FIFA 22 (PC) – Still top of the league, with incremental PC improvements

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FIFA 22 (PC) – Still top of the league, with incremental PC improvements


Welcome to my look at this years annual FIFA release, with FIFA 22 on the PC.

FIFA is by far my most played game each year and I’m happy to report the game I enjoyed so much last year has improved again – on the pitch at least, with modified ball physics and a handful of nice updates to make this the best FIFA yet, as cliched and overused as that phrase is!

Check out new HUGE career mode feature;

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10 thoughts on “FIFA 22 (PC) – Still top of the league, with incremental PC improvements”

  1. Dele Alli must do the heads in on developers, he looks totally different in real life now.
    I think the commentary could in theory, particulary with their dominance, contain pretty much all the commentators.
    The ball physics do look better and looks closer to PES (which I prefered) from 2 or 3 years ago, could play some lovely passes around on that, lovely build up play etc, it was too arcadey for me before. At times it looks a bit heavy though.

  2. Thanks for the video and i really liked your perspective.
    I have been a PES player since 2006 and with the way Konami have destroyed PES, for the first time in very very very long time, I’m considering FIFA.
    Hear are some questions
    – I play simple leagues against the CPU AI. The Tournament Mode in FIFA. In that mode, if we are playing in premier league, will we also have FA Cup, Carabao, Europa League games?
    – What do you think about the CPU AI? Do you see some variety? each team playing0 with different styles.

  3. I see EA still reckon that every time it rains, the pitch gets waterlogged… This crap has been the same for twenty bloody years!!! When it rains, it slickens the pitch up. The ball skips over it more; it doesn’t bog down like that! It’s very rare for pitches to get completely waterlogged these days.

    What do you think of its gameplay compared to Fifer’s realism mod for FIFA 21? Could you do a video with a dry pitch and daytime sunny setting?

    I can’t agree with you at all that FIFA 21 was a very good game. Without any mods like the one mentioned above, FIFA 21 PC was garbage. I have never been so bored by a football game. After the mods though…wow. The modders are doing the work EA should do each and every year.

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