FIFA 22 – How To Play FIFA 22 Early for $1 Before Early Access with EA Play / EA Access

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FIFA 22 – How To Play FIFA 22 Early for $1 Before Early Access with EA Play / EA Access


FIFA 22- How To Play FIFA 22 Early for £1 Before Early Access with EA Play / EA Access

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197 thoughts on “FIFA 22 – How To Play FIFA 22 Early for $1 Before Early Access with EA Play / EA Access”

  1. With the ultimate edition of the game we get FIFA points, will they be available to use on early access or more likely when the game releases?

  2. Can you help I bought ea play on ps5 but I don’t know how to get on to it and it’s not showing on the Home Screen, it’s also blanked out and a message is popping up when I click it when it says view game

  3. Nice video bro, i´m a fan of you. I´m a PC player and i´ll wait for your videos about fifa22 tactics/formations. Never forget your PC fans and keep going the good work. Cheers.

  4. What about if you’ve got Xbox game pass ultimate which included ea play, does this also give you earlier access? Or do you need to still join for £0.79 to get it

  5. I have ea-play and I can’t or understand how to download the early access, is there something I need to do or whats the way out…can someone help explain pls

  6. Can anyone help please? I’m getting an error on my screen on the EA access I bought it for 80p it says “Oh no it looks like we’ve encountered an error”

    • Go Account Settings then go Account management after that go to Account Information and it should say Playstation Subscriptions and turn off auto re-new so it cancels it and doesn’t take money from your bank account

    • You can do it everywhere. EA Play is available on all consoles. And if you already have Microsoft Game Pass ultimate you don’t need to get EA Play as it is already included

    • @ThorZ I have an account etc but it won’t let me get on EA Play, just like in this video (3:20-3:30). Where else can you download it?

  7. Can someone help me even if it’s the YouTuber on my ps5 it’s saying joining as u showed it but I’ve already subscribe to 12 months is it a glitch or is it to lure more people in I’m confused

  8. I’m confused, so do next gen get 20 hours or just 10? I’ve been seeing everywhere it’s 20, maybe I misheard rn but you just said only 10 on both versions combined

  9. Why cant u open ea play on ps5? Does that mean that just buy ea play is enough en that u download fifa 22 early acces in ur ps store?

  10. I cant buy ea play for some reason, even though i have enough in my wallet, it says that i have to add a payment method even though i have enough in my wallet, help pls

  11. Can someone help me i have a ps5 but bought ea access on ps4 and it won’t let me go into ea access someone please help me figure it out I wanna play fifa 22 early

  12. The EA HUB says its retired on PS4, you need to go into the PS4 store to download any of the games on EA play. Im assuming the game still isnt released yet in my country for EA play so ill have to keep checking.

  13. I pre-ordered the Ultimate edition a few weeks back and I recently bought the Ea Play subscription. Will I still be able to get the 10 hours trial?

  14. Hi Neal, love your work. I am confused as to how the EA play works as this is my first time. I can only download the game once ( Because of how large it will be on my data budget). If I get EA play and pre-order the game, will Wednesday be the only time I will need to download the game? Or do I need to download it again on release day which is 27th? Thanks for your help.

  15. With ea access, do you need to have bought fifa 22 already? I’m waiting to buy the standard edition when it releases as it’s cheaper.

    Also, will your ultimate team from ea play carry on to when it gets fully released?

    • You dont have to buy fifa for getting early acces. Yes when you are playing your 10 hours everything will be saved because you play on a account

    • @Anshul Kapoor I just have to pay for that month for ea play and after the 10 hours i played, i have to preorder the UT Edition right? pls help bro

    • @Albin Rexhepi yes you only have to buy ea play for one month and after you have played your 10 hours you have to unsubcribe to ea play så you dont pay them money every month an edition for fifa you can also just buy the standard version if you want to

  16. I bought the ultimate edition with the ea acces, but the ea play hub app is nowhere, but the money is of my bank account, do you guys think I have the 10 ours early acces?

  17. If i buy ea play 12 month….can i play fifa 22 full all 12 months or i need to buy the game full on its own?
    I mean i buy ea play12 month…so i can play ultimate team and carrier mode all year on FIFA 22?

  18. If you get ea play but you share play and the person you share play with bought fifa 22 can do you still get the early access from the ea play?

  19. Hello, how do you download the guy? I’m normally on Xbox but moved to ps5, pre ordered back month ago but still got a “auto download” timer to donwload the actual game, Xbox already allowing pre downloads

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