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In this video i will show you how to pre order fifa 22 on PS4 you can also do it the same way on PS5!

Welcome to my channel. My name is Alfie and i love playing fifa and supporting the saints.My goal is to reach 1000 subscribers by Summer 2021. I like to stream.record games like Fortnite, Fall guys, Rocket League and FIFA!

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38 thoughts on “HOW TO PRE-ORDER FIFA 22 RIGHT NOW!!!”

  1. hey Alfie, when you bought it did you get a code to redeem all of the bonuses because i didn’t. Does this mean it will give it to us automatically when we play the game?

    • Hi Louie, no when you pre order the game through Fifa 21 it will automatically be in your account when you can play Fifa 22

  2. Hello everyone! Thanks for the support on the video!

    If you are continuing to have any issues whether it’s ordering Fifa or trying to find it!
    Please leave a comment below on your issue, and I will do a video to cover them as I know a lot of you are struggling

    • If money hasn’t been taken out, double check you have the game on your console , secondly it may get taken out when you can actually play the game

  3. I pre ordered FIFA 22 Ultimate but it doesn’t say I have the add ons it just says I have normal FIFA 22 I go on FIFA 22 Ultimate edition and it says pre order and it does on standard edition as well. Will it give me the ultimate edition and the add ons on the 22nd or 27th?

  4. Hi, i have a question, im on PS5 and i did like u, however i just saw today that i bought from the ps5 store, the PS4 version on my ps5. Do u think i would be able to still play on it? I don’t understand how this is possible

    • If you’ve downloaded PS4 version then you’ll get the PS4 version there should be a scroll option for the version you want to download

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