Fifa Mobile 20 l Full Serbia Team l Highest rated and Most EXPENSIVE players from Serbia ✔

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Fifa Mobile 20 l Full Serbia Team l Highest rated and Most EXPENSIVE players from Serbia ✔

Today we are building Full Serbia team in fifa mobile 20! This is a surprise for my coworker. This is the best and most expensive Serbia squad in fifa mobile.
We did it again. We found the best and most expensive players from Serbia and we put them in full Serbia squad. I spent around 30M Coins to upgrade this team in fifa mobile 20. It wasn’t that expensive if you compare this to:

Full USA team


Full Brazil team

but it was a lot of fun building this full Serbia team and I think my coworker will like this. I wanted to thank him and I think this is a good idea.
We trained GK Savic to 101 ovr and he was the only player from Serbia in my team. That means we have to buy the rest of the players from the market.
We went to the market and we bought the best players in fifa mobile 20 – From Serbia, of course. We found some expensive players like Luka Jović and Animated Milivojević. All the elite players that I bought were animated. So its basically a full Animated Serbia team. I bought all Animated versions of players, but there were some basic players so It not all animated Full Serbia team. But I have 7 animated players and I think they look absolutely amazing.
After I bought all the best and most expensive players from Serbia It was time for team upgrade. I train all gold players to elite. I manage to get 112 ovr with full Serbia team. Its a really nice team and we had to test them. I wanted to play H2H, but POTM is coming so I went with VSA Match instead. This was nice preparation for POTM Tournament. I showed you how you can win in VSA against high rated opponents. We played against an opponent who had 9 ovr advantages. That’s a HUGE advantage but with my tips, we manage to win.
I also build:

Full India team


Full Romania team

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  1. RanGo I started my FIFA Mobile channel. I’ve done a vid this morning and hope everyone has a good day and full Belgium Squad please 😛

  2. Can u tell me that how to hige amount as i need for upgradeing my team for potm .But I am just having 1 billion plz help Rango

    • 1)First of all upgrade all your skillboost… NEVER train your players except untradables and try to buy high rated players cheaply
      2)Try to grind events to the fullest
      3)Try to watch many investment videos and learn over time about the market
      Hope this helps…

    • I have upgraded my skill boost to highest .But main problem is that all my players are having different skill boost .If anyone can give his email so that i can send my team and help me to know which player to remove .plz if anyone can plz help your brother.

  3. Guys comment and like down below in ways i can save up to get haaland.I desperately need him and it would men a lot i one of your ideas really helped me.
    Btw nice vid been here since you were t 900 subs Please i really need your help

  4. Which teams are cheaper to complete the last 2 Sancho SBCs ?
    Is it possible to complete the last 2 Sancho SBCs under 15m?

    • Yes Sancho can be completed under 15 million in the current market
      For cheap solutions watch MHS FIFA MOBILE’S solutions

    • @Tanusree Dey Thanks bro👍😍
      But bro,I forgot to say that I will be able to get 15m within the end of June only or after June
      Do you think still I will be able to complete the last 2 sbcs under 15m ?

    • @The Indian Barcelona Fan Yes because during that time TOTSSF will be going on and the market will be crashed…Might even be able to do it under 10 million if you are lucky

  5. Please please build an Australia Squad! It will be a really interesting team! Amazing videos! You are the best f2p player out there!

  6. Fuck you man you piece of shit i live in kosovo you could have legit chose hundreds of other countrys but you chose are enemy that killed our people ripped them in half they killed around 1 milion people in our small country

  7. Pls Rango can you make an Italy team please? Those series are amazing, only you can surprise us❤.

  8. Rango please could you help me to get coins my investments don’t work and I need a lot of coins to upgrade skill boosts

  9. Another tip for the potm tournament is using finesse shots in good chances, with great chances just bang it into the net mug with good chances do wat rango did and use finesse shots. It works against literally every goalie

  10. We gotta get a full England squad soon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  11. Build a full Netherlands squid but please leave the music everyone will cringe. Thx for picking our captain Dusan

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    This is true:)))

  13. Don’t call them a coworker at least they’re helping you call them as your friend I’m not rude just an advice

  14. I am from India but you have built that team already. Now will you make your own Nation team.Another thing when will you review team and tell me where I should send my team

  15. Can you do a full Albania team🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  16. How to prepare for please.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  17. In 0:24 we see rango’s 133ovr amazing team . We are expecting this video a lot

  18. Im really bad at understanfing thr market but u make me play the game more then i normally would thx keep up the Work and btw germany or egypt would be cool🔥

  19. To bre hvala puno pa ja ne znam na koji video nisam komentarisao hvala goranu koji je bio sponzor ovoga i gorana koji je napravio ovaj tim😃😄

  20. Do a full Former Jugoslavia team
    Uradi sve drzave koje su prije bile u Jugoslaviji i onda sastabi najbolji tim od tih drzava ako si me shvatio hahah

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