FIFA 22 | Next Gen vs Old Gen Comparison | PS4 vs PS5 – Xbox One vs Xbox Series X/S | Fujimarupes

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FIFA 22 | Next Gen vs Old Gen Comparison | PS4 vs PS5 – Xbox One vs Xbox Series X/S | Fujimarupes


▶️ This video show 🔥 FIFA 22 | Next Gen vs Old Gen Comparison
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► Parts in the video:
☛ 00:00 – Intro
☛ 00:17 – Menu and Speed Loading
☛ 01:57 – Champions League
☛ 04:44 – Kick Off
☛ 05:07 – Gameplay
☛ 08:35 – Goal
☛ 10:11 – Hair Animation
☛ 11:06 – Ball Physical
☛ 11:46 – Player Sweat
☛ 12:20 – Grass
☛ 12:45 – Run Style Animation
☛ 13:02 – Snow Turf
☛ 13:30 – Last Minutes Goal
☛ 14:03 – Outro

♫ Soundtrack:
Summer of 1984 – RKVC
American Idle – RKVC
Rewind – Ofshane

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114 thoughts on “FIFA 22 | Next Gen vs Old Gen Comparison | PS4 vs PS5 – Xbox One vs Xbox Series X/S | Fujimarupes”

  1. ▶️ *What do you think about FIFA 22 Next Gen with HyperMotion?*
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    • @Connor an android sent by CyberlifeNo, I haven’t but seeing the gameplay it is the same again. It is curious that improving in FIFA means look like pes. The gameplay with fantasy movements all the time, the plastic players, the magnet movement of the ball, the 4-0 in almost every matches is very real, etc are very real. I will play PES this year despite the game will be dead as you said…

    • @franjimenezca i bought PES 21 and FIFA 21 last year, but this year i only bought Fifa 22, cuz i think pes 21 is better than Efootball 22, and i think I’ll play fifa 22 and pes 21 this year. sorry for bad english

    • @Fikki Chandra Dwiana I agree with you saying that pes 21 is better than pes 22. The point is that FIFA gameplay, I am talking about the gameplay, is still worse than than pes 21. Don’t worry about English, mine is not perfect jajaja

  2. They’ve downgraded the turf on fifa 22 on ps4 the colour and textures are awful it doesn’t even look green looks like astro turf and its totally meant aswell because that’s literally a massive massive thing and guess what they’ve actually made the turf on next gen green fucking pricks do a comparison fifa 21 turf and fifa 22 turf for ps4 pls

    • Interesting… Ive owned every play station console. It seems like EA always starts with the minimum with features, game play and resolution in the Early games on next gen. Then they hit hit their prime mid gen.

  3. This is some bullshit, “old gen” players are getting treat like this is the legacy edition like tf. You don’t need the power of the PS5 to have moving characters in a menu, and you don’t need it to add all the new UCL stuff… pisstake seriously

    • Because of the african continent and the south America continent that have potato pc… EA choose this excuse to don’t upgrade the game for the rest of the world

    • Apparently they can’t optimize the game well enough for pc, so they do not want to lose a part of their player base on PC due to them not being able to run the game. Although, if that’s the reason, I do not see why they couldn’t include both the versions for you to pick the one to install/play, like they did with the next gen consoles. Either that or drop the price for the old gen, since it doesn’t seem fair to pay the same price for the old gen version. I’m pretty sure they just didn’t bother including next gen on PC, because there are not a lot of players playing on it, hence less money. Wouldn’t be surprised if FIFA 23 ends up being old gen on PC.
      Still though, keep in mind PC has mods which can make the game look even better than a PS5 version, with the ability to update it regularly with new tattoos, hairstyles, kits etc.

  4. The PS4 that run game like TLOU2 and RDR2, can’t even match Next Gen Graphic or even added small animation and cutscene like that. , 😅

  5. PS4 isn’t that dusty …they did that on purpose.if a ps4 can run RD2 and GOW so sweetly…it shouldn’t look this dusty

  6. Can’t compare the series S with xbox one only, last gens best console was the xbox one X, and I guarantee you that the xbox one X looks better than the series S, if they wanted to they could add the new next gen graphics on the xbox one X, not sure why they don’t do it.

  7. Early on it looks like new gen has added pointless graphics at the start and every match has the exact same mascots.
    Even when they are having team photo taken they use the same animation.

  8. I have a PS5 but I play the PS4 version, it has less animation but the game flows better. The next gen version feels mechanical. Graphics are better on next gen a lot better but it’s just slow.

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