FUT Millionaire Review – Best FIFA 20 Autobuyer


93 thoughts on “HOW TO GET FREE FIFA POINTS!?!? FIFA 20”

  1. Winner please give me the points. I haven’t gotten a single tots this entire time and I play champs with a 185. I need help. Congrats on hitting 1k

  2. WINNER. I think is should because i may not be your longest subscriber but i really like your videos and like watching them.

  3. Winner, I think I deserve the fifa points because I don’t have the coins to make an amazing team and most of my team is untradeable, so I can’t even sell the “good cards” that I have, also keep up the good work bro, you’re doing great

  4. Winner because Ive always watch your video every single day bro and I’ve told my friends and mate about everything about you and I’ve literally told everyone literally all my friends to sub to you bro and I’ve been there since you had 500 sub to where you are now so hopefully I get the fifa points cause I was so close to the last one so I hope I win it on Wednesday so hopefully I do win it

  5. Winner I need lots of coins please I’ve also never won a giveaway and just need it because I restarted by ultimate team

  6. Winner

    I not gonna beg you for the Fifa points 😂 but I do think I deserve them because I really like your channel and support your vids to max and I’d really appreciate if I won and would really be grateful if I supposedly did win the giveaway 🙏

  7. i want to win 12000 fifa points because my parents and my big brother won’t buy me fifa points so then i would just get fifa points by you anyway

  8. Bingo!
    I mean winner.
    My reason… This is the first Ultimate team i have committed to and will really help.

  9. Winner I want the Fifa points because my brothers birthday is coming up and I want he give them to him as a surprise

  10. Winner!
    I really want the fifa points because my team isn’t very good it’s only a 183 and I’ve only got fifa points once which was last fifa. Also love your vids and keep up the work🐐

  11. Winner: I had fifa for 6 months and still have a trash team my luck is trash Fifa points maybe the only way I can get good players

  12. Winner I think I should win because I loooovee this channel and with points I can buy pack and sell the players for coins to upgrade my 20k team to like 100k

  13. Winner. Because I got hacked last week and I need fifa points to open some packs. Pls I need this 🥺. I’ve liked and subscribed and I love your content

  14. WINNER

    please can I have it I have been subbed since 27 subs and I have a really basic gold team and I want it to pack some tots worth 100k so i can sell my 25k team and upgrade it

  15. winner congrats on 1k i wish i can win as its really hard playing with a 181 team on fut champs i just got fifa

  16. Winner. I’ve never had fifa points and it would be great to have some to at least get something decent. I’m in the UK as well love your channel

  17. winner: i do really need them because i have just bought FIFA 3 days ago and this would give my fut team a huge boost

  18. Winner : I would love to win because I have a awful team and the FIFA points would help my team get better so I could maybe even qualify for weekend league (which I have never been able to do). I would be eternally grateful if you selected me as the winner of this giveaway

  19. Winner I would like to win because I recently started fifa and I am absoloutly garbage and have trash players so 12,000 fifa points means a lot

  20. Winner – basically i bought fifa for my pc like a week ago and playing online is too difficult. Im getting people with toty defenders litterally bossing me about. Having some fifa point will truly help me out.

  21. Winner-I have not a lot of money so I don’t spend it on Fifa all I would like is to get some Fifa points to finally be able to open some good packs🙏🙏

  22. I think I deserve it because I have followed you Chanel for a while now and I love your vids your amazing I have never won so pls pick me

  23. Because I’ve never had fifa points and I’m just starting ultimate team so I need to boost my team

  24. Winner : because I saved up for a 100 k pack and didn’t even get a board. PLEASE PLEASE 😥😥😥😥

  25. Winner: I would really appreciate this if I could win this I’ve never had enough money to buy any points so this would be amazing to upgrade my team.

  26. Winner I love ur vids and I would really appreciate if I could win as I would just love to open some packs as my parents both lists there jobs so I cannot get any please

  27. Winner: I’m not allowed to buy any fifa points and I’m my team is so bad that in fut champs I got bronze 2 ☹️

  28. Winner i have been playing ultamate team for a while but dont have enough money to buy them love the content keep it up

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