FIFA 22 Review

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FIFA 22 Review


FIFA 22 reviewed by Jordan Oloman on PlayStation 5. Also available on Xbox, PC, Switch, and Stadia.

FIFA 22 heralds the next generation of virtual football, and while it doesn’t reinvent the ball, the attacking and defending gameplay gains moment-to-moment fluidity. Goalkeeping blunders and visual inconsistencies aside, this year’s FIFA is still one of the most nuanced and enjoyable multiplayer sports games on the market, and new additions across Career Mode and Volta Football have made FIFA’s major modes more fun to play. Microtransactions still loom large, but small iterative changes and the horsepower of new-gen consoles combine to make FIFA 22 feel like a worthwhile upgrade without needing anything revolutionary or terribly exciting from EA’s side.


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    • it’s literally not 🤣 nobody saying this has actually played it, you guys just hop on the bandwagon but watch some gameplay and you’ll realize EA did finally bring changes

    • @Pes Hater so Career mode which hasn’t v been touched since 2015, same animations, failure to even update on last Gen or PC, the same bugs which have been present for YEARS that EA hasn’t touched and this is still a solid game? Come off it m8

  1. “Small changes. The same sports game. 7/10”

    – IGN It blows my mind how you guys say the exact same things every year/review and still will give these games a 7 with a straight face

    Edit: Some of you in this thread are proving why they get away this.

  2. It’s the same game from the past 30 years with a new player and number on the cover, so it’s the best in the series
    — Roger Ebert, IGN

  3. To everyone commenting “the same game” like no sh** of course they aren’t gonna change it if you continue to keep buying it 😭😭

  4. What they should do is just bring out one game and update it with updated squads new players and keep working on it throughout the season for around 2-3 years then bring out a new one with new graphics gameplay tweaks new modes arcade stuff etc would be so much better

    • it’s really not tho, youre just going along with what every other person (who hasn’t even taken a peek at the 22 gameplay) is saying. it’s actually different this year

  5. Lul look at the shat crowds still. Theres 4 black ladys every row…. Repeat characters everywhere… All doing same motions in sync. Pfffft what a joke.

  6. PS/Xbox/PC gamers, maybe you should look at what Switch is getting every year and think again. At least, you are still getting something with improvement

    • @Darth Ludicrous bro no name calling please,everyone here is discussing, by the way, why care about the game if you don’t play or care about it, is it your money we are using to buy the game, don’t criticize people for spending their money in what they love and enjoy, the game has new features and their where improvements to the animations, unlike pes which is now efootball is a whole nother level of crap

    • @Asassin088 These comments are from people who love gaming. We all used to play fifa and its people like yourself that is enabling ea to get away with this

    • It does raise the question if the evaluation of a game should be based on what its predecessors were like. If the game is based purely on its own merits, as if pitched to someone completely unfamiliar with previous installments, that changes the perspective somewhat.

  7. Should be a 1/10 if only for the single fact that FIFA is one of the main reasons the gaming industry has become what it is today.

    Also, it’s kinda funny how the American reviever uses “football” instead of soccer so as to not offend the Europeans and South Americans.

    • I’m starting to think u don’t play fifa. Even the ps5 fifa 21 is different from ps4 version. Imagine 22 with hypermotion on next gen

  8. You didn’t mention that Hyper motion is exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X. They won’t put it on PC “because it eliminates a large amount of players”

  9. “It’s the same game” don’t say sherlock!!
    A football game will be the same every year because they are a sports virtual simulator in the first place.
    If you don’t like it do not buy Easy like that, you can make a open world with sidequest looter shooting game with a 22 guys running after a ball Einstein.

  10. I’ve been playing the PC version, it’s the 1st year since 18 I’ve played a fifa game. And the AI is awful, it’s super inconsistent, either every team plays like Barcalona in 2014 or like a 2nd division team. If you replay the same game over and over with the same teams you will either thrash or get thrashed.

  11. The worst fifa yet… this review was complete bollocks. This is the most unentertaining, stupidly ridiculous game of fifa ever made so far… passing is so bad the game is almost unplayable… defending has been made better simply by making attacking absolutely crap.. keepers run pass the ball when you bring them out… custom tactics don’t work due to match scripting still… p off EA.. just p off.. I’m so sick of being a dumbass who buy this game full price every year

    • Why? They did make changes. It’s a football (soccer) game,, it’s going to be a very similar game because football doesn’t change much

  12. Everyone’s usual complaint is it’s the same thing. It’s soccer, it’s a sports simulation. Of course it’s ganna be the same thing, soccer is the same thing.

    They progressed on gameplay (animation) and graphics. They changed the pacing of matches for the better. Added some nice new mechanics like the new sprinting. Both Career mode’s are the same, but bigger and better.

    To fans of sports games, this is all enough to warrant spending $60 bucks on a new version. If you think these aren’t enough, then it’s not for you move on. Sick of seeing these comments every year lol

  13. Just ignore these reviews because EA will as they always do release an update a month later that changes the pace of the game and the defending

    • @Adam Carr Exactly what DLC is little changes to gameplay and so on. But put into consideration how much money is generated a year FIFA 21 generated 1 billion dollars not many games can even compare to such a revenue and EA has been exploiting it’s audience. Giving them the bare minimum of what should be provided.

  14. Stadia is also next-gen version but IGN would have no idea, they don’t actually do the work they are supposed to do. A lot of PC players are trying Stadia for the first time to play it in their browsers.

  15. 5 secs into an advert before the review I’m going with 7

    And after the review….. guess what lol 7

    Interestingly why have most of the green grass pitch’s not got white lines?

  16. Apni maa ki lambi umar chahiye ❤️❤️
    1 subscribe = 100000 years 🤩🤩
    Not subscribing = instant death ☠️ sorry bro your mom is dead 🙄
    Is liye subscribe karo apni mummy ke liye to karo

  17. Like every year people mindlessly buy a new iphone even though the changes are minor, the same is with these fifa games. People just buy it for the updated squads.

  18. It honestly doesn’t even matter because EA always patch the game every few weeks and end up making it even worse. Then they will claim FIFA 23 will fix all the issues.

  19. Haven’t bought a fifa game since fifa 2008 and then fifa 2018 might consider buying this one and not waiting another 10 years🤣

    • Why??? This shite is nothing but an extreme scam designed purely to separate as much of your money from you as they possibly can. Are you really that much of a fool?

  20. I’m still in shock that EA Vancouver is using hot pink for the user interface. It’s almost as bad as Konami using yellow and blue.

  21. In all game modes they all play like a wet noddle it’s frustrating, keepers are godly and don’t get me started on volta I’m not sure why they tried again but it ain’t it chief. Hopefully as time goes on they iron out the kinks

  22. So PC didn’t get the next gen version just like how they did with Madden this year? Getting tired of all the sports games ignoring PC, we can’t even get MLB the show either.

  23. I’m not into sports games but why is everyone butthurt about the score? 7 is a “meh” score. It’s a decent game with a bafflingly huge player base of dedicated fans. What, you think it should be a low score just because there’s minor upgrades? This is reality. Pokemon has the same issue. Cash cow = lack of innovation.

    • Updates for battle royal game bring more content than any “new” fifa game, and they are free.

      When IGN reviews a game they do it so people who haven’t bought it know if it’s worth the money. So how is it worth it if it’s the same experience with “better” graphics

    • @Dawit Teferi Because it’s still an “OK” game. A game review is a review of this game, irrespective of what came before it. A scoring system out of 10 is extremely simple and limited.

  24. How does a gaming review/news company give a 7/10 on a game that comes out every year and makes little to no changes? like others have said, this is a yearly subscription. I’m ashamed that IGN even supports this.

  25. Same old game with new packaging…

    IGN it’s a shame that you guys are still rating the same old game a 7/10, we’re you guys can make a difference by rating it 1/10 for the same old game.

    EA I’m not buying this one when we are getting E-Football for free.

  26. Honestly this year Fifa has a lot of new fresh things so it’s ok a 7, but Ign, don’t try to give less then a 8 to Far Cry 6 at this point

  27. Anyone else here just praying EA added a new major game mechanic beyond the “360 dribbling” they introduced back in, what, 2014?

  28. Imagine a Fifa every 3 to 4 years with great improvements and passion behind the devs. Sad that it sells so well all those years it’s just the same.

  29. To anyone that criticizes Ultimate Team, yet continues to buy this dumpster fire of a franchise just to play more Ultimate Team, your opinion is completely and unequivocally nothing. You are the problem.

  30. Moved to pes since 2019, but this saddest part this year is even pes or efootball is going to be pretty bad. I’ve to move to fifa 22 or else , I’d wait for a reskin for mod community for pes 2021.

  31. let’s be honest, even if they update the squads and don’t come out with anything new, it would still be better than PES(efootball).

  32. 10 seconds are enough too see how the phisics of the ball and the gaps between the animations are ridicolous for a game made in 2021. FIFA, please, stop.

  33. Sooo basically , fifa 21 with more aggressive encouragement to buy packs with fifa appoints then . Before anyone here says I’m wrong , just go and look at how awful the rivals rewards are now and then try and tell me it’s not purposely designed to force you in to buying packs.

  34. You’d think it be easier to just give everyone a dlc code for half the price and overhaul the game every few years or something. But money wins

  35. Fifa used to be a game anticipated for!! But now 😪😪😪,,, and it seems they don’t listen to players, they just do whatever they feel right to do !!!

  36. Literally the same game, joke really, ultimate team laggy aswell.
    The create a club is rubbish, cant have official football league font or a sponsor

    • well yes but that is just a glorified demo anyway, and you will have to wait till Spring 2022 to see something close to a complete package..

  37. Ea makes millions by selling the same thing every year …
    They just changes the kits and nothing new … Same gameplay every thing is same

  38. These people should stop with the incremental update and make fifa 2020-2025 or something like that with yearly patches. Also yeet the microtransactions then it will be a 7/10

    This is just garbage

  39. EA still refusing to address core broken elements of the gameplay experience but give free copies and merch to journalists to guarantee their 8/10 Reviews. EA are a scourge on the industry.

  40. This is the first FIFA in a while that looks like the gameplay has actually been improved (if you’ve got a PS5) and that doesn’t deserve the same old jokes. It’s a football game, what did people expect to be added?

  41. Tbh as someone who only plays the career mode with mods, it is worth the money. For someone who spends money on fifa points it isn’t

  42. Keepers are much better this year. Their movements and saves are more dynamic than the generic falling dives of the last few years.

  43. Just make a game called “Fifa Forever” update it once a year DLC £20 for new kits and updated squad.
    Few tweaks here and there on free updates.

  44. All IGN staff should be made to watch the movie Sour Grapes. EA created the raging elephant in the room and now they are not “brave enough” to confront it. These contortions are a genuine spectacle.

  45. Show us how gameplay is gonna be on pc without hypermotion. I’m definitely not gonna buy FIFA 22. FIFA 22 without hypermotion is just FIFA 21. Pointless upgrade.

  46. WHY DON’T WE ALL just stop buying it then EA will have no choice but to change it. This all started when they introduced FUT all there bothered about is losing customers buying packs they don’t wanna disturb gameplay to much and put off there already have costumers. “BOYCOT” BOYCOT” BOYCOT” “BOYCOT”


  48. The game feels wildly different than last year, the meta is completely different but also everyone is saying the PS4 version is better than PS5 because hypermotion slows the game down lol

  49. Hyper motion this… hyper motion that…
    DUDE if it’s such big deal then there should be no need for you to talk it up, we should just be able to see the difference it makes OUR SELF.

    Man I’m so done with EA’s marketing

  50. 0 mention how greedy EA is by not supporting PC with the next-gen version? what if some PC player bought the game according to your review?

  51. They are just zo lazy like give us some more option for instance that we can decorate our own stadion or shirts ect come on EA

  52. For a supposed next gen step in a series it’s beyond disappointing
    No dynamic weather or new ideas
    Menus still even the same
    Sigh – buys and plays a career mode

  53. The only reason people buy this every year is because their friends buy it and they want to play online with them. If everyone could just agree to stick with last years the world would be a better place and ea might actually make some substantial changes

  54. But like… for real… who is buying FIFA games? I’ve never gone to a friend’s house and seen a FIFA game on the shelf. What is happening?

  55. Is that in game video you were provided with? Either way, strange to demo a football match in snow and playing with a white football – so you can’t see it

  56. All you ‘gamers’ hating on fifa and people who play fifa and chatting about how all your indie games are so much better. Piss off no one asked go away from fifa YouTube, we enjoy the game and for our 60 dollars we literally get a years worth of gaming out of it so

  57. You guys are a bunch children the game has drastically improved with many new updates to our favourite modes and you all are still complaining, some of you haven’t even played the game and your judging it, I’ve seen more people that I’ve actually played the game say the gameplays much better, at this point nothing will make you kids happy go play efootball and don’t buy fifa simple

  58. Ngl fifa 21 was a complete disaster, but these Volta arcade minigames look really fun!
    Rest looks mediocre (better than fifa 21, but still not world class)

  59. It’s the same thing every year we’ve known that for years now. But I’ve never seen anyone here on YouTube give constructive feedback on the game. Also, actual football is the same thing every year so why would FIFA 22 be any different than previous editions?

  60. “…goal keeping blunders and visual inconsistencies aside…”? Is this not a football simulator game review? For that reason it should get 0/10

  61. @ign people have been complaining how bad hypermotion is… how it breaks gameplay… streamers have shifted to last gen … who is reviewing this and why aren’t hey doing their jobs right?

    Also, sancho and grealish are slow in the game … you mention them because they were big transfers and want to create buzz

  62. Idk what you guys want tbh. This is a football game it can’t really change all that much without becoming a different sport. The gameplay this year for once is actually enjoyable and they’ve made clear attempts at modes other than ultimate team. Taking shots at ea and fifa is easy and regardless of the game they put out y’all will complain.

    • have you actually played 22? or did you quit fifa after fifa 19 because it was the same game every year, and just assumed fifa 22 is also the same without even bothering to check out the gameplay and notice that they’ve actually made notable changes for once.

  63. Still the same garbage shot system. Lame timed finishing and set piece mechanics.
    Recycled commentary since 2013.
    And let’s not get into the lack of support and creativity with any mode that is not FUT.

  64. Waiting for black Friday or till it’s free on EA Access, by then TOTS are usually around and the UT market crashes a bit; it can for sure save you some money and stress.

  65. Man, I’ve been waiting to buy a new fifa game since 2019 but to be honest, this doesn’t feel fresh enough to justify the price. I’ll be waiting for fifa 23 instead.

  66. This game should be getting 5/10 or below every year. The fact that they even made the PS5 and Xbox series X graphics better than the PC intentionally is inexcusable.

  67. I…N…C…R…E…M…E…N…T…A…L…! They’ll reach FIFA 50 and we’ll still not have a proper football simulation from them. Only the yearly repackaging of the same drab experience – topped with innovation in ONLY one area: their way to milk us even more. They’ll go beyond micro-transactions and loot boxes. That’s the ONLY innovation we’ll ever see. But – the FIFA fanbase isn’t giving up or stopping buying this thing. They like the mandatory squad updates. The new number on the box. The change in UI design (mostly only in colour)…and whatever ‘new’ tech they have designed and its name that’ll goad the FIFA faithful to get their latest ‘update’.

  68. lol why are the kids complaining about sports games, it’s the same because it’s a sport game, you won’t see FIFA with NBA gameplay. “OMG same game every year, same gameplay, my favourite game didn’t get 7”-🤓

  69. If it’s the same game at least 80% why should we play full price each year … Wouldn’t make sense like a $25 yearly subscription for upgrades… ???

  70. Fifa used to be just a crappy football game back in the day. PES was just decent and ran all over it. Then on PS3 is when PES went downhill and Fifa casual trend was born, same time the CoD trend. Both same.

  71. Played the trial for 1 quick game. Same game, different number & a new coat of paint with brighter graphics. Back to FIFA street 2 I go.

  72. No mention of the PC users getting shafted again for some silly excuse from EA.

    F22 is F21 on PC

    Irrespective of all that, this is a title (just like Madden) that is long overdue been a F2P title due to the amount of microtransactions & very little innovation year on year.

    EA likely make just as much money each year, if not more…..but there is absolutely no way this should be a premium priced title.

  73. You say its the same game but then go onto list loads of new stuff ? Where u expecting fifa to be a first person shooter this year ?

  74. The control the players had over the ball impressed me. Even if you cross the ball on the other side of the pitch the players chest it and control it

  75. Very crappy game not playable defense has been made so hard that you can’t get around it no matter what kind of skill set you have you still will not be able to get around the fence so very unplayable game and crappy so don’t waste your money

  76. Everyone pointing out that ign gave it 7/10 while saying “it’s feels like the same game” is very dumb!! They don’t give ratings to the UPDATES game makes they give it to the whole game in general get that through y’all thick heads!

  77. All right. That’s it. That means I’ll only get NBA2K22 and Madden NFL 22 for this year. Heartbreaking to see this because FIFA is my favorite of all 3. I’ve been buying ever since FIFA 99. 😂🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  78. If you’re a casual player like me, this game is perfect. Every now and then I’ll get together with the guys and we’ll play against eachother or if I’m alone I’ll just play seasons. The graphics are better , player movements are better, camera angles are different. This game is a masterpiece.

  79. Nothing has changed, passing is still bad, defenders stare as the player with the ball and let him just walk by because fifa thinks it’s more exciting to go back and forth with goals instead of letting the better player win

  80. People who complain about football game’s(PES or FIFA) gameplay every year when they get slower… are usually Americans who don’t watch football,and expect to score 10 goals a match.
    Do you know how intense a game feels if it ends 1-0?

  81. Scripted? Yes
    Same gameplay as before? Yes
    Icons that you can’t buy? Yes
    Will you feel injusticide? Yes
    Buy fifa points or have a crap team? Yes
    Same as the years before ? Yes
    Its fifa? Yes there is no doubt

  82. Everyone hating doesn’t really play fifa. Sure they had small incremental changes, but they are always crucial enough where every fifa player Ik get the newer game because they get tired of the older mechanics.

    Actually play the game and leave these comments. Just cause you play games, don’t make you an expert on all of it.

  83. Just dont buy them every year. Buy one and wait until 3/4 releases or at least where there is enough improvement on the game. I’m still stuck with my fifa 19 and honestly still kinda enjoying it.