GOLDEN BOY AWARD?! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP7

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GOLDEN BOY AWARD?! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP7

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238 thoughts on “GOLDEN BOY AWARD?! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP7”

  1. Hey guys I am starting brand new Manchester United career in my channel can you come and support me please thanks 🙏

  2. To whoever may be reading this I hope you are well during QUARANTINE I wish you the best if health!

    Love from a small YouTuber

  3. PCQ: If u finish this can you start Bayern Munich cheer mode they haven’t won the champions league last time they won was 7 years ago. Also keep up the good work I like your videos!

  4. After this season, stay another season until January then leave. So you can help Schalke instead of being a snake.

  5. Also do it with Leverkuseniy it will be a bit of a harder challenge. Once Roberts is 82 rated up his weak foot one more also pls change hair

  6. apparently, your my player career mode vids are becoming shorter… plz play like 3 matches per episode .. we all want more of this my player career mode every day

  7. Hey s2g maybe u can make each episode a little longer like at least 25 minutes. It’s really frustrating that I have to wait another day to see u play after just like two matches. Maybe like include 4 games each episode?

  8. Count the goal from outside the box i guess the goal was so good we couldn’t even see it the elgato couldn’t handle it😂

  9. I am a new YouTuber start doing Manchester United career please can you come out or my channel and support me please 🙏🙏🙏

  10. PCQ: if u score 5 goals from outside the box, plus 10 in shooting
    66 is terrible for a attacking midfielder

  11. Hi S2G . I can’t wait for the career mode . I think you should count the goal out of the box I trust you . I hope everyone is safe .

  12. Hey S2G i have an idea do a Dortmund Career Mode and using custom squads put Kyle Roberts in the career mode like this if its a good idea

  13. Kyle’s ratin actually look realistic, as if in real life if a player going to perform how Kyle is performing right now he might get 80 above rating in FIFA

  14. S2g dont do a Dortmund career mode
    Because In all of your career modes
    You have jadon sancho and you did
    One last year too …

  15. For the new series you should pick bayer Leverkusen because it isn’t as big as Dortmund so you could help them become one of the best teams in the world and help them grow as a Bundesliga team

  16. s2g if you do Dortmund then sell Sancho because you have used him many times and it will also be realistic

  17. hair needs to be changed..make videos of atleast 25-30 mins with 4 – 5 games atleast..out of 15 mins 4 mins is your intro.

  18. Me: *Sees title* OMG HE GOT THE GOLDEN BOY AWARD

    S2G : “Kyle Roberts didn’t get nominated for Golden Boy award”

    Me: Don’t scare me like that…

  19. Could u play some games off camera or sim some or something it is taking a while to get through the season

  20. S2G:Destined for greatness
    Sidemen fans:Destined for greatness on my school days I was known for my lateness


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