Fifa Mobile 20 – Incredible Full Animated BRAZIL team! Best & Most Expensive Brazil players!

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Fifa Mobile 20 – Incredible Full Animated BRAZIL team! Best & Most Expensive Brazil players!

Instead of building 1 Full BRAZIL Team I am gonna build 3 Diffrend full Brazil squads. In this video, we are gonna find the best and most expensive players from Brazil and we are gonna build the best Brazil squad in fifa mobile 20.
Welcome to another squad building change video. This time we have full Brazil squad. Its gonna be another Insane squad building change. Brazil has some very good and expensive players in fifa mobile 20. Our job is to find the best and most expensive players from Brazil and put them in 1 team.
This is gonna be a little bit different squad building. Its gonna be even more extreme because we are gonna build 3 EPIC Brazil teams.
We set up formation for our first full Brazil team. In this one, we are going with TOTY Neymar. I am gonna explain later why I decide to build 3 Different Brazil teams.
So we went straight to the market because I didn’t have any Brazilian players on my team or on my bench. We are gonna buy them all from the market. And since coins are not my biggest concern in fifa mobile 20, we can afford the highest-rated and most expensive players from Brazil.
And we did exactly that. With one extreme. We bought an Animated version of every Brazilian in fifa mobile 20. Well, that should be costly.
First, we purchase the GK. I decided to go with the best Brazilian Gk in the game. TOTY Allison. After that, I bought 92 RM Rodrigo. Yeah, it’s very old card, but I wanted to see if he is good enough.
After I bought the best Defensive players from Brazil, we faced a problem.
Here is the thing, I think we should go with TOTY Version of Neymar, my coworker said that we should go with POTM Neymar. And that’s why I build 3 different teams. First Full Brazil team is with TOTY Neymar, second full Brazil team is with POTM Neymar and the third full Brazil team in ALL ANIMATED cards from Brazil.
Besides Neymar, we bought some EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE players. Like UCL 98 CDM Casemiro and 97 Animated CAM Coutinho. This is the best and most expensive Brazil squad in fifa mobile 20!
And here are some of my previous Full National squads

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  1. WOW and I prefer the firs squad and btw and make a break down of the golden week event because I am confused on who to get

  2. Dam niceee, hay Rango can you help with the best and cheapest way to pass the nations sbc please, love the video

  3. I would really appreciate if u review my team and suggest some changes… i dont have a social media acc.. I AM PURE F2P
    My username : SUSHIL
    ovr : 123

  4. Hey man I loved when u did H2H and VSA and Other things
    But Now I feel u r just boasting bout the kind of money
    If u have so much money then please do reviews on the icons
    Or tell us some worthy investments

  5. I Loved this Ep man, i liked the “Bem Vindo de volta Caras” really much Brazillian, congrats for the work man, U re the BEST. Vai Brasil 🇧🇷🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  6. Rango: Howard is more expensive than Allison…
    Allison: EA i’m a joke for you?
    Rango: No you are a joke for me Allison…
    Me: Trying to understand how rango have 400 mil gold!

  7. Without the Dani Alves- The Captain of Brazil National Team,these Brazil 🇧🇷 lineups are incomplete
    (Yaa I know,he is not in the game,but still, without him,it feels a bit incomplete)

  8. How can an f2p have more than 400 million coins? Even for investments you require a good sum of money. I don’t think this is your account. Please give us some coin making tips

  9. 3 FULL TEAMS, WHO THINKS OF THIS, U ARE A TRUE LEGEND AND A TRUE LEGEND FOR RESPECTING UR CO-WORKER’S IDEA. See Thats why i like u rango, so considerate of others

  10. Hey guys I have 16 millions, how can I double it? And am in search in a league with a position within 3000. Username: LeFernandez
    OVR: 117/210

  11. how do you have so much money
    i like that he says the 98 cdm is expensive but he has 400mil coins
    btw in this ep u spnet more money than my squad value is

  12. You’re telling yourself as f2p player.
    What do you mean by f2p?
    Spending lots and lots of fifa points ? and spending lots of coins in exchange of real cash?
    What the f**k is this?

    You are phenomenal
    You are brave
    You are intelligent
    You are smart
    You are f2p GOD

    btw you are my favourite
    Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  14. Im gonna grind for gabriel because I already have mendy and ill get sakai, bennacer, lb 92, and hierro

  15. You just come out with the best content man. Great work bro love your vids and again love from Romania🇷🇴🇷🇴

  16. Can I talk to you?I sold my whole team to have coins for the icon resets,my team ovr went from 107 down to 94.Was it a good idea to sell my team for the icon sbc refresh?I got a few players from the money I got by selling my team:Nacho F. ,Lasagna and Guedes,my dream team looks like this:Donnarumma,Davies,Nacho,Ramos,Trimmel,Guedes,Serdar,Demirbay,Sabitzer,Rebic,Lasagna.Does anyone have suggestions?

  17. Does someone know if 93 Mendy (from the new event) is a good goalkeeper? His stats look great, but he has low jumping stats. So I don’t know if he is better than Courtois

  18. Bro can u make another channel on which players to invest in every week or u can do it on this channel only, it will be really helpful for f2p players, nice vid btw🔥🔥❤️❤️👍

  19. These vids r cool and stuff, but there’s isn’t rlly a point to it. U already have an epic team, so there’s no way you’ll use these dudes. Pls go back to the old content. Not just flex all ur money.


  20. Mendy is actually good height 1,97 and sadly he doesnt has number 1 skill boost but reflexe is meh
    Test him on the next vid!

  21. Every video of his rango is like “oh wow look at me I can buy anything I want because I have a hack and pretend I’m really cool”

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