FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Pack Opening!

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FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Pack Opening!


FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team 1 Pack Opening! Ones to Watch Ronaldo in a Pack?
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Opening my Guaranteed FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Pack!

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FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Pack

FIFA 22 Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch Pack

Ones to Watch Ronaldo

Glitched Ones to Watch Pack

FIFA 22 OTW Pack Opening


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149 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Pack Opening!”

  1. predicted i’d get malen, got malen, knew i wouldn’t get anything but malen. what’s the point in purchasing the otw player if ea will just manipulate pack weight so 99% of ppl pack the lowest rated card.

  2. Can anyone give me one clue how you get the ball to pass to your own player because I’m playing a ten yard pass to a man Infront of me and is going off at all angles!!!!

  3. I only bought standard version and started ut this march fifa 21. Now ut looks like gambling to me. The more you paid, the better team you may get. 69 dollars (next gen) should be all the money deserved to be paid to EA

    • Not really tbh I bought the 100$ one for 80$ and the 4,600 fifa points I’ve used some I got 2,500 left and I packed a lot of good players and got 450 k off selling them

  4. My fifa 22 is arriving 5th october! It is gonna be my first time playing fifa! (Played a little bit back in 2012 but never since)

  5. I just packed alaba , his price was 75K an hour ago now he’s 40K, will he rise again, because now I think everyone is panicking

  6. At this point i think its rigged….I play FUT over 5 years and am competitive player….never got 88+ car in pack…I dont know why but anoying players and famous youtubers always get messi and cr7 and i get fuc@#*&” lowest rated

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