FIFA 22 Legacy Edition (Switch) Review

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FIFA 22 Legacy Edition (Switch) Review


FIFA 22 on Nintendo Switch is the latest example of little to no respect being paid towards a fanbase asked to pay a premium price for a virtually unchanged product. It’s just not good enough.

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  1. When even IGN starts trashing your game… you know that you done f*cked up. That title ” EA.STOP.” such a wholesome moment.

    • Honestly I’m not so sure but then again the just dance franchise released on Wii up until the end of 2019 so anything is possible. In fact the worst case scenario would be Nintendo switch players getting a legacy Edition until the console is discontinued.

  2. LMFAO hilarious. At this point they should simply offer an upgrade package every year that updates rosters and other small things like new game modes or trinkets for like 10 or 15 bucks

  3. “IGN’s FIFA 22 review will feature the same content innovation from IGN’s FIFA 21 Review without any new development or significant enhancements”.

  4. Idk why people buy sports games ea just super lazy and milking you guys take a year off buying sports games bet you eat put out the best sports games ever the next year

  5. So where’s the “definitive” or “legacy”, because EA clearly doesn’t have one that stands out or as one meme would summarize it : *It’s the same picture.*

  6. A combination of a weak hardware console with power 2 generations behind and a ripoff company named EA. This one is the result.
    Nintendo and EA are a shame these days

    • @IDK ofc they have the fault too. Both companies do. If the switch would have been more powerful in the first place, it would have gotten at least the standard games. But because its so weak, it is even getting less new things than the base games

  7. Now we need to compare this to eFootball 2022. This “FIFA 19” on Switch gives Konami’s new game a run for its money

  8. Wait, the switch version gets a 2/10, while the other versions got a 7/10? Wtf, If anything they all should get a 2/10.

    • Nope as the next gen version has actually upgrade in graphics and gameplay

    • This is more a critique of EA’s business practices in concern to the Switch version. The stand alone game on Switch if you didn’t own a previous version would probably be a 7/10 but because EA only update rosters and menus on Switch it gets a 2/10. Hope this helps

  9. The nexgen is better than switch the graphics are more powerfully than swich fifa 23 is the last fifa on switch because ea is only focused on nextgen

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  11. 2/10 is far too generous… IGN is far too kind with EA. Such game should be a $7.49 DLC upgrade for a generic « FIFA for Nintendo Switch ».

  12. Surprised it took this long to come out. Though it’s a bit disappointing it’s just the written article just read to us out loud.😓

  13. EA should just offer a $5-10 patch to the game if they never plan to update gameplay. Business wise this would result in more people buying the updated versions and be more willing to invest in the Ultimate modes (never played that mode myself).

    • The Switch version would probably be a 7 if you don’t take into account that it’s the same game as FIFA 19 on Switch. They only update branding and stats on the Switch and not the game itself. So if this is your first FIFA on Switch it isn’t a 2 but rather a 7. If you have and earlier version then all your getting is up to date stats and branding

  14. If FIFA 22 is the same as the past FIFA games on the Switch with no major changes or anything then why are you guys still doing a seperate review video for them?

  15. FIFA 23 Legacy Edition features the same gameplay innovation from FIFA 22 without any new development or significant enhancement.

  16. The review should have started with “EA Stop” and the rest a cautionary tale for people not to buy this despicable display of capitalism. Nothing in there is worth $40 let alone $5.

    • They did that last year. Seriously, they should have made the same message last year, and drop the score even more. They should have went with a 1. (Maybe they can’t do 0 since the functional) But at least a 1 would have made a statement carry the same weight as last year. However, the statement with this review is right on the money.

  17. Ok. Unpopular comment hear but this does need clarifying as some people are confused in the comments as to why this Switch version scores 2 and not 7. Long story short the Switch version is a stat and branding update of FIFA 19 on Switch. It is missing the new elements ( game engine, features ) that are found in FIFA 22 on the other formats. Now the unpopular bit. If you reviewed FIFA 22 on Switch in isolation ( just as a Switch football game ) then it would probably score a 7 ( not comparing it to any other football game on any other format ). The review from IGN and others is a critique on EA’s business practices when it comes to the Switch version of the game. Maybe some need to put themselves in the shoes of a Switch owner who does not own another console or football game. Am not condoning EA. Switch should get a cut down version of latest FIFA each year but with as much new technology and content as possible. Just offering perspective

  18. Capitalism has nothing to do with it as long as the consumer keeps buying it. The market says to keep doing it and as long as that happens expect the same next year.

  19. You know whose fault this is? Gamers, that keep buying this crap( and you know that they do buy it because 1 or 2 weeks in, it’s always on the top spot from the eShop every single year, embarrassing)

  20. EA releasing an unchanged video game is “shining example of capitalism at its worst” 😂😂. Do you have to be a regurgitating troglodyte to get a job at IGN?

  21. As a gamestop employee I’m telling you, people don’t give a sh*t about the fact that it’s the same game. They will keep buying it regardless of everything. The change has to come from EA, they have to respect their customers.

  22. FIFA 19 is the worst fifa game of all time. So forcing people to play that for 4 years is like torture.

    This should have been sold as a FIFA 19 DLC for $15

  23. At least fifa is playable. Can’t say the same thing about the other recently released soccer game (you know what game lol)

  24. IGN next year’s iteration go ahead and dont hesitate to give this shameful port of the game the 1 out of 10 we know you want to.

  25. And let’s not forget they are basically using the same game engine from fifa on the ps3/xbox 360, which makes it worse. So it’s basically fifa 16… 7 years later

  26. How is this even a 2/10 at this point? It’s the same thing as last year and the year before that and the year before that. No one should be giving this anything other than 1/10.

    • Nintendo does not do the bare minimum. Ea is the literal defenition of bare minimum Sims 4, that star wars game and all the sports games they make. They do bare minimum are all consoles. Nintendo makes one of the best games on the market. Cope

  27. At least the NBA2k on switch works well despite being inferior in graphics.
    Note it also has the issues encountered in PS, PC and Xbox.

  28. You are kidding me…only a 2? There are games that have put more effort & have better playability than Fifa with a score of 1 or 2. This should be given IGN’s first 0/10 to get the point across to EA that this is pathetic. They have literally put less effort into this than a Fifa game modder who updates jerseys & rosters.

  29. One of the defining features of capitalism is literally “innovation.” This game might be a scam but this reviewer is a moron.

  30. But they do the same thing with the main version, the difference is that they at least have the decency to warn Switch’s players.

  31. Working at EA: At EA, you have the opportunity to be part of the company and receive bonus based on game sales.
    Some Employee: Got assigned to work on FIFA 22 Switch.

  32. According to VGChartz, for the week leading up to June 5 the Switch sold 392,790 consoles around the world.
    That’s almost double what the PS5 sold during that same period, and more than triple what the Xbox Series X and S did.
    But Electronic Arts don’t care…

  33. “capitalism breeds innovation “ fifa developers just shitting on us by saying the game has LITERALLY BEEN THE SAME THING FOR THREE YEARS

  34. Sad, since the next gen version of fifa 22 is outstanding and my probable GOTY (although it’s been a slow year…)

  35. Honestly don’t get the hate lol. What are they supposed to do with the switch at this point. At least they are honest that there are no improvements. The switch is not powerful enough to support the improvements they are doing with the next gen versions. For people who just want to play with new teams portably this is totally fine.

  36. Imagine if at the end of the review he says “oh and btw you’ve been watching Fifa 19 the entire time”.

  37. If you read the game description in the Nintendo E-Shop they openly admit its the same thing as FIFA 21 Legacy, nothing more than a roster update

  38. 2022 predictions covid still here
    Fifa 23 legacy edition on switch still avaible🤣

    Most gamers still playing old generation consoles

  39. ‘An expensive, cynical money grab’……and there’s the problem, EA continue to do this because they continue to get MONEY for this because it still sells. So who are the real morons here??

  40. NBA 2K22 continues to advance every year despite the aging Switch hardware. This year’s version is no exception! Grab that one instead! It’s awesome.

  41. Bit harsh this. Games decent just don’t buy the game every year plus I’ve seen it for twenty quid which is decent for a switch game and a footy game better than efootball.

  42. Can’t wait for 2023 the new innovative change & enhancement will be the rebranding from FIFA to what ever EA comes up with. Everything else will remain the same. Innovation 👍

  43. FIFA 30 Legacy Edition will feature the same content innovation from FIFA 29 Legacy Edition without any new development or significant enhancements

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