First Walkout in FIFA Mobile 22 Beta! Every New Feature in FIFA Mobile Beta, New Walkout Animation!!

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First Walkout in FIFA Mobile 22 Beta! Every New Feature in FIFA Mobile Beta, New Walkout Animation!!


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222 thoughts on “First Walkout in FIFA Mobile 22 Beta! Every New Feature in FIFA Mobile Beta, New Walkout Animation!!”

    • Same here man I was frustrated because they were not upgrading anything seriously and left it 2 months ago but this makes me feel like they are trying to do what they didn’t for the last 3 years and man it looks great I just want that there should be more interactive celebrations like pes so it will look more realistic but they have done good job anyway

    • @Abhishek Rao This FM is basically a copy of what Japanese/Korean and Chinese version have done for like more than a year, so nothing special.

      Still glad that they step up tho.

    • @Anas mallick go to fut dinhos channel and watch his latest vid in that video description there will be the link to fifa 22 beta so u can download there hope this helps u!

  1. After downloading it will the fm 21 be over ?? Means now we are in middle of fall festival so when we download it will it be over and everything starts form first?? Am really confused on this so am thinking thay should I download it or not

    • @Sambuddha Saha Yes my friend is it your first season. Yes entire game resets and on the basis of previous seasons progress you will be offered a starter pack.

    • @Sambuddha Saha Starter pack includes Few Players (bronze, silver, Gold and epic). So always try to end t season with more OVR and chemistry and you will get better pack when new season starts. I am at 201 OVR with 540 Chemistry so I will increase it more. I am hopeful to get a better starter pack when new season kick start

  2. So on downloading the beta version, would it be possible to go back to the current progress in the fifa mobile in the ongoing season or does it appear as an entire different icon?

  3. Just so you know, this is practically a copy paste of the chinese version of fifa mobile. I don’t know which devs made it first but all of thede features are almost or are completely the same.

  4. From the perspective of doing a global version without Nexon’s FIFA mobile in Korea, 
    I’m worried that it’s a replica of Tencent’s FIFA Mobile.

  5. wtf is happening, I guess the extra time was worth it, but I think it should be a bit more modernized, bcoz a lot of the designs look like fifa 19

  6. One question tho if we start playing the beta version today will we lose our progress after the game officially releases ? Please somebody reply

  7. if it has only 2 skills per player and the stat cap of player is 140 instead of 99 then its gonna rot with time they should consider removing player training and skill boosters and use chem styles like FUT

  8. Hey stopode this new version is so cool! It’s unexplainable will these new features be the same for iOS and when wil the iOS version come out if you know thanks I love your vids and I’m subscribe right now!

  9. I always wanted to be able to see stats for my Ultimate team. Like top goal scorer and whatnot. Will we EVER get something like that 🙂 Update looks lit nonetheless.

  10. all The “new” features have already appeared in fifa mobile in China,Korea and Japan version for a very long time already. It is good to see fifa mobile international version also got these features finally!

  11. It feels smooth…
    Beta version feels lit 🔥
    Stop de’s excitement shows it…
    Eagerly waiting for FIFA mobile 22 🔥💥⚽🤯

  12. Honestly is never the best policy……🤣🤣🤣
    Proof:-i installed the game….and being honest,I gave my correct age that is 15……..
    Then it is showing that the game is not for u…..then I again had to reinstall and gave the age of 30🤣🤣🤣

  13. Dude you hardly explained anything like when it’s going to come out will we get to keep our coins or gems all you did was go on like a 5 year old when you scored a gool wtf

  14. This takes me back to the Ultimate team days.
    This looks so much fun.
    I love the walk out animation.

    The setting of captain and kick takers.
    Now u can play on both ends.
    The lines man. The gameplay is more real.
    Te commentary makes it so enjoyable.
    The substitution and Stamina.❤️❤️❤️

  15. Wtf …they just copied japanese and Korean version of fifa 🤷🏼‍♂️
    And I have been playing in these type of settings for almost 6 months🤣

  16. Just noticed the base ovrs are the same on console and mobile, makes so much more sense than the -2 mobile downgrade

  17. can you plsssss upload a vid on how to get it on apple on the ea website it says some testflight but you cant find the code for fifa mobile 22 beta

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