HOW TO GET FREE COINS IN FIFA 20! (2020 Version)

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HOW TO GET FREE COINS IN FIFA 20! (2020 Version)

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51 thoughts on “HOW TO GET FREE COINS IN FIFA 20! (2020 Version)”

  1. Alderwireld is my best player I have packed over toty I would love 4,600 fifa points as I need it I have a decent team but i Ned upgrades badly these fifa points would be brilliant loving the vids keep it up

  2. +LE96Z My name ring a bell? I was the one in your stream who suggested this idea😉 I remember you typing my name next to the idea to make a video on it on your notes on your computer.

  3. Isnt it worth more to do all of The Hybrids? And ínstead of doing the whole silver sniping just transfer the 8k at the beginning. I have done plenty of SBC accounts this year and got around 100k from each. In total 2.5 millions

  4. Please can I have some fifa points because all my friends have such good players like Messi and van dijk and my best player is 82 Lingard

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