28 thoughts on “HOW TO GET FREE FIFA POINTS!?!? | FIFA 20”

  1. Hope is me bro been there when u said to get to 500 sub hope I’m in the chance to get some fifa points bro even r9 said I have a decent chance in getting fifa points pls bro all the best and if u see on his channel and your so have said done in most of your video and r9 but he only has one vid and I put done pls bro

  2. Is there any chance you could make it on the 1st of may for the giveaway but if not then it’s ok I was just wondering bro

  3. Done I really hope I win cos my team is shitty every match I play I lose nd I’m talking about losing to a margin of 11 goals on average so I really need those points to get a star player to boost my chemistry and rating

  4. Please can I have some fifa points please because i have no good fut 20 team and my mates take the mick out of me for having the worst team ever so plz can i have the fifa points plz im on ps4 and my name is Hour_dark_2005 on fifa

  5. hello i watch all the video i love it and rs9 channel i have a hood chance because i am positive pls i told some friend to subscribe

  6. I hope I get the fifa points because I have the most shitest acount out of all my friends and my original one got hacked. And good luck for 500 subs

  7. Hi I did it and my bday us on the 4th and I have been struggling on fifa I’m not that good and the giveaway would really help I probaly wouldnt deserve as much as some other people here all I say is good luck to everyone

  8. Done i Think i deserve the fifapoints because my team need upgrades, and your videos are just the best that i ever seen.

  9. Done. I only got the game a month ago because I could not afford it before. And now i have a bad team, so it would be so amazing if I won man please

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