147 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Gameplay on PS4 Slim”

  1. bro I don’t understand what you’re saying because I don’t know the language, so I ask you, did the gameplay improve compared to FIFA 21?

  2. Hey man, do you know if fifa 22 in the ps4 have the new animations? (Last minute goal, after match animations, on the player carrear mode and etc)

  3. Love that channel! 😍 Good jobs everytime
    We are waiting for you to test FIFA22 for us for intel uhd 620 as you did for FIFA21, I know you always think of low spec gamers 😂

  4. I think im gonna buy fifa 22 on ps4 for now and buy bf 2042 on ps5 when i get one gonna leave the ps4 for fifa and the ps5 for warzone and bf 2042

  5. This is actually f**kin good . It’s gold . Thumbnail is neat and clean , setup is clean and simple (this is what should be) , Idea is amezing/different. I would suggest you to improve the sound quality little bit. ( just a suggestion- I think you should not talk/ commentary , in between video, so this will make a different type on content , {pure gameplay/no commentary types} . Just game . Like dr.debox & therelaxingend make mobile unboxing vids without talking , so clean. ✌️👍

    • pre order people can download it on 27 September but only if you have purchased ultimate edition. If you won’t to play now than you will have to buy EA play subscription

    • Goalkeeper’s ridiculous capacity and movement of player bacome bit slower than before… but i can’t feel huge change…

  6. Was there seriously no intro? on Next gen you have an intro where you see Beckham, play ball in the streets on the way to PSG then you train with Mbappe and Henry, and then you watch (play) the PSG v Chelsea match

    • yes there is different in ball physics and goal keeper skills has improved…it’s now more tougher to score goal than it was in fifa 21

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