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This video explains the doubts of people regarding the old gen version of the game and is it any different to the next gen.
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337 thoughts on “FIFA 22 : PS4 GAMEPLAY 💔 | IS IT WORTH IT? | (PS4 VS PS5) REVIEW”

  1. I know this is just your opinion and it’s up to everyone’s preferences but to say that they are essentially the same is completely false. Aside from the graphics, the weight of the players and the ball on next gen makes the game itself fundamentally different

    • Ball physics is the same on both. I do think the big difference is in player small touches from high balls and defending as a unit. If defending in fifa 22 old gen is the same as in fifa 21.. then the game is crap already.

    • Good luck getting a ps5. Both consoles are difficult to get at the moment but ps5 supply is lower. Lucky enough to get a series x at launch and hope to get a ps5 next year when supply goes back up.

  2. Thanks for the video bro…I was struggling to find a decent video that explains whether the PS4 version is worth it and this one answered everything💪🔥

  3. I’m all for slower fifa gameplay. Want a more sim football game other then pes or whatever it’s called now. I’ll give the series x version a try.

  4. I play both. Fifa 22 old and next gen are pretty decent Fifa games.
    Of course Fifa 22 next gen is better.
    A Fifa player will appreciate .
    But a player who wants the game to be closer to reality, who wants major changes to produce and feel real football situations will be desapointed.
    Fifa 22 next gen is better. It s obvious. But Fifa is still Fifa….

    • I’m glad someone said it. I love the new gen feel to fifa 22 and I think it’s wrong for people to say it’s basically the same game with a few new animations and what not. Both old gen and new gen feel great but for me the new gen version is a huge step up

    • I have Xbox one now but don’t know if I should buy the Xbox series s for fifa 22
      or not. I really like it when it’s realistic and everything but should I do it or not? I’m scrolling through the comments and it’s like 50/50. Half of the comments are against the next gen and the other half are against ps4 and like the next gen better. I want next gen most but idk if it’s worth a try or if I’ll be disappointed

    • @Yo Warrap ya buddy, I m won t say I m satisfied with this fifa 22. All these expectations for that…. naaa.
      But people telling u that fifa 22 is worst on next gen are liars.
      I bought a ps5 for fifa , BF 2042 and E football.u cannot regret buying a nex gen console . At least u will be in the good wagon, and u ll get enhanced graphics an animations.

  5. A lot of people don’t have new gen because of stock and scalpers over price . About gameplay, I’m quite excited for the ps5 version. Harder defense and slower pace is definitely more realistic

    • @Matheus Santos My previous comment was based on default game settings.

      I always play FIFA on Sprint Speed anywhere from 25 to 40…. Usually around 35. I keep acceleration at 50. It makes the game speed at least more tolerable. I intentionally did not try that on the PS5 last night. I wanted to get the full experience at the default settings. Will try the slower speed tonight.

      Hopefully you enjoy yours mate.

    • @Stuart Aird Callate hypermotion is a lie almost no difference and if they do not run fast I upload adjustments

    • @J are you being serious or are you joking? I can’t tell because if you’re being serious you are completely wrong about everything you’ve just said lol

    • @Leoza6 I am 100% serious. And I am big FIFA fan. The one thing we could probably disagree on is the difficulty of the defense. Sometimes when I play they seem easier sometimes when I play they do defend a little better. But the part about the unrealistic speed, agility, and ball control is something that I feel really strongly about.

      One thing that I noticed is that there is definite difference in gameplay from the very first match they let you play (PSG vs LIV) to playing kickoff, to playing career mode.

      I hope I am wrong because I have loved every FIFA for the last few years. The thing is that I have been playing pes for about 6 months and I switched to FIFA 22 right away. I didn’t have a buildup playing FIFA 21 for a few hours to get back into the FIFA mentality.

    • @Lordspalse 006 No. The game runs at 1080p60 on PS4 and 4K60 on the PS4 Pro. The SSD isn’t going to make any difference in terms of resolution or framerate. It only affects loading times.

    • @IVorza Ssd makes a huge difference all games at all times. Besides, i was comparing the ps4 pro and the ps5 in terms of resolution and not base ps4

    • @Lordspalse 006 Dude, you literally replied to my comment where I was comparing both PS4 and PS4 Pro to each other. And that’s false. SSD’s can in fact slightly improve gameplay but only when it comes to large open world games and only when it comes to loading what’s in front of you. Albeit a 7200rpm HDD is enough for that, no need for an SSD. Again, loading times mostly. Except for Cyberpunk, which is extremely poor when it comes to optimization. I’m general, both GPU and CPU do the majority of the work.

  6. I got my first console when I was still a kid in 2010. It was a ps3 that my family gave me. 3 years later ps4 came out but I wasn’t bothered with my ps3. But the years came and I saw all my friends get a ps4, but I only had the chance to get one after my ps3 was lacking of performance. I only managed to get one in 2018 which was a bit late to get it I admit. But now that I look at the differences between these to consoles, as soon as the gameplay is fine, I will 200% take old gen. Yes the graphics are better, but I noticed some things that are actually better on ps4. I’ve seen the GKs improve a lot on Ps5, since GKs are a good on ps4 as on ps5 I think the ps4 version is more worth it.

    • @QG123 bro i love that u have good memories but fifa 13 was the biggest meme of ea even ea themselves made a glitch compilation ahhaa i remeber ghe hate on that crap game if u played fifa 12 u know how shitty fifa 13 was but no hate i know ur feeling habe the same und assasins creed unity i loved it everyone hated it so…..

    • @Janth02 It had many glitches but just the feel of the game was the best, along with Fifa 11/12. That was just the golden era of FIFA man. There wasn’t pay 2 win, the games were just simple and fun. A bit similar with Call of Duty games.

  7. I’ll skip this fifa i actually played it on my friend ps5 and i like it much better than the ps4 version I’ll wait until i can get my hands on the ps5

  8. Almost every year fifa came out more realistic at first than they turning it to more and more arcade with updates becuase people like you. I dont blame those people. Its taste. Unfortunately less people want to play real football and more people want just touch buttons faster than oppenents

    • This season your settings are forced into manual jockey.

      Its not assisted jockey anymore so you need to learn how to manual jockey

      Last fifas had assisted jockey which slowed you down so you didn’t just shoot past a player.

      That’s gone now. It’s manual jockey and you need to learn how to do it and not just keep skating past players

      Those of us that have always used manual jockey instead of assisted are now at a huge advantage over those players.

      It takes awhile to get used to it and manual jockey users of past fifas are just going to slap those new to manual jockey

  9. I am playing on the series X, the game is very smooth and better than last year game with no bugs at all.
    I have the feeling that people who couldn’t put their hands on a next gen console, saying that old version is better, forget it because i tried in on my Xbox x too and it is less fun and less smooth comparing to the series X.

    • I think next gen users will just say its better because they want to feel superior to everybody

      I have a PS5 and 2 X PS4 and I’ve played 10 hours of both versions and the PS5 gameplay is horrendous

      Its absolutely awful. On release I’ll be downloading the ps4 version on ps5

    • @Shaun L I’m also buying the physical standard edition of the ps4 version despite owning a ps5. Over exaggerated graphics with cartoon pitch and horrendous gameplay makes ps5 version an abomination to me.

    • @Shaun L stfu bro i see u in every comment reply sayin that ps4 is better bro first of all u do not own a ps5, and second the next gen is better.

  10. PS4 gameplay pisses all over the PS5

    Ive played 10 hours of both versions and the PS5 gameplay is horrendous

    PS4 is way better than PS5

    Ps4 owners have nothing to worry about and wouldn’t be in any rush to get a PS5

    I’d happily return my ps5 and just play on ps4 if I could. Apart from graphic upgrades and the speed of downloads the ps5 is no better than ps4

  11. It absolutely does not depends on if you can afford a next gen console. It depends on if you want it or not. But of course it can also be dependant on if you can afford it or not

  12. Im on PS4 and i love Fifa 22! Its so much better than fifa 21. I love playercareer and the new option for AI Intelligence is so nice and with the new passing animations/ movement the gameplay from the KI is so much better. Everything. I played Fifa 21 today again and its soooo crap.

    • @Anonymous Everywhere no, i can only speek for playercareer and there is the skilltree + lockerroom cutscene/ even the subsitition cam + trainer quest is on ps4. I love it.
      Theres also a new option wich you can turn on in settings that gives the star players better intelligence. It gives a hole diffrent feeling.

    • @Erma G yeah i suggest playing atleast on difficulty “Legend” bc the cpu plays more realistic. I highly suggest also to turn on the new option in settings wich gives star players more intelligence bc the CPU players playing really like professional footballers (letting ball through, better passes, shoting from distance,) of course its fifa so there is sometimes fifa moments (fail passes or some things) but overall its wayyyyyyyy better than fifa 21. I love it! Pls tell me when you have played it someday what you think!

  13. sorry, but you are wrong, i played the 10 hours early access on ps5 and the gameplay differences between ps4 and ps5 is night and day. i cannot ever return to the ps4 version. ps5 is amazing and from what i read and saw, most people have the same opinion. can’t wait on friday for the full release.

    • I have Xbox one now but don’t know if I should buy the Xbox series s for fifa 22
      or not. I really like it when it’s realistic and everything but should I do it or not? I really don’t know

    • @Yo Warrap ya i will play it every day. if you are sure you will play it often then it should be ok, but if you are not sure or you want to buy soon other games, then maybe wait till november, i am pretty sure they will have it discounted for black friday.

  14. If your on pc and live in Europe or NA, just get the game on Stadia which has hypermotion. Same price as last gen game. No monthly fee or fee to play online. Just buy the game and that’s it.

  15. I played both version ps5 and ps4 online, l have to say that on ps5 they need to make a LOT of gameplay fix errors but the ps4 version is fantastic, i have both consoles ps5 and ps4 as well and i tried them both for fifa 22,.

  16. You need to stop trying to convince yourself that the PS4 version is better. You said it , PS5 has more to deliver.
    Wake up guys, hopefully we all get PS5 soon and enjoy FIFA22.
    Respect. Have a nice one

  17. fifa 22 on Xbox series s I’m happy with it I wasn’t always going to have old gen. everyone wants next gen but not everyone can afford it or stores are out of stock!!! let’s be real if you can afford next gen will you still play old gen for the rest of your life?? come on even if is just simple changes you want next gen!!!

    • Happy for you, but the question was “is Fifa 22 worth it on old gen and PC”, for the vast majority of people not owning yet a next gen console…

    • @Master Box I said even if is just a little better in new generation you want it meaning is worth it but if people want to play fifa in old gen for the rest of their lives they can’t but I want fifa 100 in new gen so i bought it for new gen console

  18. Thanks for making this video 🙂 ♥ you really show your support for those who don’t have ps5, this video explains everything that old gen player needs. nice work! thank you so much! Love from Indonesia ~~

  19. Obviously it is not worth it, but in the case of many people including me, we do not have the new generation of consoles and we can only settle for this.

  20. Sorry this guy is clueless he basically hates the PS5 version because he hates the AI quality 🤣 I have the PS5 version and its absolutely 110% far better

  21. To be honest, I played FIFA on the Ps5 5 and the game is very good. But I face many difficulties, first the gameplay is a little slow more then ps4. Second, very hard to break the defense. If you want to break the defense, you have to pass a lot until u find loophole to broke the defense. The rhythm is very slow more than the old gen. In general, the game is amazing in the next gen but you have to practice more and get used to it.

  22. I’m on ps4 pro, I don’t see the difference why I would switch to ps5. There is no big difference, just pumping the prices. Fifa 22 is the same on ps4 pro and ps5. games are all the same, no difference is seen at all.

  23. Не верю что PS4 эту всю фигню не тянет,как Экзы с сумашедшей грфой так тянет,а какой то футбол нет,бред,чистят наши кошельки

  24. So basically you find old gen easier so you think it’s better 😂 the whole point of this fifa is the update to more realistic gameplay, other youtubers have already commented on it and how old gen feels like a fifa21 update and current gen actually “feels” like a new fifa 22. Also how can you say that ps5 edition is only updated visuals if you simultaneously say it’s harder to break down defenders on the new gen versions. You are a contradiction. Empty words.

    • The next gen version has no skill gap, thats the problem, i have both, goalkeepers are way too good and defending is amazing. The gameplay is extremely slow and its very difficult to score. Is it more real ? absolutely, is it more enjoyable ? fuck no.

    • @PRO_1 with my ps4?
      Nah mate, you do know 85 percent of people are still on PS4 right? And secondly, the ps5 version of the game is way too slow and clunky. I play a lot of games on my ps5 and I enjoy when they support 120fps etc…
      But I won’t be playing FIFA ps5 version, it’s HORRIBLE

  25. Guys if u trying to buy a ps5 to play fifa 22 do it!! Its much better and u will enjoy it coming from me who own a ps5, this guy opinion is totally wrong and dont let him change your mind . Next gen is better

  26. If u want a arcade game then stay on old gen, but if u into career mode and want to feel the realism get on next gen its much better. I myself i rather play a realistic game so next gen is better

  27. Weird thing, the Skill Tree existed before in the Story mode of Hunter, in Fifa 17 I think. So EA just brought back an old feature to solo Career

  28. I’m hoping the PS5 version is slower and harder to score. I want a realistic footballs gem not a 6-3 goal fest that is so unrealistic.

  29. I have preordered fifa 22 on ps4 however I tried to access it today and it only gave me the option of a 10 hour trial, but when I attempted to play that, it said it was unavailable. why is this happening

  30. I Go Try The FiFa 22 PS4 Version On The PS5 Right Now, And Wil Check Or The Game Play Are Faster, And Or I Can Defend & Break Defending Better.

    • I tried the PS5 last night and it was super arcadey to me. But on the other hand I have been playing pes 21 for the last 6 months straight.

      I had hopes for fifa 22 on the PS4, I was going to try it tonight but you don’t give me much hope.

  31. I closed the windows closed the lights full brightness connected to 4K TV and maximized YouTube settings wore 3D enhanced picture glasses sticked my eyes to screen comparing every single detail and literally there is only one difference that bank balance is 499$ less

  32. I thought both consoles would get mascots. I’m a bit sad we don’t have mascots.Well ea’s a bit lazy I mean just mascots bro on ps4 it can handle that.

  33. EA sports > “See I told you it will work selling FIFA 21 polished version as FIFA 22 with updated squads ,suckers will still buy it no matter what! And we can continue to sell Packs and make money with very little effort 🙂 it worked year after year why change now? gone suckers Buy the game hehehehe😥🤡🤪🤣🖕

  34. Hard to break down defenses? So what you are openly admitting is you don’t like real football! Because that’s what the new gen offers..real football…it’s people like you who get triggered because you like the 50 yard over the top through balls 😂

  35. Great Video! thanks for taking your time to create this video, i have a question, i’ve been looking for how i can get PS 4 or 5, so i can try these games out. Please does anyone know how to get them? Can i get them for free?

    • I agree I have both versions of fifa 22 on Xbox and to be frank current gen is much better game play wise although hypermotion is not there but for me it’s not a deal breaker u can still enjoy old gen game play, way better than next gen and most of the newly added features are there so yh no need to spend for next gen just yet for gamers that didn’t buy it.

  36. I have the PS4, not the Pro version and I tried the Fifa 22 on it. Is just me or it is very slow? Even in the menus. I already clean the fan inside and rebuild. Do I have a problem with my PS4?

  37. Why do people feel the cost is the issue for the public not getting a new-gen console? I didn’t get one because they all sold out even being on a waiting list due to limited numbers in the stores. Now with a shortage of superconductor chips getting one now is even harder as shops are waiting for new stock or scalpers are ripping people off with bloated prices. The cost is not an issue for me it’s general availability.

  38. Looks like new gen is better than old gen. Lol. Whats he going on about? The more harder it is to score, the more rewarding. The same kind of people will complain when scoring becomes easy.

  39. @Rohan thank you so much for this info. I ended up buying a series s to get next gen fifa. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. When zoomed in during a replay everything looks great but while playing the players are blur it looks absolutely horrible. I love the load times of the series s and the other games I tried such as forza look incredible so it’s definitely a fifa problem!

  40. My ps4 is broken. Should i buy a ps4 again? i panic bcs fifa21 was laggy on ps4 (menu, carrier email inbox,…) so fifa 22 wont be any better. but i dont wanna pay 700$ for a ps5. what should i do=

  41. Pre ordered last day of waiting ….honestly I enjoy adapting to the game …spending time with the game …. We all enjoyed the Arcady fifa with dumb defenders …n trick spamming. It’s nice they made it fair but sprinkled it with nostalgia n a few Easter eggs .It’s fun learning it

  42. And the funny thing is; the hair physics on ps5 is not even realistic.

    Go watch the replay of a real life football, watch how their hair swing. Ps4 hair physics is actually the realistic one. 🤦‍♂️

    EA should focus more on game play and animations on the pitch, not that stupid unrealistic hair physics.

  43. Bruuh… Next Gen is so realistic, Football/soccer is about timing, those crying about the game being hard because teams now move all together and second man mark NOW works again..stay playing arcade ps4 😆 Cant wait for everyone to upgrade to ps5! Hopefully now the container keep the scalpers away lol

  44. PS4 gameplay my PS4 already runs slow because it gets too hot and the delay in ultimate team make is worse than playing fifa 21 it feels like you are always playing against constant pressure the sprint boost rarely works for me and makes it super hard to get the ball pass players with just movement. It’s just not enjoyable when the delay it’s there and you can’t do much about it, you can tell how smooth the other team presses, passes the ball and runs thru the team without being able to pressure right, my cdms and cm still play defend super far and the dumb thing us that with that delay you can’t even defend right, because the players react late then you try to intercept or predict such obvious passes.

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