Fifa Mobile 20 Insane Team Upgrade! Road to 125 l Episode 3 – Last episode! Golden ticket hunt!

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Fifa Mobile 20 Insane Team Upgrade! Road to 125 l Episode 3 – Last episode! Golden ticket hunt!

This is the last team upgrade video in Road to 125 ovr! In this huge team upgrade, I am gonna upgrade some players to 101 ovr. This is gonna be a huge team upgrade and I am gonna spend a lot of coins.
First, we went and put 96 Nacho on our main team. This is just a temporary solution.
Nacho cost me around 15M coins just to upgrade him from 96 to 99 ovr. I bought some master players for Xp and it was time to upgrade my team.
After I upgraded Nacho to 99 ovr, It was time to upgrade the other CB. POTM Ramos is my second CB and he is one of the best CB in the game. I made him 101 ovr and that’s the maximum I can upgrade him, for now.
I am done with upgrading my defenders for now. I went and upgrade my skill boosts. These are expensive as well. I spend around 10 M coins on upgrading skill boosts. So far I spent 25M COINS and I am still 123 ovr.
For my last upgrade, I chose 98 LM SBC Master Sancho. I upgrade him from 98 to 99 ovr. That’s a very small upgrade, but it’s very expensive at the same time. After I upgraded Sancho to 99 OVR, I hit 124 ovr. That’s not that great, to be honest. Like the title says this I am gonna upgrade my team to 125 ovr. Upgrading my team to 125 ovr in fifa mobile 20 is not that great achievement, but for a f2p player that’s pretty good.
I was aiming for 125 ovr team, so it was time to make some rank ups.
I rank up Prime Icon Zidane, and 4 more other players. Including my Gk. At the end we end up with 35M spent and 125 ovr in fifa mobile 20. But I have one insane surprise at the end of the video.
For those who missed the previous episodes here is a shortcut

Road to 125 – Episode 1

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Back to this video. I also went and try my luck on the golden ticket. Did we manage to get a golden ticket?
As you all know, I went for the blue Eggs, and I manage to claim 98 CB Rudiger. I ‘ve heard that he is one of the best CB in the game.

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363 thoughts on “Fifa Mobile 20 Insane Team Upgrade! Road to 125 l Episode 3 – Last episode! Golden ticket hunt!”

    • ANWESH MISHRA yes thats true but he shouldn’t use the Fifa points like he has done just leave them as it’s pretty pointless saying your free to play and spending Fifa points

    • @Patrick Mohan he has it, he can do whatever he wants with it. It’s his account. There is no point keeping it. You get gems from everywhere in quests and VIP doesn’t mean you aren’t f2p if you spend it. It’s in game for a reason to spend. It’s up to you if you don’t. You can’t blame someone for spending it. That’s really some literate idiot comments

    • ANWESH MISHRA yes bit he’s meant to be free to play and he didn’t even have those Fifa points from FIFA mobile 18 he purchased them🤦‍♂️

    • @Patrick Mohan he did have FIFA points from FIFA 18 he shown in many videos before. Anyways I am done explaining it . No matter what there will be people who won’t believe it.

  1. Nice video 😎😎 and I’m getting to 108 OVR this night and good luck everyone and let’s be prepared for Team Of The Season

  2. I like you’re team but please change KDB, there are so many CM you could have that are a lot better then KDB
    ( but anyway it’s youre team

  3. U are the greatest f2p player i have ever seen in my life. Keep it up man. love from Romanian 🇷🇴 show EA that we dont need to pay for their game!

    • There is no tricks, just don’t use any gems in any event whatsoever possible and save it. You will get from VIP. You get over 1000 per week by completing quests. Think how much you will save if you don’t spend any

  4. Bro Why don’t you do an episode about how to make money because I’m broke I got stuck at 114 with the team and that’s because I don’t know what to invest in. Please quickly make a video about the investment

  5. I have a doubt. Is the market actually down right now? You have 98,96 players below 6 million. At the same time, there are no Elite players under 250K

    • 98 players are from Easter event. It will rise after the event. If you are thinking of selling some. Or buy some as investment

  6. U cant make it to 135 ovr tho, the highest f2p ovr is 131, how r u gonna max all ur Sb? Its too hard m8, but gl

  7. Well done man u truly are amazing.I have a team 122/240 what do u think about my progress btw i made coins with the icons refresh thanks to ur advices always 😁😀

  8. That’s nice team upgrade man, I’m at 119 for me, road to 120 ovr ha ha. But yesterday u had 129 ovr now 125 ?????? I saw ibrahimovic too in that lineup

  9. Wow great video rango, love all your video. Btw what your opinion about the icon hierro? Should i get him and replace with cannavaro?

  10. I have asked you in previous videos as well how to make coins? I am in need of coins badly so man plz help me…

  11. first I liked this guy, but now its all ‘we are spending lots of coins’ ‘we are gonna conquer fifa mobile’ ‘its all f2p!!’

  12. Any thoughts on Hagi and Hierro? This 2 are icon versions of Zidane (i think is The best cam icon card after kaka, but Hagi has counter as Zidane) and Hierro with Holding is a great icon cb before we get Canavarro.

  13. I find a cool trick.if you save your choice point in the 88 ovr players you will get 2 92 ovr players.I use this trick and it worked.

  14. Rango announces rd to 135
    Me: 🤯
    Also me: I feel sad now cos my team is 114 210 Chem, but rango is just insane

  15. Rango I follow all your stap for market tips and triks but when I bay player for SBC price onli go down(I am fast when bay player),pls halp.
    BTW you are the best f2p player, you deserv more subcribers.

  16. rango I need help with the coins can you help? And you are the best free to play player in the game. And If you want can you send some players to the JFL43 league, please. thank.

    • I think 131 is max for f2p, And we are gonna try to reach that. Don’t get misled by some kids with 90 ovr team. Everything is possible if you play smart 😉

  17. What about us who can’t be at reset time. I wanna make millions bro. Consider my request. Struggling for coins bro . Pls reply.

    • RanGo FIFA Mobile EXPERT i watched to end to see surprise you said it would be insane i commented this before seeing the whole video im ur fan,you said it would be a surprise so then i commented

    • f2p means free to play – Players who don’t spend real money, like me
      And then there are p2p and p2w player those are spending real money

  18. I have a better idea. Some of us should give you our account information and spend a day on it and then we log back in and see the progress you done on our account

  19. Hey man i need your help i have the same team as you but u dont have zidane and i have martial as St … which cam should i use pleaseee

  20. Yo RanGO Great Video Btw! I have a question tho. How the heck do you get to VIP 12, bc im f2p and i really need that 5% market tax gone and I also need the 5,000 rep so do you have any tips on getting to VIP 12 F2P faster.

    • @RanGo FIFA Mobile EXPERT wait no wtf, cant you also get more from doing your daily quests, Im already in a league but i never play my matches idk why i dont tho. But i will start playing my matches. Is it easy to get VIP points fast so that i can get to VIP 12 faster

  21. I am really surprised that you are 125 F2P and that is awesome. But your team is not that great. I am F2P too and I am 115 and I have better players than you, but lower OVR. I don’t want to insult you, but it’s just that you can do better. First: De Bruyne is very weak, Savanier is way better and will link up with Neymar. Second: Henry is ver weak. Rebic will ruin a bit your chemistry, but he is waaay better. Third: Donnaruma is better than Courtois and if your chemiatry stay up after the changes I told you, it will be a really good upgrade. Keep up with the good content and reply me what you think. I also made my team by watching your videos and my team is the same as yours, but wirh the changes I told you (I don’t have Zidane and Sancho, but Angelino and Rui Costa will do the job till TOTS 😅😅😅)

  22. Rango can you please do a ‘cheapest way to get sancho’ guide. It would really help me and probably a lot of other people👍

    Great vid and you are easily the best f2p fifa mobile player

    • @Ironic 479 there isn’t really, you need to find what’s going on in the market now and which players can be used that’s cheaper. But I think it’s safe to say you can use Rango’s SBC till sbc number 5 for Sancho. For 6 and 7 you need masters and right now there are lots of em in the market to choose

  23. rango, i really like your video! you should put 98 rebic instead of henry, cause he’s better and he has second striker sb

    • O tanks for reminding me bro. 😅 Because I sold Stark for 14M and Nacho is like 2M. I am gonna get Nesta so I don’t want to waste my xp training Stark. He is just too valuable 😃

  24. Rango pls tel them the true you are not f2p player you now search onel mobile or stopde they spend f money on fifa mobile you can rich 134 but if you rich then you not f2p
    Say you are liar i wanna hear that plss🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Wow bro crazy road to 135
    Remember don’t push yourself, just do your best
    Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺
    And remember just don’t let the bullshit haters get u down.

  26. bro maldini is trash just compare maldini and hierro stats and hierro has holding as sb if u do it then pls give me a shotout

  27. Okay…I am not a hater….but I am super super super super jealous of u…damn….holy hell…like that amount of coins thouh….damn damn….I am so jealous of u….u have all my respect

  28. Rango: my team have 125 ovr
    Me: :-[
    Rango:road to 130 ovr
    Me: *gasping for air*
    Rango: this is f2p
    Me: trying to survive as f2p player with only 1mil gold:)

  29. You’re team is not so good, take neymar, de bruyne and Henry off. You probably think that people play as good in the game as they play in real life so stop thinking that and take all of these off and probably change the formation. You have somehow reached 125 ovr with this team😂

  30. Rango literally likes the comments that are in his favour, he doesn’t like the comments for suggestions or normal comments. So bruh, that tells it he is lying and we are not jealous, we are telling that he is not f2p and is lying so plz domt fall for it

  31. Hey rango,I tried everything you told yet still I am not able to make money
    Can you please help me
    It’s a very very deeply humble request

  32. Brother! you are the best trading in the whole fifa I would like to speak to you for a private, you have WhatsApp

  33. I think the requirements for icon sbc are repeating….coz last time first week also there were same requirements as this month first week…..if so we can stock the required players before the reset and sell them after reset…by this we can make a lot of coins…..pls reply

  34. rango plz make a video about increasing ovr and coins this is not the time to make squads tots is coming just a small request from myself and i think lots of want that GOD OF FIFA plzzzzzzzzz…..

  35. RanGo i am a fan of you……….but i am having a lot of trouble making coins 2 weeks before i tried your money making method with icons but i endup buying 80ovr players, i know that’s my mistake but after the start of this month icons i tried buying 70ovr players from domino’s ligue 2 and after some time i tried to sold them but the price was the same please let us know a full explaination of which league to go for and at what time to sell and i have also seen that the requirements are the same as previous month so if u find it something to make a dedicated video of this please do it a little fast before the next week refresh…….that will be really helpful….thank you.

  36. Awesome video bro, I am your daily viewer, but this is the first time I am commenting, keep up the good work 🔥

  37. I saw that you want to change some players change them but please dont change formation because i uze the same and i waht to make the same team as u

  38. Here’s an advice..
    Get UCL 93 Rakitic better than KDB to be honest as he (Rakitic) is faster than KDB and better defensively
    + Box to box as the roulette doesn’t stun defenders as it used to…

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