Giving MY OWN CLUB £1,000,000,000 In FIFA 20 Career Mode!

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Giving MY OWN CLUB £1,000,000,000 In FIFA 20 Career Mode!

►In this FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge video we takeover my CREATE-A-CLUB, BFord FC and give them 1 Billion Pounds!! Will this amount of money be able to help them go INVINCIBLE and win the Premier League and Champions League? Subscribe for more FIFA 20 Volta, FIFA 20 Career Mode, and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA20 #CareerMode #BFord



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183 thoughts on “Giving MY OWN CLUB £1,000,000,000 In FIFA 20 Career Mode!”

  1. I beg u BFORD i want to see this and this is Toty 2019 vs Toty 2020 cause i literally commented this for like 30 times and like so Bford can see.

  2. Plz do a 1,000,000,000 challenge with al nasr (a saudi team) and bring them to glory (and put them in the uefa champions league)
    sign 2 MLS players
    Sign a Chinese player
    Sign 2 players under the age of 20
    Sign 3 players from the eredivisie (the Dutch league)
    Like so Bford can see this comment

  3. Omg im 88th to view and 330th to like

    Anyway do this
    Next career : (After Rafael Ruis)

    Name : Andrez Lowensi
    Club: Derby County
    Nationality: Wales
    Age :18 or 23
    Best friend: Daniel James
    Dream club: Real Madrid
    Position : CM
    Backstory: One day he was at a farm with his parents but while they were there a robber came to their house and robbed them. When they got back they were shocked then 8 days later ,They were cold and Poor.
    But this man called Daniel James (footballer) was the hero who saved them. So there family praised Daniel James and Then Andrez Lowensi wanted to be a footballer and play with him they were both friends and Andrez Lowensi’s family were all happy. Now they have learnt what you should do next time. When Andrez turned 16 his mother died 😭 . And he was so sad but Daniel cheered Him up and told him he was going to be a Welsh Legend.

  4. Yo bford love ur vids I’ve been a fan for so long And God bless everyone out there during this time I’m praying 🙏 for everyone I really am

  5. Can u please please not sign d same players u always do… Lyk always oblak… Messi… Van dijk… Ppl lyk em…pretty please

    • Adam Rowe your right he is a beast at flopping and because in career mode psg don’t usually want to sell him

  6. You can do loan players tournament every team will contain players from league or else you can do La Liga Loan players vs Premier League Loan players!!!!😀🙂
    Please like this comment this is the 21th time I am commenting this!!!!!!

  7. Can you do Career mode but every player’s overall is there best card in fifa (like mane is 88 but his best card is 98 ) like so BFordLancer48 can see

  8. Bro do a career mode with teams having only their academy players like for Barcelona only la masia players like messi,adama

  9. Please tell me how you do the 1 million in Fifa 20 and talking about 1 mill I hope you get that much subscribes

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