Golden Tickets are Here! FIFA Mobile 20 Easter Promo F2P Walkthrough! Can You Get a 98 OVR?

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Golden Tickets are Here! FIFA Mobile 20 Easter Promo F2P Walkthrough! Can You Get a 98 OVR?

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167 thoughts on “Golden Tickets are Here! FIFA Mobile 20 Easter Promo F2P Walkthrough! Can You Get a 98 OVR?”

  1. Stopde is it worth the risk to get a 98 ovr player I have a headache not knowing to go for a 92 ovr player and stay or risk a 98 ovr player pls help

    • Not really just buy all the coin packs but i think you need like ten more eggs tp get a 98 even after buying all coin packs but you can still gey that from opening that egg pack but it would do nothing but help

  2. PLEASE do a video about how to trade in the market maybe create a series where every month or week you tell what players would worth more if they are put in the market please do this

  3. That’s so messed up that the Easter event started with you energy meter full. Mine for some reason was at zero and didnt start wrking until I watched energy add. Even when it started wrking I didnt get the 30 full energy back I shoulda had. Ea is such bs.

  4. Rn I’m investing around 300 to 500k on gold eredivisie league rn for the refresh next week is it smart or should I invest somewhere else

  5. Any tips for the market. I’ve looked at guides and somewhat know how it works with the bot and when to sell but I still can’t get my players to sell. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  6. EA dont care about the players performances. even though Hazard has 2 GOALS this season they make him 104 ovr card, just because they pay him to promote fifa this season

  7. Stopde: i think no one has ever pulled a golden egg player in all fifa mobile seasons
    Also us real fans who remember that he pulled golden egg neymar in season 1

  8. Anyone facing trouble logging in plz reply…mine always says check ur internet connection qnd the game stops

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