How to Get FREE Coins in FIFA 22 🤑

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How to Get FREE Coins in FIFA 22 🤑


Looking for an easy way to make coins in FIFA 22? Well, this FIFA 22 Trading Method is practically FREE COINS!

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In this video, I, LE96z, will be showing you a way to get free coins in FIFA 22 with the use of an easy FIFA 22 Trading Method!

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How to Get FREE Coins in FIFA 22 🤑
How to Get FREE Coins in FIFA 22 🤑
How to Get FREE Coins in FIFA 22 🤑

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    • @Rade Clan I’m just testing a few things at the moment, I would’ve preferred to stay with mainly sniping reaction content but bots have ruined a lot of that this year for me as with most big snipes bots will get them now, then I’ve always done the SBC Pack vids and they are taking over my channel a bit atm, but I am trying to work out what else to upload with them.

  1. I started fifa FUT 2 weeks ago does anyone have tips? This is my team:

  2. The kit tactic works with manegers too, you bid on as many gold rare cards for 200 as u can and quick sell them for 254 and u can just mass bid on them

  3. With the kit thing once I had bought the kit for like 250 when I went to quick sell it said I could only sell for 227 coins…. am I doing something wrong??

  4. It’s like we don’t know how to snipe players to sell them for more than we bought them for. This is a long and tedious process which will prolly only get you up to about 500k within the the span of 2 months if not more of constantly being online. I’m interested in seeing how you streamers get the millions of coins every week to be able to buy all of the new players out on the market. That would be a video to watch.

  5. my man lerning us how to get free coins. 2 sec later “if you want to buy some coins” is it just me or is that just stupid if the method actually works

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