FIFA 22 Manchester United Career Mode! GOLDBRIDGE Episode 20

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FIFA 22 Manchester United Career Mode! GOLDBRIDGE Episode 20


FIFA 22 Career mode and Goldbridge takes over Manchester United! Can he bring the glory days back to United with Cristiano Ronaldo. WATCH The Full Episodes on TWITCH here

278 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Manchester United Career Mode! GOLDBRIDGE Episode 20”

  1. Awesome video and I signed for Barcelona in my career in laliga now I won 1 champions league 2 primer league 3 fa cup

  2. 6,1 loss to Brighton? People will be looking back at this in years to come and thinking I’m glad we stuck with goldbridge!

  3. Brighton have ended marks chances of champions league qualification ” GOLDBRIDGE OUT WITHOUT A DOUBT.. GOLDBRIGE OUT WITHOUT A DOUBT

  4. Lockdown is coming again, compliantly obey folks and don’t question just surrender your thoughts, the state can do all that for you.

  5. Turn off auto switch move assistance, you will defend so much better if you do so. That will make you take control over the player you switched to immediately after switching to him.

  6. How has he managed to turn a fun game that’s meant to be challenging into a game that he can easily win. I mean if I Never changed how I play for 10 FIFA’s I’d suck to😂

  7. I am a Manchester City fan. Goldbridge gets thrashed by Brighton 6-1. It reminds me some Manchester Derby which happened 10 years ago! Why always Me!

  8. I don’t think I am the only who would notice that Mark lost to 1-6 to Brighton and got a red card. Then Man Utd lost 0-5 and got a red card. 😓😓😓😓😓

  9. When you go to sign or reject youth players found look for 15-16 year olds with a value of 1 million. I got a 16 year old striker with a rating of 70

  10. When your defending stop sliding all over the place. Track the running with a player like youe cbm and keep your cbs in line etc

  11. I’ve never known anyone to have so many problems with the direction of which they ‘want to pass’. You clearly aren’t aiming your passes right mark, I’ve never ever had a problem with pass direction using the analogue sticks🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. Mark he’s 53 rated 😂😂 just because he’s got high potential doesn’t mean he’s a future star unless you start him every game and he scores 20 goals a season, for 16 they need to be above 63 rated to be worthwhile

  13. lmao goldbridge releasing a player with 87-93 potential. if only this game had your releaed players go to somebody else, and watch him come back in like 2 seasons and slap Goldbridge around.

  14. Can people please like this so mark sees this:
    Mark to increase moral in press conference to the max select the hand clapping icon or the straight hand icon they boost morale the most

  15. You went full Partridge there Goldbridge; “Get back to your desert, if you live in a desert, because you are dry and we are wet.”

  16. Mark id strongly consider world class I play on it u don’t win easily but it’s much more of a competition and very exciting

  17. Mark @ 23:54 “ innaechos there”. Then when he scores “ that’s Danny wellbeck I’m sure of it” 😂😂😂😂😂

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