How to rank up players in Fifa Mobile 20? Walkthrough Easter and Hazard event! Golden Ticket? 👀

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How to rank up players in Fifa Mobile 20? Walkthrough Easter and Hazard event! Golden Ticket? 👀

Would you like to upgrade your team with the lowest possible costs? Well, Fifa Mobile 20 has introduced Rank ups. If you want to upgrade your team you need to rank up your players. For every 5 rank ups, you will get + 1 ovr. This is the best and the cheapest way to upgrade your team. In this video, I will show you how to rank up players and get better ovr. We will go and rank up the best player in fifa mobile. That’s our Prime Icon Zidane. In order to rank up a player, you will need 5 Common shards. I will tell you how to get those in a bit. Once you get 5 COMMON SHARDS you will also need a 78+ player. In order to rank up the midfielder, you will need a 78+ midfielder. For example, I ranked up Prime Icon Zidane, so I went into the market and bought a 78 Midfielder. And the rest is easy. It’s really simple to rank up players in fifa mobile 20. But before we ranked up Zidane, I went through Easter and Hazard event. I did a complete F2P Guide for Easter and Hazard event in fifa mobile 20. Can we get 98 ovr for free? Well yeah, if I calculate this right. We will get a 98 player from Easter for free. That’s not to bad right? What else can we get for free in Easter? How about a Golden Ticket? That’s sound Insane, right? But it’s possible! You can get a golden ticket in fifa mobile 20 for free! How? With LUCK!
Let’s focus on more realistic things in Easter. You can grab 98 ovr player for free. You can choose to go for red, green or blue eggs. I will go for blue eggs. Because I am a Chelsea fan. And Rudiger is a Blue master. This is all Breakdown in the video. All you need to know about the Easter event in Fifa Mobile 20.
Moving on, we also have a Hazard event. My favorite player has his own event! How crazy is that? And the best part… We can all get 104 Hazard for free. Yes 104 OVR LW Hazard is free to play. You can get him without spending any real money. We build full Everdevisie team, but you need to met some ovr requirements. We will get 104 Hazard! And you can get him for free as well. Just follow my advice and you will be good.


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    • hey, can you create another video on how to make coins and start from small, simple investments, because it’s really impossible for some of us to catch the resets. thanks for the like and I’ll hope you’ll consider

    • Chinechem Okere talks tbh no, he’s to slow. I was pretty disappointed when I saw that he was the bl striker ea was talking about. Even though he’s 6’4 his heading and jumping is shit 🤦‍♂️

  1. I am going for red egg and especially rebic (98). For some reason, when watching ads, I completed the ad but I didnt get 8 energy. This happened a few times and I still havent got 8 energy. Plz help.

  2. no…im not making coins…cause reset is at 1 am here and i cant stay awake…but i will rango
    Ramadaan is coming so i can stay up at reset time and make mad coins and go.

  3. Hey Rango, this is why I say u r the best Fifa Mobile F2P player and YouTuber as u always think about us and make videos that we want… Thanks a lot… And also I started a YouTube channel totally inspired from u, so it would be great if u and others in the comments section at least checked out my channel…. Waiting for another episode of road to 500 mil

  4. Im going for green only for nkunku and then i buy that mariano hes normal card was so beast and i buy that hlozek one of my favourite czech players <3

  5. Rango i did your method to make coins but it doesn’t seem to work i bought players that are with the objectives when they came out but they sell for thd same amount as when i bought them so can yoy please release a video of u buying and selling the cards in one go without explanation

  6. Blue because I have a full Chelsea team and centre back is the only position that doesn’t have a special card other than Christensen. Can’t wait to get him.

  7. your coin making methods are great but im struggling because icon sbc’s refresh in 12am in my country ;-;
    Is there any other way to make lots of coins?

  8. Hey man i missed the easter event and started a bit late. But can i get 98 rebic from red egg chapter with all the coin packs?

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