FUT Millionaire Autobuyer and Trading Tool Review

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160 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE EASY COINS DURING TEAM OF THE SEASON?! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team”

    • Guardian on him, needs reactions. Good player but IMO slightly overhyped but will be really fun to play with in game. If you like him in real life you’ll love his card so you should probably give him a go

  1. Why?For what?Broken ass game.I have millions of coins,A thousand and something players and haven’t touched the game for 3 weeks

  2. I’ve bought a load of jordi alba cards for 26-27k. Hopefully when the ultimate tots guarantee pack comes out I double my money.

  3. Nick gotta be the best Fifa youtuber out there. He keeps it real and honest. Not to mention hes acc good to watch and actually helps u get better at fifa. 😁

  4. Stay up at rewards release, buy the most meta cards at the bottom and sell high. Telles was 440k last night an hour later he was 520k.

  5. Got tots Rafa to sub on lam, tots reus, tots havertz and tots fekir best options at 4231, who do I play there thinking fekir ram, reus st, havertz cam?? Any feedback greatly appreciated.

    • He’s up 10k rn because people are buying for fut champs so wait until the sell off and he goes back to around 50k

  6. Bought a couple Ballacks at 180 and sold between 200 and 215 but if I’d waited longer I would’ve made double the profit. What’s the best time to sell on rewards

  7. Love the trading content, started too late this year because I really didn’t know how to so I love these because I feel I’m learning for next fifa, please bring us more🙏

  8. Ive been watching your videos again since this coronabreak, have to say i miss those trading times on fifa haha. Your video’s helped me a lot with trading on fifa 18 and 19. I stopped playing fifa 20 even when i bought it. But i hope to pick it up next year fifa 21. So keep up this the good work on this trading content Nick!!! You will do us al a favor bro haha!!!

  9. if your looking for a beast center mid 91 gerard is absolutely amazing i would say every person who has fifa should try him

  10. Nick posting these at close to 3am in Europe is just legendary.
    Please post more trading content bro, this is actually really insightful.

  11. Nick, I am a complete noob in the transfermarket. But this video is such a good lesson to understand a bit how the FUT world works, so thank you a lot man. Keep up the good videos and banging streams!

  12. I started playing FUT in March. These kind of videos are super helpful to get up to speed with everyone, because at the moment it just seems like everyone is so far ahead of me in the game. More videos like this will be highly appreciated.

  13. Hugo Sánchez always goes up because almost all Mexicans love to play with some Mexican players (I’m one of them) that’s why I always trade with hugo

  14. Great video nick. Can you all pls take a few mins to checknout my rewards video. A sub wud help out as im trying to start youtube. Thx 👍

  15. Hey nick could you give us a video on icon flipping? I know you have explained it but I dont know at what time to buy and when to sell

  16. Who or what should I invest in to make coins rn? I have 430k and need 600k more😭😭😭

  17. When nick said hopefully get more packs what he really wanted to say was these are just for Neymar!😂 the pause too!

  18. So based on your explanations, do you recommend buying Argentinian players for next week? Cause there are lots of them in Seri A TOTS. Or even Van Dijk because of De Vrij.

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