Fifa Mobile 20 l We’ve got PRIME Icon NESTA! Road to Nesta l The Fastest way – Episode 2

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Fifa Mobile 20 l We’ve got PRIME Icon NESTA! Road to Nesta l The Fastest way – Episode 2

The first free to play player who got Prime Icon NESTA in Fifa Mobile 20! We did it! Today we are claiming Prime Icon Nesta!
In today’s video, we are doing something out of this world. This is the fastest way to Prime Icon Nesta! And we did this in record time!
We ‘ve got Prime Icon Nesta 100% for free and the fastest possible way. It was extremely costly. Full Icon squad cost me at least 100 M coins.
Let go step by step. This is absolutely the fastest way to get prime Icon Nesta. Fifa Mobile 20 gives a huge advantage to P2W players, but we are gonna prove that we can be competitive as a F2P. And in today’s video, we did it! We ‘ve got prime Icon Nesta 100% for free and maybe even a lot faster than some P2W Players.
How you can get Nesta in fifa mobile 20? If you want the fastest way than this is the right series for you. In case you missed the first episode click here

Road to Nesta The Fastest way l Episode 1

If you have a lot of coins in fifa mobile 20 then this is the best way for you. Getting Prime Icon Nesta is not gonna be a problem for you. You just need to get the lowest rated Icons.
That’s exactly what I ‘ve done. I claimed the lowest-rated Icons and train them to 93 ovr. This is extremely expensive and its gonna cost you at least 100M coins, but you will get Prime Icon Nesta very fast.
That’s how we started, in the first episode, we got 8 Icons, and now we went and pick up 3 more Icons.
After having full Icon squad in fifa mobile 20 it was upgrade time. We went and upgrade all 11 Icons to 93 ovr. I used Masters as XP and this is definitely the fastest and most expensive way. We upgrade all our Icon to 93 ovr and all was set for claming Prime Icon Nesta. We throw full Icon squad in Prime Icon Nesta and we claimed him!
We actually got Prime Icon Nesta! I can’t believe that I amthe first f2p player who got him!
Full Icon squad was extremely beautiful, but was it better than:

Full India team

Full Romania team

Full USA team – I really like that squad

Full Brazil team

Let me know which squad is your favorite, and make sure you are subscribed because there is gonna be more full National teams in the future.
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  1. I wake up, see rango, well boys, my morning is covered. I can’t say how happy I am for this THANK UUUUUUU

  2. Why you are making all f2p fool, nesta is rare for f2p. So please stop Beafooling us. And do you think every f2p will have over 100 mili coins.

  3. No its not worth because we do the impossible to get one and then EA said you have to claim 11 icons to one prime icon

  4. No ur not the first f2p player who claimed him….my friend got him many week ago full f2p….but nice video….

  5. You are the best, thanks to you I was able to get prime icon Nesta without spending any money. Love 😍 from Germany

    • Hey I just made a Market and Coin Making Video, So it would be great if you checked it out once
      And congrats by the way

    • @FIFA DIARIES just checked ur video..i already bought so many 74 ovr Midfielder players for less than 1980 coins..beacuse there are so many Midfielder icons..but before star pass, 90+ Midfielder was not available under 1million i used 74 ovr players as a XP which was 990 worth XP,which gives me less than 2:1 ratio per coins….u can join our league,if u want

  6. Ur not the first f2p to get him, there was couple of other people who got him earlier than u in the h2h leaderboards

    • @UCtqgTkJILDOkWjKKiumZ32Q agree with you..if u have even cannavaro in ur line up..u are not F2P

    • @Đỗ Nguyễn Hiền Thảo ryt now..just 124 ovr..lost so much coins & XPs on Nesta..also not updraging my team from so long.. because i was keeping coins & XPs for Nesta

    • @Gourav Sharma Oh due to the free star pass issue nearly half of the server, maybe quarter of it, got Cannavaro for free, basically i heard that there was people who spended gems on Best to unlock it earlier, Also Buying sp is considered as p2w then we dont need to count Best for now, but cannavaro is something we have to agree about, but i respect ur opinion

    • @Efe Mert Balkanli if people get free star pass last month,then also they can get only 480 points (300 free + 180 from star pass)..only if they had spend gems,then only they can get cannavaro for free

  7. One of The crazyest videos with fifa I’ve Ever Seen, you are making an absolutly beautiful work, love from Romania 🇹🇩

  8. Rango how do you have these many coins. I can’t even get the half of half of that. If you are a true F2P , you must also teach us to make coins. Not only via investments ( Even for investing like you we will need more than 10 million coins)

    • That trick he will never gonna tell you, mostly he can make some irrelevant videos with 3 months back investment & tell you people road to 500 million coins.

      If he is an F2P and can earn these many coins, then so can others. If he is true, then he will surely help us out.

    • @IAm Me he is just using us to make profit, as soon as the last video about icons refresh dropped, it certainly killed a lot of profits for us due to that particular method , everyone in his community started investing on those players which make market rise even before icons reset, & just after reset the price varies between 50-70k max profit per card, & due to high investment ratio people are just trying to sell all their investments as soon as possible making market saturated, & boom the profit is converted into loss, just after 15 minutes of refresh all players gonna go down 5-10k below the price they had just after reset.

    • @CHIRANTAN SENGUPTA I am an F2p.I have never had a single FIFA point. My ovr is 118 . My coins are always below 10 million. I just play events and win what I deserve. I never invested in anyone till now.

  9. Maldini, hagi, schmeichel, nedved, hierro, shevchenko are my favourite ones from this set of icons reset

    • Hey,, I just made a Market and Coin Making Video, so it would be great if you atleast checked it out once…. And yeah totally agree with u

  10. Hey,, I just made a Market and Coin Making Video, so it would be great if you atleast checked it out once

  11. It’s not rango ‘s account , it’s his friend who is got 500 million coins due to rango ‘s trick.

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  13. I had 1 ranked base courtois. Now i bought star pass courtois. I am not able to transfer rank from base courtois to star pass courtois. Pls help!!!!!

    • Hey I just made a Market and Coin Making Video, So it would be great if you checked it out once by the way, same question

  14. Hey can anybody tell me that for how much days is this Icons chapter going to stay or is it till the end of Fifa 20

  15. Thanks rango bro for your advice and support for making this kindfull video ⚽⚽⚽💪💪💪🤙🤙🔥🔥

  16. Guys I made a review video of star pass Sane… I am new… can you guys plz give a look to the video I really appreciate

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