FIFA 22 | Player Career | Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1: Intro | PS5 4K

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FIFA 22 | Player Career | Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1: Intro | PS5 4K


► Part 2:
► Match Difficulty: World Class
► FIFA 22 Player Career Gameplay Walkthrough PS5 No Commentary 2160p 60fps

745 thoughts on “FIFA 22 | Player Career | Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1: Intro | PS5 4K”

  1. I don’t know why you didn’t skip the 5 minutes you took setting the game but thought it wise to cut the game you took 5 minutes setting 🤦🏾‍♂️😏

  2. Bro you take so damn long with the settings…just chill out and let us enjoy the vibes man. Don’t go extra fast but don’t be a sloth

  3. I’ve never seen a YouTuber who’s bad at playing a video game walkthrough, seriously you’ve should have won the PSG Vs Chelsea match.

  4. The classic Kante finishes Tho not his kind of celebrations.
    Anyway nice video and plus who blames you for PSG z loss coz Chelsea is great

  5. Dont worry lol this vid was great everyone else is just salty they cant afford the game so your winning anyway

  6. Hey👊I am Fifa Youtuber and almost every day we passionately bring new videos ❤‍🔥 💯Topics: team evaluation, tactics, 1vs1, team building, WL 😅 Sbc and REWARDS open and much more 💪🏽
    Lg Amodinho🤝 if you are not interested, I still wish you the best and lots of packluck 👊💰

  7. This guy earns my sub, idc about hwy way he plays fifa or if he misses a few open runs, its the fact hes probably having fun creating content for us to actually watch, so whoever wants to criticize then be my guest but this guy is himself so leave him alone, play fifa ur way

  8. I can see this is your first time playing fifa mahn…Sharp fast passing is needed you were hesitating too much..
    Good vid though

  9. Dude this guy played horrible. So many chances wasted. I play in “Legendary” mode in Fifa 22 and I have only been playing for 2 weeks. I win every match.

  10. The vengeful precipitation transmurally unlock because wing surgically muddle beside a quizzical property. absorbed, false familiar famous heaven

  11. How come I don’t have a storyline including buying clothes part in the player career? Just keeps playing, no storyline just like the journey

    • Same here I’ve been looking for an answer I just have normal career mode, can’t lie I think I skipped this when I first got the game 😂

    • @Charlie Mckenna yeah, I asked in the Steam discussion but no answer until now. Probably only applies for PS4 or PS5 as an opening scene. Because I see in other YT channels, they also doesn’t have this

  12. You need to learn how to edit videos properly and about gameplay its shambles. But as a Chelsea fc fan im happy you lost .haha
    Anyways takes this as a advice and try hard .
    Ps dont get demotivated

  13. I know you need ps5 to play this, but does anyone know where to find it? Like what mode or whatever. Or can you only do it when you first get the game because I skipped that part

  14. Just great, really great. I know I won’t be able to play that game for like 4 years but it’s so amazing. The match intro song gave me chills and my heart was just pounding. Nice game play just that the problem came in with choosing the difficulty for your first game. But overall so nice 👌

  15. y esto que es en mi fifa 22 de pc no viene nada de esto !! espera cuesta igual y el de ps5 trae cosas que no trae mi fifa pero me lo venden al mismo costo? o alguien me explica

  16. I’ve never seen a sports game as entertaining as this. The story, the lines, the acting… Wow! Just… Wow. ⚽

  17. I still can’t understand why tf these features aren’t for the PC version also, the game doesn’t have high requirements to run

  18. If only they knew you are the reason they didn’t qualify… You wouldn’t even start for their under 12… LoL… Gr8 sport.

  19. Y did you choose legendary if you play like this.. semi pro or professional could be a good choice.. You are making fun of yourself choosing legendary..

    • @Sayutsune ohhhh shittt I got xbox why they got to discriminate like that lmao but thank you so much for letting me know that because I thought there was something wrong with my game

  20. Please is there any giveaway entries for a ps5 I will like to participate, it has always being my dream to play FIFA 22 please

  21. Is this any special edition for Ps5 I have the PC version and nothing as such were there? Am i missing something please someone explain

  22. What if the player is a free agent with low skills and trash teams hires us, then we make it to the top by playing and improving skills like in pes 13. First we get into B team then gets promoted to A team.

  23. just played fifa 22 career mode, and this was not what happened I didn’t get any of this like watching games or being at restaurants does anyone know why?

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