How to Claim a Free Base Icon Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22!

How Ultimate Trading Robot Works
How to Claim a Free Base Icon Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22!


How to Claim a Free BONUS Base Icon Pack in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

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FIFA 22 Guaranteed Base Icon Pack

FIFA 22 Base Icon Upgrade Pack

FIFA 22 Mid Icons in Base Icon Packs

How to Claim a Free Base Icon Pack

Free Bonus Base Icon Upgrade Pack

Mid Icons in Base Icon Upgrade Packs

Base Icon Pack

Base Icon SBC

Base Icon Upgrade Pack

Pele in a FIFA 22 Pack

Base Icon Upgrade

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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105 thoughts on “How to Claim a Free Base Icon Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22!”

  1. Of course EA goes with the only plan that makes zero sense. It should’ve been for those affected, they can either swap out their mid icon for a base icon pack or keep their mid icon. Simple resolution that is fair for everyone.

  2. Such a BS video what the hell dude. Spend 500k, try pack a mid icon (got to be really lucky)
    Thanks for watching today’s TUTORIAL on how to get a FREE BONUS Icon pack😴😴😴

  3. Oh yeah because getting mid pele is definitely in need of compensation piss off EA if anything you should be compensating the ones who didn’t get mid icons. I got base nesta and some guy who gets mid R9 gets “compensated” with another free icon?

  4. How about just give everyone a free bonus icon and get everyone playing and excited about the game for once? Instead of giving free packs to people who already got an advantage. Hell at least anyone that opened this pack is impacted as the odds on base will all be reduced due to mids being included . If base is better why isn’t mid pack out already?

  5. Tbf Matt, I got VVD when everyone was getting Sancho and I still got an extra pack so hopefully they do the same for people in this instance

  6. this doesn’t make sense though, EA would always compensate when there is a bad mistake like when something is given that is worse than what was promised. this is a case of where people get something better than what was promised which never happens. i personally doubt ea will compensate someone who gets lucky by getting a mid icon w another pack if they already got more than what they were promised. just my opinion

  7. Hey Matt, will I still be able to do the icon sbc tommorow and get the extra one. I don’t have enough fodder right now but I will when milestones div rivals rewards come out.

  8. But wait, in FIFA 20 I saw a YouTuber get Immobile 96 from TOTSSF pack. After that even he also got an extra pack Where he packed Mané 98! So its not only the ones who got the problem.

  9. They should give everyone a mid icon pack instead it’s not really fair that people got a mid icon when some people got base ones

  10. Everyone should get one because the fact that mid icons are in the packs and they are possible to get it lowers the chance to get a good one because there are 2 inzaghi rather than 1 and we all know that even know there is also 2 peles the inzaghi % is much higher 🤦‍♂️ so if we all don’t get one ea has messed up ‼️‼️

  11. EA Logic. Guys who pack a better player than they are supposed to get. Most would say shut up you got more than you are supposed to. Instead reward them. Those who play all the time. Shit pack luck. Those who don’t play for ages and come back give them good pack luck. WTAF?

  12. EA ploy to spunk more money on two shite base icons who will be crap and worth nowt. This was set up with loads of promos to flood the market so players are worth crap and they remove more coins in return for more crap players.

  13. What happened with the glitched tots pack in fifa 20 was that everyone that opened it during the time it was glitched got a compensation pack. Regardless of wether you got sancho or not

  14. So they lost my division 4 rivals rewards and gave me a bronze pack and they’re giving already lucky to have a mid icon players a bonus base icon ffs they really know how to piss you off

  15. Nah I call BS .. if you were expected to earn a base item and they gave you an even better/higher rated card then why the heck will they then give you a bonus? Makes no sense .. heck I’d rather get mid okocha than base okocha .. this error is not disadvantaging anyone its rather helping ppl

  16. Shouldn’t everyone get 1 bonus pack? Last year, I didn’t get Sancho from my guarantee pack but I was still given a compensation pack after. So if we base it off that then wouldn’t EA just compensate us all? It’d be pretty unfair for someone who’s lucky enough to get mid Pele and still gonna get compensated with another chance of getting another big icon and he’s me with my Bobby Moore completely unaware of the fact that the pack is glitched.

  17. Garunteed Sancho (which I didn’t pull, he wasn’t 100% but like 50%) is different than mid out of a base. They should just get the base version of what they pulled

  18. So they get a better icon cause of eas mistake so ea in return give them another icon pack. But I can’t get the win when people leave at 0-0 when I get a penalty

  19. the only icons affected are pele, ballack and baggio all of which their mids are better than there babies. if everyone who opened doesn’t get a free one it’s rank

  20. Imo that’s very unfair.
    So if u PACK Pelé 95, literally one of the best players in the game, u get another icon, but players like me who packed Shearer baby, gets nothing.
    So u PACK something better, then it should have been and u get rewarded with more packs? Doesnt Sound right to me.

    • Anyone who gets a mid icon should have that card downgraded to a base or be given a replacement pack with the card removed. It’s a joke that ea rewards people who already got a massive reward. What about the people who pack a shite icon worth a quarter of the value of the sbc? EA is run by morons. They are killing their brand because they know they are losing the rights to FIFA

  21. Hey bro
    I wanna buy a striker for my team
    About 2m budget
    I have to choose the best one
    I found R9 base and eto’o mid are in this range
    Which one do you think is better?
    Or do you think there is a better choice in this range?

  22. So im sitting here with a baby inzaghi and someone out there could get mid pele and get another pack but I don’t dosen’t seem fair

  23. I dont think EA should correct this and if they do, they should give everyone who has done this SBC a free icon. Just because there is a mid icon in it, its their own fault. Either take away what theyve given out and replace it with a base version of that player or another base icon pack. Or give everyone another base icon pack and say sorry we messed up.

    I got a base icon but i do not think it is fair for them to give another icon pack to the lucky few who got a mid icon to get another. Either twkr their mid away or replace with the base version/offer them a chance at packing a better base icon.

  24. On Fifa 20 in the “Sancho” Pack I got Messi but still got given the Ultimate TOTS pack compensation and so did everyone else who done it before the compensation was released so if EVERYONE including those who didnt get Sancho got compensation then shouldnt everyone who done the icon pack get compensation

  25. I was going to do the SBC and decided not to because I was scared I was going to get a mid icon by accident, I should be given a free base icon pack as compensation.

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