FIFA Mobile 20 April Fools Day Picnic Party! How to Unlock the Players

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FIFA Mobile 20 April Fools Day Picnic Party! How to Unlock the Players

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119 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile 20 April Fools Day Picnic Party! How to Unlock the Players”

  1. Wait, so this was for April’s Fool’s??? Btw, can I have an F for my luck, I just opened 4 elite packs and I got: Illaremendi (80), Lingard (also 80), Paullista (also 80), Ander Herrera (and guess what, he’s 80). Heh.

  2. the only problem is i cant exactly use Nacho as potm Ramos and icon Cannavaro are a better card. also the RB is taken by Cuadrado and lb might be taken by easter or tots Marcelo

  3. Who are the Irish league players? I can’t find any of them I need to complete the icons please help and make the next video on this

  4. Hey man why didn’t I get totw tokens after I finished in top10 of the division rivals tommorow???

    Love ur videos

  5. Got POTM no one is buying… worth 3M rn…
    Got George Best from the Starpass icons, it’s just like the Prime Icon 🤩🤩
    The Sprint, acceleration and finesse shots are just absurd 🤪🤪

  6. Guys I have a question do icon points stay for the next group of icon players if I didn’t spend them or they are refreshed back to zero?

  7. Ребят, у меня на канале вышло видео,что можно получить в новом событии Пикник Пати В Фифа Мобайл без доната.
    Видео на канале.

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