How to use YOUR FIFA Points

FUT Millionaire Autobuyer and Trading Tool Review
How to use YOUR FIFA Points






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562 thoughts on “How to use YOUR FIFA Points”

  1. I bought 12 Humells’ as an investment, should I sell when he goes to like 8k or should I wait for a longer amount of time until he’s likes 11k

  2. I’ve invested in a bunch of small meta cards for starter squads like Lucas, Bellingham, Jesus and so on. Will the price rise on release date like every fifa or will it drop. Need some more pro advice quite new to all this

    • Probaly drop, but I think it Will Rise after that cause people Will spend their points fast and supply Will run out while demand Will stay the same

    • The way I see it is a drop as you want invest in high meta cards maybe like rash bruno or de bruyne as more people will be able to afford those cards due to the 4600 points they all get. On top of this there won’t be much supply as most of them are high rated and difficult to pack but there will be a lot of people buying for their teams. I’d buy them on Sunday evening as people will panic sell causing the market to drop. That’s the best way imo.

  3. Just finished my fifa trial, finished with a 183
    Do i get anything (Apart from pre-order packs) for pre ordering the standard edition?

  4. Mate try and change thumbnails videos are great but seeing same thing again makes me dont wanna click maybe its just me pls try work on it

    • @KING HAPPY yes, actually you can play 10 extra hours of EA Play in your PS5 using the PS4 version game but you need to log in your account on PS4 to add the game to your library and then you can download that in your PS5… But this is only for the EA Play. In the release you don’t need a PS4, u just need to search the PS4 version on your PS5

  5. Hi Nic, I have a 100k team I can’t understand if your saying there will be a crash so should I sell my team now and buy back or do I keep it pls reply love from New Zealand ❤ 🇳🇿

  6. I’m planning to buy some packs but keep most for buying any preview packs which are good, I hate draft and would prefer not to waste time doing that

    • @Fn I didn’t play a single game of draft last FIFA until draft days, I had to play draft in July with a squad I made in October because I got a token and played 1 game, I got up to RTTF mason mount, draft for me was dead after 2 FIFAs and I would rather play other game modes instead, I could easily play draft if I wanted to, I could show you my record last FIFA and you would see I played less than 10, all of which were after draft days released, I won about 4 total, maybe some people don’t like draft, ever thought of that before assuming, “he doesn’t like draft so he must be shit”

  7. Unfortunately I only play on weekends so only get 1 day early access because in Egypt weekend are Friday Saturday so Thursday after school i can finally play

  8. I would actually hold on to the FIFA points for when they release a 100k packs because you can get someone obviously huge and if not the players can still be used as fodda

  9. Content creators have always and will always have good pack luck. Whether they know it or not is another question. But its good business all round for EA and youtubers. Gets views. And it makes us muppets want to buy points because “that could be me packing these insane players” EA are scum. But they know how to make money.

    • mate, if you open 1000 packs one of them is going to be good, its just numbers. out of the millions of people that open packs one guy is going to end up getting r9 or pele or something. The only difference between me and the average content creator is that i can only open packs on rewards or when i make upgrades, and content creators can literally spend my whole college money on the game yearly

    • @Safwaan Burayou you’re kinda right but not 100% big YouTubers get juiced packs so people see them getting good packs so people will buy points because they think they can get good players aswell

  10. Ive been seeing that everyone says that you get the fifa points on the 27th but i already got them since i first launched the web app(didnt purchase ea access,also im pc)

    • Pc got them already so the only slight drop will be bcz of squad battles rewards, but after that it will rise a ton so rather not sell imo

  11. On pc we’ve already had our fps so I don’t see much of a crash tho we are getting sb rewards tomorrow so that might do somth but really unsure.

  12. Lol Nick just trying to cut the pack opening by half just by advicing everybody to use half their coins on drafts theyre never going to win.Now that’s a true market shark right there 😂

  13. If you don’t plan on buying FIFA points I would recommend saving around 1k points for preview promo packs. Very useful in the beginning of the game when coinage and assets are low, it also prevents you from getting tempted to spend money!

  14. Seems like there is SBMM in draft again even though they say otherwise because last year was also a rough time for me (2100 rivals sr) so idk tested on a spare acc, was finding many more easier opponents

    • I’m confused also.
      The description for EA Play Pro Edition says 4800 FIFA Points
      Ultimate says 4600 but if we get another 3200, that would mean the 4800 that matches with Ultimate Edition
      If we get another 4800 on top of the 1600 that would be 6400 points. Hoping it’s this but could be wrong.
      If I recall correctly I remember people were getting different amounts of points. I got 1600 so I will get more on Monday but I remember some people got all 6400 in one go I think. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it works.

  15. Nick, as an honest Messi Fan, I have to admit Vinicius Jr is now a better player. His recent success led to Messi’s retirement and newfound career in farming! I can’t believe it. My idol is finished 😭😭

  16. Would you invest in higher rated cards? They are so so low currently and with potm cards coming out would it be a good idea putting all my coins into this?

    • It’s a good decision but most of us don’t have the patience to wait until those promos. Personally I will open packs for all fifa points on Monday since I won’t even be able to sit through until Friday. Also you can pack some decent players now, like a Davies or Saint Maximin whom you can sell and buy 83‘s and players like Isak for, all of them will at least double in price

  17. Play drafts boys u learn the players and know which ones you enjoy to play also you get better by playing against good enemies you can learn from their gameplay (last year I was 2180 rivals points / gold 1 player)

  18. Does anyone know if the time the game comes out is based on where you live ? Will impact when players since for example America will be a complete different time to UK

  19. The market isn’t going to crash… low meta will, 85 plus will rise! The market can’t get any lower than it is look at where it is at release on 21! 👌🏻

  20. Too bad he doesn’t show his best “trading” behind the scenes, like coin transfers off camera, multiple accounts, fifa point loading, and market boosting. But yeah, teach us how to spend fifa points. Please.

  21. Draft isn’t worth it man got two tokens won my first draft easily got two rare gold packs and jumbo premium didn’t even get boards haven’t finished my second as lost all motivation

  22. Bro I got Fifa points straight away and won a draft. Got 2 rare gold packs as rewards and vowed never to do a draft again. Spent the rest on pack and packed 87desailly

  23. I’m playing fifa on pc with ea pro play and I got 1600 fifa points free as soon as I got on the game, am I not getting my 4600?

  24. Im a gold 2 player and gold 1 on my best day but personally i dont like to put that effort into playing so Im just gonna buy packs instead of drafting. For example my best ever wl was 20-6 but i just didnt enjoy it tbh

  25. Idk if this is the best idea but what I’m gonna do with them is spend them on packs, maybe save 700 – 1050 for a few drafts but after all the lacks I’m going to save all the non rares and sell all big players if I get any😑 then put all the non rares into gold upgrades and hopefully get some fodder for potm and players to upgrade my team the reason I’m doing this is because the gold upgrade packs are cracked

  26. I’ll probably play 4-5 drafts because I like the team building aspect and I have fun building drafts. I’m a silver 1 player, so I’m not expecting a whole lot of return on packs, but I feel like it’s at the very least a more interesting way to spend 300FP rather than open 2 premium gold packs

  27. l respect your work mate, because you are pointing
    people in the right direction, this is the FOMO
    September for incoming dip in October. It is
    manipulated but that can be a good thing if you
    understand it. We should all know that when these
    reports are bullish take some off to the side lines,
    when news gets bearish start buying. “Keep it
    simple simple” that bear/ correction was the best
    thing that happened me. but all thanks to Mr. Jacob Wilson for his amazing skills helps me to earn 20
    BTC through trading chart. I believe we are in the
    spring phase…

  28. Every time I hear nicks voice, see nicks smile, see his glasses, see his headphones, see his hat it changes everything. I can’t stop smiling for Nick

  29. Was planning to use them all on draft but now I’m thinking to do at least 2 drafts and then save 4k for packs which I could potentially get 4 50k packs or 2 100k packs.

  30. When to sell players like eder M, alaba, martial, etc ??? also players like Rashford, i have packed these and more.. I want to sell them at their highest within the next week

  31. I spent money on fifa points for the first time in my life, enough to opened like 10 7500 packs, packed Varane and Haaland, them packs are crazy this year

  32. So just to recap if I currently have players like Mbabu, Rousillon, Akanji that are around that 8-20k mark. Is it best to sell now and rebuy on Monday?

  33. boys i packed haaland but i’ve been holding bc everyone has been saying he’s gonna be 200k+ once full release but he’s dropped 30k since and he keep on dropping. should i keep or sell

  34. game doesnt look grindable- I mean the weekly rewards for div rivals are soooo bad. you also have to wait until 2 months to get big packs. Wow~!

  35. I got the standard edition. The Fifa points didn’t do it for me. It was still $30 more even after 20% off after taxes. Current Gen got it for $20 more after taxes. This deal was pretty wack imo. I’m not about the hype for it. EA did a good job masking the pre order offer as a steal. When you could’ve got the standard for like $50

    • @Gaming you get a totw pack in the standard also. And the OTW doesn’t seem worth it. They have badass players listed on the website but I think they’re gunna drop way more trash ones in the mix on release. OTW is the worst promo anyways. They never last or only a few get upgraded. I’ve seen more bad OTW upgrades than badass OTW upgrades

    • @Astro Kid Lo’ Still If you spend 4,600 fifa points in the standard edition , you will save up more( your real money) if you order the ultimate edition , and also you get 4 day early access by which you can buy players by playing matches and foundations .

    • @Gaming yeah but I don’t spend money on fifa points. And I already packed VVD tradable in my 10 hour early access. So I’m gunna start the game with a couple hundred thousand coins. I don’t need convincing lol. It’s just not worth it to me. To each their own

    • @Astro Kid Lo’ Yeah do what you feel what yo think is right mate , I am anyways a noob division 5 player , so yeah. Anyways GGs for your VVD Pull👍🏻👍🏻

  36. I understand that there will be a whole bunch of supply, but 4600 fifa points really isn’t that much in the context of things….. its like 2 jumbo rare player packs and prime gold players pack. No different to everyone completing hybrid leagues and hybrid nations.

  37. I havent really watched your twitch content. But how on earth do you have almost 1.5m coins, when the full version of the game hasn’t even been available to the majority of players?

  38. don’t forget about the fact that the pro gamers play on ps5. most of us still play on ps4, so the drafts are a bit easier.. i think it’ll be worth it.

  39. Nick I’ve got 120k coins. I don’t have the game nor have I played early access. Just traded my way up. I’ll be new to the whole market crash. What player/players would you buy to then sell after the market rebound?

  40. Since I love playing draft and sooner or later I would spend coins on draft anyways so I’ll only play draft with the points. + I feel like 4600 fifa Points give you 50k coins avergage in Points value and sure for some it will be great to start with using them to build the SBCs. But 50k is not that much. So for me, having hours of fun playing draft, learning the game, trying out different players and formations with potentially better Pack rewards is the move.

  41. Hey guys, can I game share fifa 22 from a friend who has ps5?. I have a ps4 and i’ve tried before and i cant see the game in his library. Is it because the game is not fully out yet?

  42. Here’s something you missed. This is my plan. Check your preview packs everyday and when you eventually find one you want to buy, you purchase it with Fifa points. That way you effectively save yourself 7.5k for each 150 points. That’s 229k. Sure it might take time but it’s the most cost effective thing to do with them.

  43. today I packed luis suarez, eder militao, and baby cantona from advanced SBC’s. So yeah. I’m chillin. Already bought dembele so i’m just gonna sell my high rateds once they go up and make a la liga team, then sell cantona down the line and buy neymar probably xD
    Honestly anyonw that really knows about icons can tell me wtf to do with Cantona??? I’ve been playing fifa for years, I never buy a lot of packs in the game and I never get even close to as lucky as I was today. Anyway yea this is my first packed icon. Will his price change much? Should I see him sooner or later? IK i should sell him before mids drop probably..

  44. I bought the game on delivery as the disk and it’s is scheduled to come on October 1 I did not buy the ultimate edition any tips for how I can start the game and get a lot of coins

  45. Nick didn’t point it out, but guys, if you enter a Draft for 300 points you get a minimum reward of (even if you lose in the first round) 300 points worth of packs. Yes it’s more time consuming, but if you get to the 2nd round, you already get more than 300 points worth. And it’s all profit, no brainer if you ask me.

  46. Am I the only one, who got his FIFA points before 27th? 😀 I bought EA play for 1 month and start using my 10 hours trial. After like 6 hours of playtime I decided to buy FIFA ultimate edition. Then I logged back into the game and FIFA points were there. So I opened a lot of packs and I´ve got Ederson, Valverde and Chiellini. Good start I would say.

  47. I live in Australia so it’ll be 3 am when everyone around the world gets their fifa points. Do you guys think I should stay up until then and start trying to buy players on the cheap as soon as everyone’s got their fifa points or will the market still be super low at like 10 am when I wake up normally?

  48. Also if you do spend fifa points on the packs , you could keep them and use them for the league and nation sbc, as you need loyalty most of the time

  49. Thinking back in hindsight why tf would people pay 30-40 extra just for a couple packs for a certain number of weeks, positive move by ea but should of been like that from the start

  50. Guys I had an inquiry. Hopefully anyone of you can help me out.
    I bought fifa 22 with one of my friends, he bought the ultimate ed as he is on ps5. He paid 60$, i paid 30$. His account is primarized on my ps4. Now i know i will not be getting any of the pre order bonuses, but will I get the early access as his acc is primarized on my console? It would be great if I would
    Thanks in advance

  51. i have got fifa 22 ea play pro edition but i only got 1600k fifa points and it says i will get 4800k points so what is the problem here

  52. I packed joe gomez he was at 50k now he’s at 44k was dipping to around 37k think I’m gonna take the 44-45k before he drops more he’s gonna be common

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