Fifa Mobile l INSANE Team Upgrade! Road to 135 OVR – Episode 3

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Fifa Mobile l INSANE Team Upgrade! Road to 135 OVR – Episode 3

Welcome to another team upgrade video in fifa mobile 20. This time we went and replace 1 player.Ž
We bought Top Transfer Bruno Fernandes for 20 M coins and in this team upgrade video we replace POTM Neymar.
This was one of my favorite team upgrades. But before we jump into team upgrade, I want to show you how I ‘ve got all those coins. I manage to get 157M coins in fifa mobile 20 completely f2p. How to make coins in Fifa Mobile 20? Well, you saw what I did in this video.
I started a mini-series – Selling all my (reserve) players. In this video, I made 100M COINS. We started with 48M coins and after selling some of my players we were at 157M coins! As a f2p it’s hard to make coins in fifa mobile 20, but ve did it. I am making a lot of coins with smart investing.
We will come back to that mini-series in some of my next videos. Can we reach 200M COINS in fifa mobile 20? Well, I guess you will find you in my next video.
Back to team upgrade. In this EPIC team upgrade video, I upgraded my team from 131 ovr to 133 ovr. This is the 3rd episode of my series Road to 135 ovr – f2p. This one is probably my favorite so far. There is only 1 reason for that. We finally replace POTM Neymar. I ‘ve got 96 CAM Bruno Fernandes. He is 100 x better than Neymar. Actually he is probably even better than Zidane. We upgrade him to 101 ovr and I manage to hit 132 ovr in fifa mobile 20. But that wasn’t enough. I still had a lot of rank up tokens. I mean shards. So we used those shards to rank up my players and after ranking up 5 players I finally hit 133 ovr. On my way to 133 ovr I upgraded some skill boosts as well. All this happened in this insane team upgrade video. This may not be one of the biggest team upgrades in fifa mobile 20, but it’s definitely one of the best team upgrades in fifa mobile 20. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to show you, my team, after I buy all those TOTS Players.
133 ovr for a free to play player is not bad at all, right? I am pretty happy with that achievement.
If you haven’t seen my previous episodes you definitely need to check them. Some incredible team upgrade videos are wating for you!
Here is a shortcut:

ROAD TO 135 OVR – Episode 1

ROAD TO 135 OVR – Episode 2

At the end of the video, we went and checked the La Liga TOTS Players. They are… Hm pretty bad, I have to say that. Except for Carvajal and Benzema. The rest of TOTS La Liga players are not good at all. I showed you all TOTS La Liga Players and told you which one are the best. Walkthrough all La Liga TOTS Players was the last action of this video.

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  1. RanGo: Makes 150M
    Me: Can’t even make 300k
    11:00 Oh your from Slovenia?
    7:44 nah.. there’s no way.. then all you have grinding for him that will just be wasted so you better not.
    And haven’t you switched to 4-1-2-1-2 yet??

  2. You are the only 130+ with Henry 😂😂


  3. In this La Liga TOTS I’ve taken Ordozolaa . sorry for spelling.
    I have taken him cause I have Rashford , Adama and all of them have LONG SHOT SB avid now I’m gonna buy Bruno.
    Tell me is it worth it to take Ordozolaa?

  4. Heyy I wanted to save money and get bruno in the same formation as you and then Traore in Rm…. is bruno worth it is he the best

  5. 12:00
    “He has a not of special traits”😂😂
    Hope u don’t take it the wrong way rango, we all make mistakes, the most important thing is learning from them 😊😊

  6. Pls anyone tell me that does the price of utoty ronaldo would drop below 30 mil or not he is now worth 35 mil to 50 mil

  7. Bro you can get totssf Casemiro instead of De Bruyne he has better defending and attacking+box to box boost.

  8. That’s good now to invest in players needed in next week in Hazard lineups challenges? In this week 81 ovr players price drop

  9. Messi is ruined with that dribbling boost
    He will be cheap
    But his UTOTTSF will be expensive
    Take my advice and next month you will see😉

  10. Don’t u dare replace Zidane, we worked so hard for him, those who have him. He is good, I think he is the best cam by far

  11. Hi Rango best fm content creator #1🔥🔥
    And btw im tryna build a main team which is good for h2h and vsa and i need a good formation. Any suggestions ?

  12. I got Community Tots Joe Gomez and sold him finally i can Upgrade my Team a bit i sold all now i have over 17 million

  13. Hello RAnGO I think you’re best in fifa 20 mobile.
    I love you’re video and everytime when you public the new video l like it.
    Good bye

  14. Rango I have a question for you!
    I have a 117/190 team and I don’t put any money
    Is it good???
    Love from Greece!!!!
    And rango now with bundesliga tots and of course 102 lewandowski with second striker or finishing you will go for it???

  15. Brat riješio igricu, kad bi samo napravio neki klip o marketu, gdje ono baš objasniš nama kako i šta, da mi jadnici zaradimo nešto😂
    i btw. mogao bi napraviti full holandija ili portugal tim🤷‍♂️❤️

  16. Rango, if Varane is UTOTS, he must have Holding SB. Very nice video bro 👍! Greetings from Spain crack!

  17. pls make a video on 5 things we need in fifa monile:

    fair matchmaking
    position changers
    a way to soort the market

  18. 11:00 nice bro You’re gonna face us in the september 🇽🇰 Love from Kosovo💙. Also: Can you do a Kosovo team?🥺

  19. Hi rango !! I’m your fun ! Little question.. I have 20million to invest.. is Daramy 95 a good opportunity to invest ? Or which other players are good to make money ? Thank you !

  20. Hey Rang,
    If you read this
    Should I keep Icon Hernandez or Get 92 overall Abraham. Or just save my coin for another great stricker from the Premier League

  21. dude if you want to replace nacho get hierro he will still link perfectley to ramos and you can use nacho as xp

  22. If I spend 7500 gems on totssf points and play skill games daily along with ads and coin packs will I be able to get 98 pique and 101 casemiro and 1 more 95+ player?

  23. I made mistake by claiming icons pints and I dont have aspect points will i get my points back after that icon chapter ??

  24. As a f2p he reach 131 ovr and 27000000 chemistry OMG HE IS GOOD ENOUGH

  25. When I see new tots
    In reality oh shit the players I want cannot fit in my Team this is why ea trash this kind of things

  26. Messi might not get a nice SB in UTOTS also coz his UTOTY version already has a attacking boost.
    If it’s a striker then again his LLR version has Second Striker sb
    RONALDO might get a attacking skill boost LW

  27. bro i contacted you via insta and Gmail but you did not replied , i want to talk with you some details , Any other ways to contact you bro , pls tell me . LOVE FROM INDIA………….. waiting for your reply …………………………………….

  28. hi rango:
    CB:Van Dijk
    CM:De Bruyne

  29. Those who use Facebook account to login please can you tell me if your account is working?I need help please

  30. RanGo what league do you think will come up next in the TOTSSF, I really want the Serie A league, I’m bored waiting. LOL

  31. Rango, I have started investing in Totssf and Gtotw players for under 120 k. Is this is a good idea? Will they rise?

  32. Rango i have a question
    I am going for 99 totssf thiago but i have already spent my points on 94 suarez
    Can i still get thiago?

  33. How Trade u players in the market..can u explein me just fast i gonna understand that..? Koji ovr igraca odprilike i koja cjena..that was to me never Clear butt i have 124 250 ovr and 180 mil bankrol just wonna do coins more..its Boring nothing to doo during this tots eavent? Ajde brate molim te na brzinu..Profi jesam al ti sigurno imas neki tip kako jos podebljat coins.. pozzz broo from neighbor 🇭🇷🇸🇮🥰

  34. Ramos Is Also Great With Marking Boost…
    If U Gpuys Wanna Know How Good He Is, Checkout My Channel,
    I Did A Review On Him..
    Hope U Guys Like It….
    And RanGo Keep Making This Awesome Content

  35. Is high/high work rate for RB/LB good? I have Robertson in LB. But most of the time he stays in the opponents’ half😅

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