first time he was an injury sub and didn’t get a lot of time to warm up, and played only 50 minutes but he still played alright, and the second he played 10 as a sub and played great, his energy is wonderful for an 18 year old, he’s really someone to look out for

  1. @FCG Question: should I restart my in-progress CMs because of this squad update or only restart if I finish it or get sacked first?

  2. Come on Ea why you did that? Sesko and De la vega are monsters and they deserve only upgrades. They (Ea) are so fucking bad. Could they sell fifa games series in an other company.😵🤣

  3. That move to Manchester United is affecting Jason Sancho. I remember his potential was far greater when he was at Dortmund and now he only has a 90 potential. Pretty disappointed in that.

  4. Don’t understand how Sesko got a minus 3 potential. Yes he was injured for a while but -3 is a bit harsh. He is a great talent

  5. Do you know when they will fix the local future star am sick of every player from Scotland being 6ft 1 as the smallest and normally are 6ft 4

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